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 The past before this life

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As a consciousness we can awaken and become aware and awake to our own existence and our surroundings. Or, we can function nonconsciously like an auto pilot. Or, we can be asleep and unaware if not dormant. As a consciousness, we can have a n ego and personality unto ourselves. We have desires and preferences determined by our past experience prior to this life and the intention for our life that we currently are living.

In actuality, the intention for our life is a specific set of preferences arising from our past prior to this life. It is just that the intention for our life has such a significant influence on our life that it is considered separate from our past. Yet, it was the past we experienced before this life which gives rise to the reason for our incarnation whatever that reason may be.

As an independent point of consciousness and a fragment of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation. Our awareness always was and always will be. Creation and the consciousness within, or behind, Creation is incomplete without us. Having always have been, we have had many prior experiences previous to our current experiences. Some of these experiences may have been in Physical Creation and some of them in other realms.

Three things need to be understood about these experiences. One is these experiences we have had are unique to our awareness. No other has had our experiences. How they influence what we desire to create will be unique to what we desire to create. This brings up the other two things which need to be understood. One is our prior experiences will cause us to have preferences for things and experiences in our current life. At one level, these preference give rise to the intention for our life. However, the intention for our life goes well beyond what we could consider a preference for a particular experience such that the intention for our life is seen to create or give rise to the need for certain types of experiences. That is, it gives rise to the experiences we incarnated to have.

The preference to which we refer are likes or dislike and/or feelings we have that we for someone or something which cannot be explained as a result of the experiences of our current life. Whether these preferences are constructive or destructive depends on what we desire to create. To access the reason for the existence of these preferences we will need to make the appropriate aspects of our nonconscious conscious.

The second thing which arises is we can and will remember these past experience. We tend to remember them when we have experiences and/or feelings in our current life, which, in some way, are similar to these prior experiences and/or feelings similar. When they do surface we may or may not believe they are real. Whether we believe they are real or not does not really matter. What is important is what information is being communicate to our conscious mind and why. To access this information we need to ask our intuitive guidance what is being communicated in this prior experience. We then only need to be open to what is provided.

What is important about the preference we have from our past experiences is to not let our preference pull us back into repeating the past. When we have preference for which we cannot recall a cause, we should ask our intuitive guidance from where it arises. In the awareness which surfaces we can then determine if that preference is causing us to fall pack into a pattern of the past that is not serving us. Similarly, when memories or feelings of the past arise, we may want to pull the string on those memories or feelings to see what information is being communicated about our current situation which resembles our past experiences. Here the memory may be a warning so as to not make a mistake of the past or it is a warning that we are already falling into a pattern of the past. This is not necessarily good or bad. Rather it is just the question as to what serves us at this point in time.

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