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There are a variety of profound implication in the understanding which arise from the equivalency of energy and consciousness and found in the topics "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective," "Origins of Creation," and "Observer observed pair and the nature of duality." The most profound is probably that the combination of these topics provide a way to see how each independent point of consciousness, which means each of us, are an independent reality which and create separately from or in junction with any other. The discussion, "Independent point of consciousness analogies," provide a way of seeing how this is possible.

We need to realize is that an independent flow of creative life energy is created by how each individual point of consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. It does not matter whether or not consciousness is aware of how it has focused its attention and awareness or whether or not that focus is conscious or nonconscious. The energy still flows to create an experience of that focus. The flow of that energy gives rise to both the reality or environment that consciousness experiences and the experience that consciousness has in that reality. It is much like the hole and a paper cutout discussed in the topic, "Implication of pair production in our creative endeavors."

What is important about the understanding from the equivalency of energy consciousness is each point can be seen as the center of an infinite sea. It does not matter what point we choose as a starting reference, any point will do. Each point of energy consciousness is like each and every other point. From a consciousness perspective, each and every point is independent of every other point and equivalent to any other. Each point of consciousness is a separate and independent reality. Each point has the possibility of seeing and experiencing any creation differently than any other point of conscious for it is exists at a position different than any other. Since each individuated consciousness is an independent unique reality, no other individuated consciousness will experience what another experiences.

Additionally, each point in this cosmic sea is capable of awakening and expanding its conscious awareness to encompass the entire sea - that is, all of Creation and a Cosmic Consciousness. Each point is capable of becoming an totally independent reality. Each individualized consciousness is similarly infinitely creative and infinitely vast. Each point is capable of becoming a world unto itself. Each of these realities are like no other. Although some may appear very similar, if not identical when they are described and experienced, they are nevertheless uniquely different in some way for we each are a unique facet of the original consciousness which gave rise to creation. Each is ultimately identical to the original consciousness and one with it. It is just asleep and unaware of this fact.

It needs to be understood, any individualized aspect of consciousness awakens and defines itself by the experiences it has and it molds itself into what it believes. It can mold itself into something new and original and seen or experienced or it can copy and mimic and existing creation or something from the past. The only truth of which any consciousness can be certain is its own truth. That is, what it feels, experience and understands. It is the truth that, it, itself, has experienced. Since consciousness defines itself by the experience it has and consciousness awaken consciousness, one can use its creativity to figure out how to communicate and share itself to another such that two independent point of consciousness literally live in, and share, the same reality.

As consciousness awakens to the experience it has, it will change the focus of its attention and awareness. That, in turn, causes a shift the reality and experience consciousness has. As the experiences changes, the focus of the attention and awareness again changes and a cyclic feedback process starts. This process will continue. It will either reinforce the past binding the flow of creative life energy into a tighter and tighter contracting and confining experience of creation. Or, it allows the energy to continual be free to flow into a new more expanding experience of creation.

As an independent reality, each we develop our own unique perspective of whatever we experience and we can form ourselves into whatever we desire by how we focus our attention and awareness. As such, we are capable of becoming as world/universe/creation unto ourselves. Or we can participate in any other creation or reality with any other consciousness.

The reality that is created and experienced by the consciousness as a result of how it has focused its attention and awareness can be independent of any other individualized consciousness. Each of us can be and are an independent reality, a world unto ourselves. Or, it can be a reality that is shared with another or other independent consciousnesses but the experiences that is had is not shared. Or, it can be a shared reality and a shared experience. Or, we can enter the world or reality created by another consciousness and create a creation within a creation. In creating a creation within a creation, we can be independent of anything else happening within that larger creation or we can share our experiences with one or more other creations within this larger creation.

However, even if it is a shared reality and a shared experience, the perception of any one consciousness of the experience will be totally different and unique as compared to any other. Each individualized point of consciousness has a totally unique percept of what it experiences. In essence, any consciousness has four primary ways to experience reality summarized here and discussed in the topic, "For ways we experience creation/Creation, any creation/Creation." They are: (1) live in its own isolated world protecting and defending the truth that it knows to the point of denying information from the external world that does not fit what it has experienced; (2) deny any internal truth and live according to what the external world directs; (3) keep the internal truth separate from the external truth and live within literal standing between two worlds; (4) modify and evolve our truth neither denying the truth within our being nor the truth of the external world but merge the understanding into a wholeness and living in that wholeness. In this fourth way, we experience a shared reality where we all live to a common set of "rules" to which we are held in some agreed upon way. Nevertheless, we will experience living each of these four ways to one degree or another. Each of us of course live somewhere between these extremes and a mixture of all four. However, most of us share another’s reality. Normally it is the reality of our early care givers and/or our society. We share it until we can claim our birthright and learn to consciously create our own and the share that reality with others.

When consciousness awakens to its own existence, it can choose to begin to explore the world and reality in which it finds itself. It will begin its exploration in a spontaneous and innocent childlike play of exploration and discovery of itself and the world it inhabits. It this regard, the reality it explores will be the reality it creates, the reality it share with another or others and/or the reality of which it is a part as a creation within a creation.

Any consciousness is not limited to exploring and discovering only the reality it has created by what it think and believes. It can explore and discover any or all of the realities and creations created by any other aspect of consciousness. It needs to only focus its attention and awareness into what another consciousness has created and begin its exploration. However, in this process of exploration, it can become lost within its own or any other creation. We as an individuated point of consciousness can similar become lost in our own creation or the creation of another and we do it all the time.

Such a Universe/Creation as described here is really no different than how music is made and how a large orchestra works. As discussed in the "Music Analogy for creation/Creation" many independent instruments generate independent notes which overlap to create the music we hear. Similarly, a set of infinite independent points can come together to give rise to a creation is to look at how an image is created on a television or computer screen. The topic, "A black and white universe of infinite colors" provides a discussion on this concept. As such, it is possible to create an infinite number of independent realities where each point of consciousness is a reality unto itself interconnecting and intersecting itself with any other reality.

It is extremely important to remember, as a result of this illusion of mind and illusion of Creation, each is an entity and a universe unto itself. It only awakens to what it is in its interactions with another aspect of consciousness. Each, if it so chooses, is capable of expanding its awareness to encompass all of Creation or creating a Creation as vast as the universe unto itself.

We each are an aspect of the Consciousness within Creation experiencing Creation as viewed from that aspect. In some ways you can say the Consciousness within Creation is schizophrenic and has only split itself into an infinite number of illusionary personalities that it thinks are real. Each of these "personalities," the individualized consciousnesses, are capable of creating a whole universe unto itself equivalent in vastness of the Creation we experience a human being, or it can experience the creation of any other individualized consciousnesses as a creation within creation. We create what we experience and the reality of those experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness. We focus our attention and awareness in and through what we think and believe.

Any point of consciousness, whether it is the Consciousness of All That Is, a Cosmic Consciousness, or the smallest fragment of consciousness, is capable of creating an entire universe. The only difference between a point of consciousness and the Consciousness of All That Is - that Cosmic Consciousness - is its awareness. The Cosmic Consciousness is only a total awareness. But what needs to be clearly understood, the awareness of the Cosmic - the awareness of all that is - is only a partial awareness, or one awareness, of all the possible options available to consciousness. When this infinite consciousness is aware of the Cosmic view or perception, it is not aware any individualized view and as such, misses an experience of being in Creation or experiencing Creation.

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