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In looking at Physics models and metaphors there is an important aspect of which we should be aware. The description of how Creation works provided by science is taken as true because effectiveness is our measure of truth whether we realize it or not. Because something is effective, we believe it is true. Many of the understandings provided by science are quite phenomenal in their predictive capabilities to predict how a situation will unfold. Because of he models currently used by science we have put a man on the moon, sent probes into the deepest regions of space, transplanted hearts and many more things seen as totally impossible in the early twentieth century. We see them very effective in many aspects of our life. Hence we believe they are a true description of Creation.

However, there are problems with the models. The models work find in the areas where they are effective but there are other areas they are not equipped to explain. So we know they may be effective but they are not the correct description. They may be an extremely good description and very effective at what they do describe but they nevertheless are not the correct answer as to how Creation works. To know the truth of Creation, we must remain open and understand our most effective models are only good approximations as to what the truth may be.

If we want to know the truth of what is, we will need to remain open for whatever the truth may be. Here it does need to be noted, whatever the truth may be it must encompass all aspects of Creation. In this regard, in addition to any theory brings forth to resolved the issues that current exist between quantum mechanics and cosmology, whatever model and theory developed will ultimately need to give some resolution to how life itself arises from fundamental principles and exactly what consciousness is. After all, we are part of Physical Creation and we are conscious. Otherwise whatever model and theory is developed will be incomplete. In this regard, the energy consciousness model or at least its approach can help resolve this issue.

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