The Heart's Desire


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The heartís desire can be seen to have two related but different meaning. One is a shallow meaning where mind masks the true heartís desire, the second, deeper meaning.

The shallow and more common meaning of the heartís desire is something for which we have a deep feelings and passion that seems to arise from the depth of our being. Many experience the heartís desire as a deep internal longing that often causes us to take a journey to seek its fulfillment. Many see it as a longing for the Beloved or God as one understanding God, or the beloved , that perfect soul mate who perfectly meets our needs.

The deep meaning to heartĒs desires goes well beyond what our mind is capable of understanding. It is a tremendously deep longing or desires that mind cannot comprehend or understand. For mind to characterize it and identify it as the desire for a beloved/Beloved is to move the heartís desire from the deeper level to the shall level described above. In this regard, mind mask the true desire. Mindís interpretation of the heartís desire causes us to go after what mind thinks rather than surrendering to the energy flowing within the desire itself. Be become blinded to the needs of our own being.

The true heartís desire lies in what is symbolized in the heart and what we feel about life, what we love and what pulls us to fulfill the intention for our life. The heartís desire is the desire that created us and sustains us. It lies accessible only through our heart. It existed before our enculturated mind developed and lies available to us in our transcendent mind.

Through a conscious awareness of the intention for our life, enthusiasm and passion, arises in the form of a desire to transcend the ego to manifest the heartís desire. Similarly surrendering to the passion of our creative life energy fulfills the heartís desire. When we live this enthusiasm for life which arises from this desire, our purpose is clear - we know what we want and we go after it. We become a light unto ourselves.

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