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A being who stands between two worlds


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Probably the most difficult concept to understand is how we are an independent consciousness fully creating the reality we experience yet seem so tightly bound and constrained by living in a body in the physical plane. The answer is we each individually are part of several larger creative processes that governs our lives. There are at least two and evidence to suggest more.

If we compare the steps of the creative/creation process with our lives as our lives as an unfolding creation we will find our lives are a superposition of at least two such creative processes. One larger creative process is one in which we all participate. It is to have a physical experience as a human being in this time period of history. This first process is about creation of an individual physical human life with the current understanding of what it means to be a human being. This first process runs the span of the desire to procreate through procreation, maturity of the offspring and its desire for the offspring to procreate. It is a creation process about the continuation of human life within Physical Creation. This first process is about our contribution as and individuated consciousness to the larger unfolding process of Physical Creation. It is a shorter duration than the second creative process in which we participate.

The second creative process of which we are a part is an individual process. The second process is about the incarnation of our creative spirit and the experience our awareness has of Physical Creation. This process overlays the first. It spans the desire which causes us to incarnate and existed before we incarnated and goes through the death of the body and the creation of a new desire. This second creative process is related the choices of our individuated consciousness makes as to who it will unfold in Creation, not just in one life time in Physical Creation.

We need to understand that we are a independent consciousness and the physical world is a independent consciousness that has manifested a creation. We have been invited to experience its creation. As such, we are a creation within a creation and stand between two world. One world is our reality and our reality is unlike no other reality. We are a creation unto ourselves and it is the world in which we have unlimited creativity to imagine and create whatever we can conceived. It is just that whatever our current environment may be, it may not necessarily be able to support what we conceive and desire to manifest. We may also have to create our environment as a result of how the environment and our creation are related.

The second world is world of Physical Creation in which we exist is a shared creation in which we appear to have very limited creative power. The world of the physical plane is also a reality unlike any other reality. We have chosen to experience the reality of physical creation in a human body on earth. Hence two worlds - our own unique inner world and the shared physical reality. Both are real.

We are a world unto ourselves and we are fully capable of creating a reality just like the physical plane and allow others to experience our reality. We have not created such a creation only because we have not yet awakened to our ability to do so and learned how to do it. The body we inhabit is the perfect representation of our independent unique consciousness and what it thinks and believes in the form of a human being. Our body incorporate both who and what we are and the intention for what we have come to experience. As such, our psyche merges two sets of operating principles. One is the set of principles that govern the physical plane, the rules of Physical Creation, and what it means to be human. The second set is the operating principles of our consciousness that determines who we think you are.

To understand the nature of the physical plane and our existence in it, we need to realize each is an independent reality. Exactly how two independent realities merge to create the physical experience we have is by having a shared overlapping set of beliefs as various levels of being much like the levels as described in the topics, "Layers to the mind" or "Levels to beliefs." The important point is that the physical reality we experience is a reality unto itself and operates within a set of governing principles to create the physical world. We are a reality unto ourselves and also operate within a given set of principles to create what we experience. Although some of the principles are ultimately the same, in general, we and Physical Creation use them differently. Although all the operating principles, both ours and those of physical Creation arise out of the same basic set, there will be significant differences. It is much like a car and a truck. They are very similar and arise out of the same material in essentially the same way. However they are different and serve different functions although at times they can be used in the same way. As we will come to see, each of these realities, as any reality, arise out of how the individuated consciousness chooses to manipulate its energy under its control by how it understands and what it believes.

Physical Creation - the world of Om: The world of Om, Physical Creation, is slowly revealing its operating principles as humanity focuses its attention and awareness outward into understanding Physical Creation. In doing so, the principles of physics, chemistry and engineering are allowing humanity to change the world in ways never before possible. Such changes provide tremendous opportunities for humans to essentially live several life times in one life time if we so choose to do so. It is something that was not possible on a wide scale in the recent past history of humanity.

