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In accepting the equivalence of energy and consciousness, there is an important aspect of energy consciousness that may be difficult to accept. If all creation is only this energy consciousness molding itself into what consciousness intends, then every thought, every cell, every particle of matter is capable of having thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions and that each is already in communication with everything else. There are realms within realms and thoughts within thoughts. The only question is what is the level of awareness of each of these differentiated forms.

There will be thoughts within the components and the total aggregate of the components can have thoughts. In some ways the feeling from a particular body organ or body muscle could be considered a thought by that composite or collective mind of that organ or muscle group. Similarly our thought can be considered as the total aggregate of thoughts from all our body parts. Similarly a group of people can have a thought that is result of, and held by, the entire group but individually the thought does not exist.

For example, any team, such as a football team or baseball team, can have thoughts that individually held by a player makes no sense and the sense only comes from the total team together. We can understand this concept if we look at only the individual movements of each player when on the field. Individually their movements seem to have no logic. However, in the context of a team executing a play as in football or the baseball team responding to the way a particular ball has been hit, the individual movements make complete sense - except of course for errors and fumbles.

In the energy consciousness model of the universe, what need to be understood is that the body, mind, emotions, behavior, thought, and the environment all interact to create the experiences we have. They are not separate form each other. Another way of saying this is each experience of life is within a given context and that overall context can be considered a consciousness to itself. The only difference in all these varies aspects of consciousness is that each has a different view. As such, each has a different belief structure, level of awareness and consciousness and nonconscious to experience a given situation as it does.

In this regard, both our physical body and the mind need to be better understood to understand how this bridge point between consciousness and energy occurs and how we create our reality. It is here in the equivalency of energy and consciousness where the mind body connection really lies. In some ways we can say is our physical bodies are our current understanding of the energy aspects of energy consciousness manifesting. Similarly, our currently level of awareness and our enculturated mind (who we think we are) is the consciousness portion of this energy consciousness manifesting. To readily access that mind body connection we need to change our awareness as to who and what we are to change the focus of our attention and awareness that is manifesting our body.

To know what we currently understand about energy consciousness, we just need to look at what we understand about both our world and our current level of awareness. To become effective at being this energy consciousness we need to become effective at managing both the consciousness aspect and the energy aspect of being. When a reasonable footing is gained in each of these two areas, one can then start to learn to dance between the two becoming efficient at managing and being energy consciousness manifesting in physical form to have a physical experience. This journey starts with the learning to dance starting with the dance between the mind and the heart.

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