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An alternative view of Physical Creation - maintaining the world of Om

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It is said Physical Creation is viewed as a world created by Om and Om is not necessarily the Creator of Creation. Rather they have created a world in which we have choose, for whatever reason to participate. As a participant, we have agreed to play by the rules of Physical Creation. In essence we have given up some of creative ability and creative power in order to have an the physical experience of being a human being. This may seem a rather strange idea but it explain many things we experience in our creative endeavors and there are parallels which exist in Physical Creation. One such example is Disneyland or Disneyworld

The Disneyland Reality

What is described here is a way to express a concept that is useful when dealing with realms "above" or "beyond" the human psyche. A corollary to the attribute that each piece of consciousness has a conscious and nonconscious portion, is that each intention or unit of consciousness in form can, by itself, only hold or do so much through intentionality. It being only a part of consciousness, it is limited in the intention it can create and role it can play in a specific creation. What this implies is there are many levels of being - angels, spirits, elves, fairies and the like that help support the structure of the universe. Each one is a separate intention assigned to hold or maintain a separate aspect of form. A simple way of explaining it is by what Walt Disney accomplished at Disneyworld.

To understand this process, look at the world as created by Walt Disney that evidence suggests grew out of his love of toy trains. Walt Disney created an amusement park in Anaheim California in the 1950's called Disneyland. Walt Disney had an idea to create a place were individuals could go and experience different worlds or times of history, and of course, the train was one of the vehicles one could use to take you to these different lands. Disneyland and subsequently Disneyworld were the creations that unfolded from this idea. He created a place called "Frontier Land-" - a recreation of the old West, "Adventure Land" --a recreation of a jungle journey of Africa or the Amazon, "Fantasy Land"-- a land of make believe characters of the story books, "Tomorrow Land"-- an experience of what the future might look like, and "Main Street USA"-- a recreation of a typical small town of the United States around 1900. All is accessible by a railroad that circles the park. Disneyland is the fulfillment of a dream and creation of Walt Disney. When we go to Disneyland, we enter the dream and creation of Walt Disney. Individuals who go and work there or enjoy the entertainment and rides are creating an experience within this creation. They are creating a creation within a creation. Any experience we have is a creation within a creation.

As above, so below. Do you believe it? If so, we can look at Disneyland or Disneyworld as a way it can work? We only need to pay paid attention to how they function. There is a complete "city" beneath Disneyworld which keep the surface operating. (Ah yes - the underworld.) But there is also a world of "Keepers" and "Entertainers" who enter from the underworld to serve and be of assistance to the visitors. They blend in with the scenery. If we are in Frontier Land, they look like frontiersmen - they blend in and look as though they are not even there. But they are going about their job making Disneyland run. Some operate the amusement rides. Some are entertainers. Some service the area or provide services. But they are all "invisible" to the visitor. We may see them and interact with them, but we do not notice them. From the authorís understanding, non obstructive and unseen keepers was part of the design.

So how does Disenyworld work? The visitors enter through the gate. They bring little with them. They decide what they are going to do by purchasing the ticket and how much money they bring with them. They enter - soon to forget where they came from - until the time is up - then they depart - leaving no trace. But the memories and experience go with them (and maybe a few souvenirs and an empty wallet). When they enter they can choose where they go - Fantasy Land, Frontier Land, Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land, Main Street or they just get lost in enjoying themselves in a make-believe land where all is fun and enjoyment. The amusement park would not exist without the visitors. Their beliefs and desires make it an amusement park - something to be enjoyed. Something to be experienced. (Then again, some people see visiting as Disneyland shear hell, especially if we are with someone we whom we donít want to be and we donít want to be there. The judgment of the experience is in the mind of the beholder. Heaven and hell existing side by side and all in the mind of the beholder.)

The same is true for our experiences as a human being. We come to earth for an adventure to live the intention for our life (a visit to the amusement park) - we sort of know what we are coming for and how much we want to spend (time and money as in an amusement part), but we can always adjust it (remember there are automatic teller machines.). We choose a place to play, and experiences to have - it is all so real. But we forget we are visiting. Nevertheless, there can be envisioned a whole army of workers who keep the earth running. That is, there are multiple flows of energy give rise to Earth as it exists, each of which can awaken and become aware of its own existence. Some are never seen, they exist beneath the surface - on a different plane - and attend to the details so we can continue to have our fun (or suffering as the case may be). Some helpers come from "below" and are seen from time to time as a wisp through the forest (the elves, gnomes, and other beings tending to mother nature). Some come as human - in fact, they may be just like humans, if not humans. They escort us, direct us, help us and we never think that they are here only doing their job. They seem so invisible - like they are here, but not here - but it can't run without them. Each has a role to play, a part to fulfill, maybe aware, maybe not aware of how their part fits into the whole - but they play that role just the same for we all are part of something larger.

Walt Disney has since died and Disneyland, Disneyworld, and the other facets of Disneyís dreams go on having a life of their own. All the individuals who now support the Disney infrastructure are living and manifesting the dream of its creator, Walt Disney, and it subsequent unfoldment long after the creator dies. But those who live his dream and also evolving his dream into something different that originally intended. It is much the way Creation works. Our dream and our acts live long past the one who created them and maybe even evolve Physical Creation past the intention of its creator.

If it takes man to have a great infrastructure - a city within a city, and a whole army of workers - to keep Disneyworld running, cannot the same be said for earth and Physical Creation? We assume earth runs on automatic. It needs no care and attention. Everything runs by itself. But is this true? Just because the entire support infrastructure is made to be invisible and not seen, does not mean it does not exist. If you look, from time to time you will see it.

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