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 Origins of our thoughts


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Within the creativity perspective, our thoughts are seen simply as our mind characterizing, describing or otherwise somehow explaining the energy our body perceives. The mindís characterization is based on our past experiences and how we have focused our attention and awareness. Whether that thought is experienced as an idea, an image, a vision or awareness of knowing something without really being able to explain what is known doesnít matter. The thoughts is simply our mind "playing" with the energy we experience. In this regard, thoughts are simply consciousness at play with the energy consciousness experiences.

From a creativity perspective, the human being is a creativity machine. It allows us to take the energy we sense to create thoughts from that energy and transform or convert that thought into actions in the world. The body gives us the ability to create material forms starting from the formless energy which gives rise to the starting thought. It gives us the ability to create thoughts out of a seemingly nothing and manifest them in Physical Creation as an object or experience.

It many ways the creation of thoughts out of a seemingly nothingness is a process of converting energy into particles without rest mass analogous to the pair production phenomenon. In fact, as discussed in the topic, "The duality of mind," creating a thought can be seen as creating a thought and an "antithought" which resides in the nonconscious aspect of our mind.

As a creative tool, we can look at the mind and body like a radio. The structure of our body is like an antenna. It is especially designed for sensing and amplifying a particular type and kind of energy and ultimately determines our receptiveness to the energy of Creation. Because of our body, the energy we sense tends to hold our awareness localized in the physical experience of a human being. Alternatively said, our body causes us to interpret the energy we sense into thoughts about being a human being as opposed to being an infinite creator. The mind is like the receiver which can be tuned to a particular energy. We tune the mind by how we focus our attention and awareness in what we think and believe.

The body is a marvelous sensing device. It is capable of sensing subtle differences of energy within our environment and our being if we are paying attention and aware of what we feel. It will feel the energy we are experiencing and amplify it to the point that we can perceive it in a way our mind can characterize what we are experiencing into a thought if our mind has the minimum set of experience to do so. Often our mind cannot characterize what our body senses for it does not have the experience to understand what we are feeling. In these cases it discards what we experience as imaginary or it will do the best it can to characterize the energy resulting in an inaccurate characterization. This is why it is hard for many to see the future. It is not that we cannot sense the flow of energy into the future and see the future. Rather, it is the fact our mind lacks the experience to properly character what we sense.

In the same way the type and kind of wave that is produced in water or the type and kind of cloud in the sky is very dependent on the environmental conditions, the same is true for our thoughts. For example, both the waves and clouds are very dependent on the winds that blow and the temperature. Surface wave donít form too well when there is a covering of ice across the water. For clouds to form there needs to be heat somewhere to evaporate the water that is going to form the clouds. The existence of high mountains that block the prevailing wind enhance formation of clouds on one side of the mountain and profoundly reduces them on the opposite side. If we were to study waves and clouds we would find many such influences. The environment has an great influence on the types and kinds of wave or cloud that are produced or not produced.

Similarly we need to have the correct conditions to form our through and the type and kind of thoughts we have. At any given instant, there are numerous radio signals passing through the radio antenna, but we only pick up those signals for the frequency we have selected. For which we have tuned the receiver. As with a radio, there may be some stray signals and noise, but in general the radio signal will be concentrated on the signal we select by tuning our radio and we will hear a particular broadcast. Sometimes we only get static because there is no signal to receive, we are too far from the signal to receive it or there is some interference that masks the signal.

The thoughts we have are a result of what we sense and receive and the energy giving rise to the thoughts can arise from a multitude of different sources. What we think and believe and the experiences we have tune the receiver and determines the particular thoughts we have. Although we may be limited in focus to what the body is able to sense, we can tune ourselves to the thoughts we have. That is, what we think and believe ultimately determines the energy we sense and how we characterize what we sense into thoughts. Our body just senses the energy that tends to be more readily created into thoughts about being a human being. But our body does not limit us to access any energy of Creation. It just preferentially accesses those that give rise to Physical Creation and what it means to be a human being in Physical Creation.

It does need to be noted that by the time we have the thought, we have already experienced the energy. To try and stop the energy which is giving rise to the thought is to try and close the barn door after the animals have left. This is why we "feel" bad and the think we donít feel good. We first experience the feeling and then characterize it by our mind. In regard to what we donít like, we can shut of the flow by shutting down what we feel, but there are aspects of the energy we must just allow ourselves to experience if we are going to understand from where our thoughts arise.

