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Many mystics and mystical texts talk about the concept of each point within Creation as being the center of Creation. For example, Black Elk, a Native American shaman, said the sacred mountain is in North Dakota, but it exists everywhere. Similarly, the Hermetic texts talk about a sphere whose center is everywhere. This concept can be taken a model for Creation and how our awareness works.

Model for consciousness - an expanding bubble/sphere

This model for consciousness is based on the understanding of the relationship of energy and consciousness and all of Creation is seen to arise out of what can be called energy consciousness. Within this understand we can envision a sea unmanifested or unformed energy consciousness which can be seen as the traditional mystical concept of a place of "no-thing-ness" or void out of which all Creation forms.

Consciousness is like an expanding bubble beginning at a point. Within the limits of this bubble is what we are conscious of perceiving and, if unobstructed, the bubble keeps going farther and farther out as we expand our awareness. Alternatively said, within the limits of the bubble is the creation/Creation we experience. As the bubble expands, we can see and synthesize more and more, broader and deeper. Quite simply, if we are aware, the awareness, in addition to being aware, causes expansion of itself, so the scope of its consciousness expands continuously.

Our awareness only stops expanding in a given direction when we hit a belief about Creation that we think is real. That belief then become a the limit and the boundary. For whatever reason, of we believe we cannot expand beyond that belief we will limit our expansion until the belief is removed. In this situation, awareness is reflected back on itself. Any perceived limitation or any other belief that does not allow expansion causes the awareness to become fixed or frozen in that form. If the barrier is removed the awareness can continue to progress outward towards infinity and cosmic consciousness. This process is analogously just like the way one makes standing wave patterns in a pool of water in the physics laboratory.

Most have probably seen the ripples in the surface of a pond or pool of water. By adjusting the boundaries of the pool, certain waves take on a standing pattern and become "frozen" or looked as thought they are not moving but fixed. When we talk about energy consciousness, the boundary conditions or the edges of our pond are our beliefs. These beliefs form the standing wave that are the forms that create reality. This is how we create the illusion. By choosing the limits and boundaries of our beliefs we create analogous standing wave patterns. If we change our beliefs, we change the boundary and we change the shape of the wave in the pond. For example, we think we are separate entities, a belief that keeps us bound as separate, until we can release that belief and allow our self to expand into experiencing oneness.

Working with this model

It is our self imposed boundaries by how we think and believe that keep our awareness localized  in a particular form. In choosing a form, as in a name, a definition or image of who we are, we choose our boundaries and place our limits. These boundaries are what keep us from experiencing oneness and keeping us isolated as a separate ego. But it is our boundaries that allow us to learn and experience who we are and what we are capable of doing. They provide the opportunities to learn the different facets of our being and awaken our consciousness. Although we may not realize the possibility, we can draw anything to us and into form. For those who are extremely creative, who change and manipulate their boundaries at will, limitations are needed to channel their full creative potential. If these limitations were not used, their energy would be continually spreading outward into anything and everything, being redirected and lacking focus and, as some would say, lacking proper grounding.

We start each life with a series of imposed restraints and limits that help determine our personal destiny. Many of us experience these as childhood issues and problems. These restraints are to allow us to experience that which we came, or incarnated, to experience. They should be explored and accepted, for that is what they are there for - to provide us with the experiences for which we came into incarnation. We should not judge our life, but should learn to be happy with it for it is within those constraints that we have the experiences we desired.

By setting guidelines and principles we channel and directs our energy so we can successfully accomplish and create things of meaning for us in form within these guidelines. Without guidelines and principles we are overwhelmed by the possibilities and move from one thing to the next without ever making a true commitment to anything. It is our intentions that lay the foundation or are the seed crystals from which our limits and boundaries grow. When we do develop the strength of will to overcome our initial constraints and transcend them, then we know we have developed the strength of will sufficient to create the reality of our choosing. It is then through the intentions that we set that we determine what this reality will look like.