If we align ourselves with the principles and rules of Physical Creation and use them in awareness we can bring great happiness and material gains in our lives. We are no long totally at the mercy of the weather, illness, disease and the like as we once were. We have lights to allow us to see in the dark . Humanity has freed itself from many illnesses and diseases that have plagued humanity in the past. When we donít follow these rules for whatever reason we can bring disaster and hardship on ourselves and others. Neglecting these principles can be as simple as building our houses and towns in a known flood plain. Then too, we can use these principles intentionally to bring disaster and harm on each other as we do in war. So too with our inner reality for as we will come to see if we look they are reflections of each other.

Our inner world: Whether you realize it or not, or wish to accept it or not, there are operating principles that govern our inner world. Unless we observe the inner world with the intensity of our focused awareness and attention as a scientist uses to study the outer world, we will never learn how to change the reality we experience and never gain control to access that happiness that never runs dry no matter what is happening externally. In the same way understanding the operating principles and rules of Physical Creation allows one to become somewhat free of the weather, illness, disease, and the like, we can become fee of our own internal transient weather conditions and inner conditions of illness and disease of anger, separation, aloneness, guild and the like. However to do this we must discover and explore our own inner world and realize the way we use our operating principles are slightly different than everyone else for we are a unique creation. We can learn general principles from others but we must do our own experiments to see what works for us. Only we can study our own unique world and discover exactly how we operate and how we create our experiences.

The inner world of our consciousness that is ultimately totally under our control. It is a world unto itself and only we can learn that inner world. The creative process of which a part as an individual is not the same one in which any other is part. The process may be the same but what we are creating is different. Our process and that of any other are coordinated and integrated where appropriate and when necessary. But they are each independent of each other. They overlap by agreement. As such, what I need to understand about how I create my reality will be conceptually that same as what you need to know. But, practically, within the details, what I need to do will be different than you. This may be difficult to understand but it is nevertheless true.

Two sets of operating principles: As we explore our inner world with the level of focused attention and awareness we devote to our outer world what we will discover is that we have two sets of operating principles that have been merged into one set to create the physical experience. We can separate them in the way similar to the Eastern inner control techniques of meditation or the outer Western focus of external control. Or, we can learn to work with them as an integrated synthesized whole walking in balance between the two. However to walk in balance between the inner and outer world, we will have to spend some time studying each and then learning to synthesize them into a seamless dance.

Our awareness and our body: Our body and its environment in which it finds itself is the union of the two sets of operating principles. As an individualize quantity of mass and energy, the body can be seen and experienced has a consciousness independent of our individuated point of consciousness. As a result of the illusion of mind and all fragmentation of energy and consciousness in any form is an illusion, we can experience a merging our individual point of consciousness with the unique consciousness of our body to create the human experience. Our body encoded the rules of physical Creation and binds us to the physical experience. Our body is our attachment to Physical Creation and causes is to literally live between two worlds - the world of our body and the world of our individual point of consciousness. Each of these world has a different perspective on what is experienced and then there is the composite view, which adds an additional view if we live in the aware of the connection.

At one level our body is only a vehicle for the physical experience controlled by the principles of the physical plane. Yet on another level, it is our creative spirit uniquely manifested and we create its health and its illness. What we actually experience in the body depends on what we think and how we think determining how these two sets of operating principles blend in ourselves. We puzzle why drugs work on some people where as homeopathic remedies work on others and purely energetic healing works on a third group. Yet it all boils down to what we ultimately believe and the experiences we incarnated to have. For many, what works is what we have become accustomed to accept and in some cases we have habits that carry over from one or more previous existence that interferes with otherwise useful techniques. For example, meditation in isolation and denial of the body has brought many individuals into realization over the centuries. However, there are some for whom this technique seems to no longer work. Part of the problem is their creative spirit does not want them to repeat the past and risk falling into habits of the past. So it intentionally "blocks" certain avenues of understanding to expand themselves into developing new ways of realization.

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