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The key to the cage of our own making, the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability and the freedom of our creative spirit to unfold and express itself lies within. It is the key to the infinity of our being and the key to the business of our life. The key is in an awareness and understanding and lies in a feeling. This feeling we seek is beyond mind and what the mind is capable of understanding from its own experiences for mind only knows the past. It lies within a feeling of freedom to unfold true to the truth of our being. The key is a feeling of freedom. It is the freedom to be true to ourselves and to unfold true to who and what we are. We need to access that feeling and then use it as our internal compass. We are the only one who have the ability to insert that key, turn the lock and open the cage to let our creative spirit out to experience the freedom of an unfoldment true to itself.

Although we are ultimately the holders of that key we need another. The paradox is that the key is within us but in a place that we cannot access by ourselves. We need another to get to the depth of this feeling. Without the assistance of another this feeling of freedom is unobtainable. In some ways it is a quirk to Creation. That is creation is not done alone. Creation is done with another or others. We need another or others to give us the experiences we need to have.

In this regard, the key to this awareness is actually controlled by another and needs to be given to us by them. There is a set of experiences that when we get the experience we get the key to the cage in which we have placed our creative spirit. We need another to give us the experiences we need to have. We need the other to call forth creative spirit and our feelings within a safe and secure space to give us those experiences. The experience of freedom allows us to both learn what the feeling of freedom feels like and to discern the feelings of freedom and use it as our internal compass. If mind becomes afraid in any way as to what we feel and or experience or mind imposes itself by what it thinks, we will not be able to access the awareness and understanding.

Here we need to realize the key is the feeling of freedom. We need the other to create the space to give us the safe and secure space to experience that freedom. But then we must use that feeling as a seed that grows and unfold in our life. Having the feeling is only the key. Opening the cage and getting out of the cage in which we placed our creative spirit is achieved by using this feeling to guide our life in all direction of our life at every level of our being - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We must use the feeling as our internal compass.

As an internal compass we must couple the feeling with a clear intention to keep our creative spirit free and follow the feeling through the pain and obstacles which arise in our life. It will provide the fastest, easiest and gentlest way to access the truth of our being, a inner satisfaction which never runs dry, our unlimited creativity and the infinity of our being.

The question is how do we find that other or others who will call forth our creative spirit and give us that safe and secure space for us to experience that feeling of freedom and fullness of being? Based on the exploration of our inherent creativity which gave rise to the understanding discussed here, the recommendation is as follows. These activities should be done as best as possible in parallel if not simultaneously. However, working the activities in series can be successful. The actions are as follows.

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