Examples where the lack of boundaries cause us unnecessary problems are in our co-dependent relationships. We live in a society where we are not taught to impose and maintain healthy boundaries and limits. We are taught we must please and accommodate our families, our parents, our spouses, our children, our bosses, and the like, and not give first to our internal needs. We are taught to serve others before we serve our needs. We are not taught to develop the level of self-esteem that would help as to set limits with those in our life and to learn to value what we have to offer and protect what we are when it is denied from without.

We need to set boundaries and limits that we choose, not others, to define who we are and what we are; that we claim our sovereignty and uphold who we are. The limits and boundaries that we set demonstrate to ourselves and the world that we sufficiently value ourselves to take care of ourselves. It is important to let ourselves and others know what we stand for and what we do not stand for. However, it is most important that we consciously choose our limits and boundaries. To choose limits and boundaries determined by others or because of our fears, we greatly deny who and what we are and what we come to experience. We ourselves know what is best for ourselves if we live from our heart and learn to use our  intuitive guidance and body wisdom. It is essential that we learn to live in our heart and from our heart and set our limits and boundaries from that space. It is only in that fashion will we find our true selves.

The enculturated ego will try and tell us what boundaries to choose and what to fear, but it is the enculturated ego that must be relinquished and die. We need to lose our personal history that determined who we think we are. We need to lose our enculturated idea of our self worth. We need to understand how we can exchange our true selves for our identity in society and create a self worth based on that which comes from the heart for which nothing on the physical plane can be found to be of an equal exchange value. No price can be put on the treasure that comes from the heart. It cannot be bought, sold or compromised. That which is from the heart is and will always be who we are. The key to becoming who we are is to remove the limits and barriers on our lives that come from our mindís idea of who we are and move to the heart. To do this we need to empty ourselves of that which is not us and die before we die to be reborn true to our truth.

One of the best measures in determining if our limits and barriers are correct is to look at our death. When it is all said and done, and we have finished this life, ask need to ask ourselves if what we struggle over, worry over, fight for, would really matter at our death. Contrary to popular belief, we can take some things with us when we die and, in fact, we do. We need to remember there are things that go with us past this life. No, the material things of this plane stay in this plane, but the attachments and the intentions that determined our physical environment do go with us. We need to remember, our form and material world is the perfect expression in physical form of the beliefs we carry. If we donít give up the beliefs that bind and limit us in this life they will be there in the next. It is why it is so important to release that which is not allowing us to grow and expand for we do take things with us. What we take with us will continue to bind us in the future, just as they bind our future in this life.

The bottom line when it comes to setting limits and barriers is that owe need to set limits and barriers (1) to prevent ourselves from being unfocused and un-channeled and (2) to protect our self-esteem and identity. However, the limits and barriers cannot be so restrictive as to limit our growth and development. We need to always be aware of our growth and what is or is not allowing for growth. A proper self-esteem and protection of self-esteem is the first thing needing protection, but the question is, how far can we grow and move beyond the limits that are routinely placed on us by our beliefs?

We confuse our enculturated ego and the identity given to us by our society with that which comes from the heart and here lies the problem with our limits and boundaries. Because many of the limits and boundaries come from such an early time in our life we may even be unaware that they exist. We feel limitations and fear when we are holding to someone else's truth. Anything that does not feel like truth to us and/or corresponds to our truth needs to be let go. Life presents us with opportunity after opportunity to understand if we are living our truth or someone elseís truth. We just need to be patient and be aware of that which arises from within us. Our truth does not need to be forced. It comes when we are ready. It will always present itself when we are ready to receive it, but we must be open and aware to receive it.

The setting of limits and boundaries, which are beliefs, attitudes and thought forms, defines the space an individual lives in. We all live with limits. Some are known. Most are unknown. How "deeply" we feel we can trust the universe is related to defining how far out one can set their limits. Absolute trust would imply the need for no boundaries, so all is encompassed, all is embraced. If all is encompassed, then one lives in the oneness of the universe. Ultimately we will have to give up all our limits and barriers. It is only a matter of time.

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