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 Understanding the need for inner changes first 


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The following is a summary discussion on how the oneness of Creation can be seen to work. This discussion was prepared to help to understand why there is the need to make the inner changes first for such things as: to experience wholeness within our being; to understand how the inner is reflected in the outer; to experience the oneness in creation/Creation; to understand why we need to take responsibility for all that we experience; to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor; and to understand both the story of the rainmaker and the Hawaiian technique of Ho'oponopono.

Although not needed for this discussion, the discussions reflecting the initial use of the images used here are found in one or more of the following topics: "Environment and the unfoldment of a creation;" "Implication of pair production in our creative endeavors;" "Implications and observations of pair annihilation;" "Bridge point of inner and outer creative power;" "Becoming our truth - 07 becoming a creator-creation;" "Pool of multiple forms;" "Incomplete release of our creative life energy;" "How energy consciousness localizes in an existing creation;" and "The observer-observed pair and the nature of duality."

Awakening The first step in the process is to awaken to our existence. An diagramed in the Figure entitled "Awakening" when we awaken, we localize our awareness at a point of observation. It is to cause our energy which covers the infinity of all of creation to localized, coagulate, become fixed, incarnate, or however we wish to express it. But what we need to realized is the localization is based on our perspective determined by how and what we think and believe and what we remember of our past upon awakening. The point is fix but it can be changed by what we think and believe. If we change what we think and believe we can changer our perspective and where our energy localizes. Changing where our awareness and energy localizes changes our experiences. We are free to choose as we wish.

The second part of the process is were we being to define ourselves. After awakening we being to decide what is or what is not part of us. We can look at it this way. As a baby we squeeze the pillow and feel nothing. If we squeeze the finger on our other hand, we feel something. If we squeeze hard we can being to see what we feel is based on how we squeeze. Our mind then determines this finger is part of us. We being to go through life and see our body is separate from the world in front of us because we do not readily feel the pain of the world. So we being to see and think ourselves as separate. But in the same way we say something outside of us is ours even when we are not connected, we can feel pain outside of ourselves even when we are not physically connected. But since the connection is not physical we do not see it as real. Yet it nonetheless real.

Who is observing whomIn the Figure entitled "Who is observing whom" we can imagine ourselves separating into the point of our awareness, the observer, and the point we observe or that which we observe. But the question is, "But which is which?" Are we the observer or the observed. In the start of the process there is no different. The difference only comes when we come into a physical body and do not feel a physical connection with our environment that we begin to see ourselves as separate. For example we touch our finger is we feel ourselves touching our finger. If we touch another we do not feel being touched. In time we believe ourselves to be separate. Then, no matter what realm we go into, we see ourselves as separate and unconnected. Yet, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Observer-observed pair as a wave particleThe Figured entitled, "Observer-observed Pair as a wave particle" is what is really happening. We localize our energy and awareness into a perception. We think look out form that perception and say what lies outside that perception is not us. But in reality what we are looking at is the part of our energy and awareness that we do not see as being localized. The form we give our mind and our energy (our body) is the spike in the wave. Our environment and everything else which is not "us" is the observed. In this Figure, we have the observe pointing to the spike but is the spike or the energy and consciousness not localized? In reality it doesn’t matter. It is just an illusion of mind. We are connect but our mind just does not see the connection.

Creating a cutoutAn alternative way to view this is to view the cutout and the whole as in the Figure entitled, "Creating a cutout." Here, as described in the discussion on the "Implication of pair production in our creative endeavors" when we begin to define ourselves as in the Figure above "Who is observing who," we create a cutout and a hole. Here again, it does not matter which we consider the energy and what is the consciousness for either will do. What is important is that we see ourselves separate from the fabric of Creation.

Wave particle nature of the cutoutYet, what is really true is what exits the Figure entitle, "Wave particle nature of the cutout." In the figure, we can see our localized energy as represented in the spike on our wave or arising out of the wave. This spike can be interpreted as the cutout. The fabric of Creation out of which the cutout/spike arise is our infinite nonlocalized wave form which permeates all of Creation. The remaining part of the wave which permeates all of Creation and can be seen as the fabric out of which the cutout forms gives rise to all aspects of Creation we experience. But, although the cutout appears separate is it not. It is still connected and will always remain so connected. The cutout represented by the spike is still connected to the wave although it seemingly stands outside and apart from its surroundings

Cutout remaining in the holeThis, of course, bring us to the next Figure which better represent the reality of the situation in that we never leave the Creation of which we are a part and we are never really separate from the world we experience. In the Figure entitled "Cutout remaining in the hole," the cutout heart remains in the hole out of which it was cut. In essence, all we did was create a discontinuity in the paper surrounding the heart by the cut we make to cause the heart to be experienced separately form the paper. Here the cutout is determined by where we believe. If we change what we believe we will change where cut line for the cutout. But, as said, we never leave the fabric of Creation and there is just some form of discontinuity which exits which give rise to belief there is a separation.