What needs to be understood here is that all thought arises from an energy that is characterized by our mind. However, we sense energy one of two ways. We can sense the energy within the realm of our localized energy which is expresses by our body and our mind Or, we can sense an energy that lies outside of localized energy. In essence we sense an energy through the non localized aspects of our being.

If the energy is perceived to exist within our localized energy it will appear to arise from our mind and falls within the realm of what mind thinks and believes. Mind will generate a thought based on that energy as it knows and understand it. In this case essence the energy is perceived as existing within the realm of the body and mind.

However, if we sense energy with our the non localized aspects of our being, mind does not recognized that energy. It is outside the experience of the limits and boundaries of the enculturated mind and what mind has experienced. However, mind perceives our body and our being recognizes they have detected something. If it recognizes how the body and/or our being reacts to what is sensed in some way, it will provide some type and kind of characterization based on the previous experiences it has had that appears to correspond what the body senses.

Since what is being sensed lies outside mind, mindís characterization will be incorrect in some way. How incorrect the characterization is depends on whether or not we are capable of stepping outside of our enculturated mind and use what is available in either our transcendental mind and its experiences or the interconnectedness of all things, but the energy that is sensed may also be outside the experience of the transcendental mind.

In either case, the mind characterizes the energy it receives based on the experiences it has had. The more the energy looks like what has been previously experienced in the past, the more accurate the characterization mind will provide. The more the energy is unlike what it experienced in the past, the less accurate the characterization. Often mind will fit a characterization to an energy that is unlike anything it has experienced and be totally inaccurate. For example, something is read in a book. Mind then has an experience of something and says for one reason or another, "This must be what I read about." It then labels that experience and described it based on what it read. It then begins to think it has experienced what it read. Yet it is totally inaccurate. This is why it is said at the beginning of this discussion there is a mental and experiential aspect to any knowing. Until we have both, we really donít know something.

What we can and canít do to change our thoughts

The key understanding about our creative imagination  is to realize everything we experience, no matter what it is, arises as a result of a flow of energy. Without the movement a flow of energy provides there is nothing to observe. In any given situation we face, if we are mindful and aware and open to feeling, we can discern and feel the flow of energy giving rise to the experience we have. This includes the thoughts, concepts, ideas, images or whatever we experience in our mind.

Given the fact that everything we experience arise from a flow of energy is that anything we experience in our creative imagination  has two part. It has a real part and an imaginary part. The real part is the flow of energy that is giving rise to the experience we have and is what we feel in the experience. The imaginary part is our interpretation of the experience of that flow of energy through the illusion of mind and the experiences we have had that is used to characterize that energy we feel/experience. How our mind characterizes that energy may or many not be correct. It all depends on whether or not we have the minimum set of experience to properly characterize what we experience.

However, in our creative imagination , if we are able to transcend the limits and barriers we impose on our own thinking, we can explore options with the energy we sense even if we have incorrectly characterized it. We can observe the energy under different scenarios we create within our creative imagination. More importantly we can create scenarios like rituals, metatheaters, going to different environment and the like to gain new experiences to better characterize the energy we access. In doing do we can gain better insights as to what is possible to manifest in Physical Creation.

What needs to be understood about creative endeavors is that our thoughts never really stretch our mind as to what is possible. Most do not move past the limits and barriers imposed by mind so that we never take those "quantum" leaps in creative thinking that are truly transform for us or our world. The reason for this is mind uses the past to characterize what it sees. To become truly creative we need to step out of mind and allow ourselves to surrender to what we feel to get past the limits of the past experience of mind.

It also needs to be understood, characterization by mind is not based so much on what we think and believe but rather it is based on what we have experienced and our total belief structure. Whether or not we believe and/or understand what we have experienced, and/or remember what we experience is another issue. Nevertheless mind will use all that we have experienced whether or not we consciously remember it. As one can come to see, mind exists because of what we have experienced and it is our all experiences that has created our mind as we currently know it. Relaying on mind more often than not keeps us bound in the past.

