The world of the other


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The world of the other

A common introduction

The basic essentials and concepts supporting the concept of the world of the other are found in the topic, "The basic essentials and "physics" of: A world unto our self, World of the other, World of Om, Shared Realities, Creation within Creation." It is recommended this file be reviewed before preceding. However, the key points are as follows:

  • Each individuated consciousness is independent and a separate reality. No one will experience a situation or event like we do even if they are right there with us sharing the event. That is what it means to be unique.

  • The only truth of which we can be certain is our truth. That is, what we ourselves feel, experience and understand. It is the truth that, we ourselves, have experienced.

  • Remembering that a consciousness defines itself by the experience it has and consciousness awaken consciousness, one can use its creativity to figure out how to communicate and share itself to another such that two independent points of consciousness literally live in, and share, the same reality.

  • In essence, any consciousness has four primary ways to experience reality summarized here and discussed in the topic, "Four ways we experience creation/Creation, any creation/Creation."

  • (1) Live in our own isolated world protecting and defending the truth that we know to the point of denying information from the external world that does not fit what we have experienced;

  • (2) Deny any internal truth and live according to what the external world directs;

  • (3) Keep the internal truth separate from the external truth and live within literal standing between two worlds;

  • (4) Modify and evolve our truth neither denying the truth within our being nor the truth of the external world but merge the understanding into a wholeness and living in that wholeness.

  • In modifying and evolving our truth, we can experience a shared reality where we all live to a common set of "rules" to which we are held in some agreed upon way.

  • Each of us will experience living each of these four ways to one degree or another.

  • Each of us of course live somewhere between these extremes and a mixture of all four. However, most of us share anotherís reality. Normally it is the reality of our early care givers and/or our society. We share it until we can claim our birthright and learn to consciously create our own and the share that reality with others.

  • The world of the other

    The key point to understand about the world of the other is the world of the other arise from the same essence and material as ourselves and uses the same creative principles as we do. At the deepest levels of their being the other is really no different than us. It is only our mind, and what we think and believe, and their mind, and what they think and believe, that keeps us from seeing this. We each are just as infinitely creative as the other and we each contain all of Creation within our own being. We each are asleep to that fact for the purpose of having an experience of Creation.

    We each are an independent, individualized consciousness who creates a world unto themselves. We share realities and experiences but nevertheless, we each are a world unto ourselves. In realizing this, we can realize there is the world of the other, whomever that other may be, and their world may or may not look like anything in our world even if we stand next to each other sharing the same experience.

    The other is just like us. Only the focus of their attention and awareness and their past experiences are different. Nevertheless, the essence of our being and both how we create our experiences and how we create the reality we experience is done in the same way. We donít needs to ask how another creates what they experience. We only need to understand how they have focused their attention and awareness and what they think and believe as a result of the experience they have had.

    This is why many spiritual teachers who teach meditations, a focus of our attention and awareness, also give a philosophy and a set of beliefs. This is because any experience that is had is dependent on how we perceive what we experience and what we perceive is dependent on what we believe.

    Two points need to be addressed concerning the world of the other. One point is to realize the other is just like us. How and what we need to do to discover and explore ourselves is what the other must also do. The terrain we explore, what we think and believe, will be different. But, nevertheless, what we need to do is the same. How how  our inner world is reflected externally is how their inner world is reflected externally. How the other before us is only there to give us the experience we desire at some level of our being we are before the other to give them the experience they desire. This point, in turn, brings us to the second point about the world of the other.

    The second point is that creation is not done alone. We need another to give us the experiences we desire to have. Any one other is capable of awakening us to the infinity of our own being and we are fully capable of awakening them. We can use the world of the other to awaken us to our own truth and to truths on which we have not focused our attention and awareness. If we wish to experience what another has experienced, we need to focus our attention and awareness on them and learn to copy and mimic their way of being. This is the essence of the master - apprentice relationship, the teacher - student relationship and the guru - disciple relationship.

    There is nothing wrong about focusing on another to view s us a particular type and kind of experience. But the question with which we are faces is, "Are we served by what another has created.?" We need to remember we incarnated to have certain types and kinds of experiences. There are individuals who can and will help us get what we incarnated to do and certain others are specifically needed to give us the experience we desire to have. However there are many who give us interesting experiences in life but the experiences do not really serve us in the long run.

    Coping and mimicking others and not staying focused on our own truth with a single point focus is the primary way we keep ourselves from living the intention for our life. Add the issue of sexuality, hate, anger and any other strong emotion and we will never see what the other is providing to us and be pulled totally away from what we incarnated to do. There is really nothing wrong with feeling strong emotions. The question is are the strong feelings which we judge as good or bad emotions take us toward or aware from the reason of our incarnation.

    Also, if we wish to create something like another has done or experiences because it looks so enjoyable but do it our own unique way to stay within our own truth rather than just following them, then we face a different set of issues. Here we dance between two worlds - our world and their world. This, in turn, makes what we wish to create harder than if we were free to create totally unique to ourselves. If we created totally unique to ourselves, we would just go do what we need to do. Being enticed by the world of any other for any reason pulls the focus of our attention and awareness to look outward rather than inward to our own path. This, in turn, simply splits our energy between to desire which do not necessary align with each other.

    The "trick" to working with any other is to create an joint creation which serves what each incarnated to do or desires to do. Then the creation is not our creation or their creation but our creation and both are served by the unfoldment of the joint creation. Through jointly held creation which serves the infinity of each of our beings, we open the door to use each other to awaken each other to the depth and breadth of our entire being.

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