Wave particle observer observed pair in CreationThe Figure entitled "Observer-observed wave particle pair in Creation," provides a way to see what cutout and the hole looks like relative to Creation. That we our localized awareness and form is the spike on our energy wave and the environment is what we experience with our non localized energy. Of course, the question is "Asked is how does my energy create all of world?" The answer is as an individuated point of consciousness, it doesn’t. Rather, it energies the aspects of Physical Creation to give you the experiences you desire to have. Your unmanifested or nonlocalized energy permeates all of Creation and every aspect of Creation. As such there is an ongoing communication to coordinate and orchestrate the experience our total being desires to have. This includes all aspects of our being and the transcendental mind and enculturated mind.

How the inner world reflected in the outerThe Figure entitled, "How the inner reflects the outer" is a follow up to the both cutout and the hole and the cutout remaining in the whole. However, now we move the concept of energy consciousness. The discussion topic, "The human experience is our consciousness expressed physically," talks about how our consciousness is directly mapped, expressed, manifested, or whatever word we desire to use to express what happens. That is what we experience internally is reflected externally and vice versa. In looking at the paper cutout and hole, it is easy to see the relationship of the existence of paper and the absences of paper relative to the cutout the hole. The question is, how do we seen the relationship of energy and consciousness such that our consciousness is manifested into physical form? It was said above in the Figure of the cutout remaining in the whole that the cut line represented a discontinue in the paper to create the cutout. The cutout never needs to leave the paper to be a cutout.

An analogous situation exists between energy and consciousness. That is, what we think and believe causes a discontinuity to come into existence and we find ourselves becoming separate from, as oppose to oneness, with the world we experience. As diagramed in the figure "How the inner reflects the outer" our body and environment is what is manifested or cutout by our nonconscious mind. Our ego identity and who and what we think we are is cut out by our conscious mind. Together they create the discontinuity such that we have the experience of being a human being within Physical Creation. Here we do not look at what is created as much as being a cutout like the paper cut out and the whole. Rather it is more of a discontinuity that our mind causes us to see ourselves separate from creation. We do not see the fact that we are interconnected and we eat, breath and drink our environment and how we influence our environment and our environment influences us. Yet, when we can expand the limits of our mind to encompass our body and our environment, we find that creation is not done alone. We are only having and giving the experience we or any other desires to have.

The Figure entitled "Multiple Cutouts" demonstrates how two independent cutouts can arise from the same fabric. This is what analogously happens for each individual in our life. We all arise out of the same fabric of Creation yet we are independent of each other. Where as the Figure entitled "Overlapping cutouts" demonstrates how to seemingly independent forms have a common overlap and shared creation or at least a set of shared experiences.

Overlapping cutouts Multiple cutouts


The Figure entitled "Creating within a creation" is actually a better way to understand shared creation. Rather than the creation emanating from the Fabric of Creation, the created Creation acts and the Fabric of Physical Creation. In this way, all the creation within Physical Creation start with the same Rules of Physical Creation embedded within them. As a consequence, each creation within the Creation appear independent of each other yet they are each bound to the rules. In may ways this is not different that the basic creative process. All that differs is the starting materials for the creation.

Creating in Creation

Finally, as demonstrated in the Figure "Partial Annihilation," to create something new, some aspect of the old creation and its reflection in the hole must be annihilated. That is some part of the old is combined with it mirror image to relate the energy bound in the creation. That energy then becomes free to create the new desired creation. In seeing the image of the Figure entitled "How the inner is reflected in the outer," some aspect of our inner work needs to be change to create the corresponding changes in the outer. If we do not make the inner changes, we will be unable to create what we desire. This is often the problem most face. We wish to create something different in our external world but we are unwilling to make the necessary inner changes to bring about the outer changes.

Partial Annihilation

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