For example, many seek to learn a discipline to transform their life. In learning a discipline, any discipline, what mind learns in the discipline is to reprogram the mind. In reprogramming mind the thoughts mind generates from the energy it experiences in life becomes different. However, the thoughts generated by the discipline tend to cause the mind to direct the individual more toward the philosophy of life behind the discipline they learn rather that keeping focused on the feeling they wish to create.

Here an important understanding arises. Our perspective, how and what we think and believe, is creating the particular thoughts we have. If we change our perspective we change our thoughts. To change our perspective we need to change our experience. Remember, we are a creative living process continually recreating ourselves by the experiences we have. We can continually recreate the past each moment or create something new. To create something new, we need to experience something different from the past and past ways of thinking and believe. This is why something like ďnot doingĒ practice becomes important.

It realizing our thoughts arise by how mind characterizes the energy we experience based on our past experiences, the more varied the experiences we have the greater our ability to more accurately characterize what we sense. What needs to be realized whatever we do in life we live in a new experience each moment or we simply repeat the past by overlaying our past experience onto what we experience. This is the based of entering each moment with a beginner's mind such that we do not bias what we experience with the past. Rather, we are open to fully experiencing the moment as it unfolds. People often are heard saying, "I have "x" years of experience at such and such." The question is, "Do they have "x" years of experience or one year of experience repeated "x" times. There is a very significant difference between the two. Most people have one year of experience repeated "x" times for we all tend to live in our past and project that past through expectation into the future. All the experiences of life do not give us new experiences. Many are just repeat experiences of the past in a little different way. The more we can step out into new and varied experiences the greater we expand our creative ability.

The recommendation is to create something like a ďnot doingĒ practice routinely in our life. That is, do something that is different than the way we define ourselves with the specific intention of acquiring different experiences to define ourselves differently. The more we can become comfortable with stepping out of our perceived identity, the greater the creative capability we access. Additionally, the greater the volume of different experiences we have the great the volume of experience we have to call upon to characterize what we experience in the unknown. This is the basis of the statement that wisdom comes with age. But that is only true if that age has brought a wide selection of experience. Many do not become wise when they age simply because the do not have the depth and breadth of experience to become wise.

We are an infinitely creative being that is interconnected with all that exists. Our infinite nonconscious will honor any request we make. The answer to our request is provided to us as an energy through our intuitive guidance which we can feel within our being. We will either sense it with our bodies and/or it will be characterized by mind into a thought. This is why it is so important to be open to feeling and to be able to discern what we feel. The more we can open ourselves to feeling and deal with the pain of the past the more powerful our intuitive guidance becomes. The more powerful it becomes the more options we have to recreate ourselves such that we being to think and see differently. In doing so we will change the thoughts we have.

When it comes to creativity and creating something not previously experienced, mind is of questionable and marginal value. When it comes to something not previously experienced, as in a creative endeavor, mind is at a loss to provide and accurate description of what is. This is why it is said that when mind presents an intuitive insight, the image is probably wrong but the direction of travel is correct. That is, the energy that is experienced as compared to all the experience mind has had, the best fit of what mind has experienced in the past is in the direction of the image presented. Hence, if we honor the image presented, we move in toward and into the energy which is experienced by our intuitive guidance.

With a little experience and practice, we can being to recognized what thoughts arise from within our mind or are a characterization by mind of something sensed within our intuitive guidance. It is as though each thought comes with a little flag that tells us something about it origins. In fact, we may be able to see what thoughts we have that originate as a result of the beliefs we hold that have been given to us by another and actually say "this though is not my though." Similarly we can recognize alien thoughts that we know arise from something foreign to our being.

Creation lies in the unknown. It is to bring into existence that which has not previously been experienced or is significantly different from the past. In being able to distinguish whether or not a thought arise from our mind or our intuitive guidance, we being to step out of the past and look to what we feel more and more to create something new. It is when we start selecting our intuitive guidance over the thoughts that arise from our mind that we begin to become that conscious creator.

Mind will always play an important role and it is inescapable. Becoming a conscious creator is to be able to separate our intuitive thoughts which is the energy we sense characterized by mind from what our mind thinks and the thoughts it generates. It is to make as many decisions as possible based on our intuitive guidance for our intuitive guidance is what leads us into the unknown to create. Mind only allows us to repeat the past. This is the first creative dance that we need to learn to do. This is the essence of the dance between heart and mind.

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