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 Applying the Creation Story in your creative endeavors

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The "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective" for many is very abstract and one may wonder, "How does this apply to my every day life and help me to face life itself and my creative endeavors?" Of course, many would like to access a magical power that gives them the ability to have what they desire whenever they want it.

The paradox is that, in actually, we already have such a power. We do not realize this fact only because we already are manifesting and participating in the creation/Creation we desired to have. To change what we are experiencing we must go within to the nonconscious making the nonconscious conscious at a sufficient depth to effect the change we desire. All lies within. Any thing we need to create what we desire we can go within to see what we need to do and/or become to get what we desire.

We are like a hologram. In being able to move into the position of the detached witness with this realization the greater awareness we can obtain. The greater the awareness we have the more we can see into and through Creation. The greater the awareness, the greater the change we can manifest. We only need to create calmness within our being reflective of our responsibility for creating that which we experience and the awareness Creation is unfolding as it should based on how and what we think and believe.

Without this calmness and/or awareness, we can use still use the interconnectedness our intuitive guidance and body wisdom with Creation. In knowing our intuitive guidance and body wisdom have the ability to access whatever we need to know through our nonconscious mind and its connect with All That Is. Similarly, as we move into a greater calmness and awareness within our being as a detached witness, we will find our intuitive guidance and body wisdom increase in what we can access the information they can provide.

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