A way to understand how we are seemingly finite but infinite


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On question that many have is that how is it we are so seemingly finite but infinite. One way , as discussed in the topic, “Infinitely creative being,” is that we have intentionally limited our unlimited creativity and infinite creative ability for the purpose of having an experience as a human being. This is course true. Another way is to say that we have a wave particle nature and we have localized our energy into a human body but our wave nature continues to permeate all of Creation. This too is true.

Another way is to look at a ripple or a wave as in a pool of water. As drawn in the Figure, “Finite but Infinite,” we can’t put infinity in a box. However, any ripple or wave has the capacity to expand outward encompassing all of infinity. Although the wave itself extends to infinity, it normally has insufficient energy to be recognized as a separate wave form. With enough energy within it, it will encompass all of infinity and still be recognizable as a separate and independent wave. But it would take a very huge amount of energy at the start. What is important is that our being, our essence is this wave of potentially infinite energy. Our awareness, how awaken and aware we are or are not, is what determines if we have the energy to be recognized anywhere in the infinite sea of Creation.

For all practical purposes, we are a discontinuity in the infinity cosmic sea of energy consciousness. As diagramed in the Figure, “What Are We?”, our awakening, “the figurative movement of your eyes to open” create a ripple. That is capable of expanding out into encompass all of infinity. If we have enough energy behind our awakening we will experience all of infinity. Analogously, it is much like the way a ripple will spread outward from the center of a pond encompassing the whole pond As we choose to remain awake, that is, we remain conscious of the “I am” and hold the awareness of “I am” within our being consciously or nonconsciously, our “signal, ” the vibration, or the disturbance we cause to exist continues to exist and expand to radiate outward.

In essence we are a note, a disturbance, a discontinuity, in the sea of energy consciousness looking out into that sea of energy consciousness experiencing energy consciousness from the perspective of that disturbance or note.

In the same way a string vibrates back and forth to produce a continuous sound, our consciousness “vibrates” back and forth or continually creates a disturbance that is experienced as an awake and a sleeping cycle that represents the push-pull of the vibration. It is much like the awake and sleep cycle our body experiences every day as it awaken and go to sleep each night. However, we are infinitely dimensional being and we are an infinite wave of awake consciousness that permeates all of reality.

As a wave of awake consciousness, we have two part or rather, two forms. One is the wave form which is infinite. We can call it our “higher self,” or the transcendental self if we wish. It permeates all of reality although the energy we possess at any give point in reality may be very weak. This is also the non localized aspect of our being. The second form is that of localized energy into the form of a particle  and the particular form that manifests depends on the energy that we observe and/or experience and how we choose to observe that energy by what we believe. In this case we are the observer observing Creation within a given context of Creation. Our current particle form is that as a human within a human body.

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