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The dance of the masculine and feminine is about the tension between complements that is essential to the generation of energy in the creative/creation process. From a creativity perspective is its also about the maturation of the masculine and feminine creative aspects of creation.

The dance of the masculine and feminine is the result of the seeming paradox in the roles they play in the creation process. From a creativity perspective, the masculine cannot fulfill its role unless it is sufficient nurtured by a mature feminine nurturing energy. Similarly, the feminine cannot mature and freely and properly nurture a creation unless a safe and secure space is maintained by a creatively mature masculine. Hence a seeming Catch 22 exists. Both the masculine and feminine need a mature opposite to achieve maturation when that mature opposite rarely exists. Why a creatively mature masculine and creative mature feminine rarely exist is a result of the loss of our ability to freely and spontaneously enter creative play.

In Physical Creation we see physical life reaching maturity without the need of anything other than the essential nutrients for its growth. The same is true for the masculine and feminine aspects of being. They too can reach maturity if they are supplied the properly nutrients in sufficient quantity. 

The issue with masculine and feminine as it applies to our creative power and creative ability is that consciousness is what matures. To mature consciousness, it needs to be free to spontaneous play and experience itself in creative play, especially within its own creative imagination. However, most are unaware that consciousness can mature and even less know what it takes for a consciousness to mature. Gaining knowledge and developing the mind do not mature consciousness. In fact, the accumulation of knowledge can block the maturation of consciousness for mind becomes too full to be open to experience. Similarly, thinking based on what it knows can become an addiction to not allow consciousness to feel what it needs to feel.

Mind is only a property and one aspect of consciousness. A mature consciousness is an aware and an awake consciousness but it also is a conscious creator and takes responsibility for what it experiences. It does not seek to make another responsible for what it has responsibility for creating. Think of the development of any life form. When it reaches maturity it is able to function on its own and reproduce its species. For consciousness to mature, it can function on its own, whole and complete unto itself, and can take responsibility for what it experiences to consciously create what it desires on its own.

The answer to the seeming catch 22 and the unavailability of the mature masculine or feminine lies in a dance. It is a dance where the creative masculine and creative feminine alternatively leads and surrenders to the other as needed by a shared creation. When properly done each catalyzes the other to grow, unfold and reach maturity.

The dance of the masculine and feminine is about learning the dance of the masculine thrust and then surrendering to the needs of the feminine to flow with the feminine nurturing energy. It is for the feminine to surrender to nurture the masculines so it can thrust and then lead to nurture the creation created by the masculine thrust. It is for one to learn to surrender to the other internally and externally as required by the creation.

Creation is the result of the masculine. But, a creation cannot manifest and be sustained without the feminine. To create, consciousness must choose to become masculine by stepping into mind and choose to thrust into creation/Creation by pursuing its desire. Yet, no creation can occur unless, in some way, it is nurtured by a feminine presence providing a nurturing creative energy within a safe and secure space. In this regard, to nurture a creation, it is essential for conscious to choose to act as the masculine to create a safe and secure space for the feminine. Then choose to surrender to her needs in a way that safe and secure space is maintained for as long as needed.

But, as stated above, the creative masculine cannot properly thrust to create and/or create a safe and secure space unless it is properly nurtured by the feminine nurturing energy. Similarly, the feminine cannot properly nurture any creation unless she is in a sufficiently safe and secure space that allows her to give as required to the creation, including to nurture the masculine so It can thrust into creation/Creation.

The feminine must initially surrender to the masculine to nurture the masculine thrust only to take the lead to nurture the creation as the creation requires. Then, return to nurture the masculine. The dance is for each to learn to surrender to the lead of the other both internally and externally based on the requirements of the creation and “pull” each other up and into maturity.

This dance is a dance that occurs internally and externally. It occur internally within our being between our own masculine and inner feminine and occurs externally as a dance we each need to do outside of our being with others. We each must begin to see the role of the masculine and feminine and learn how to have our inner masculine aspect of our being create that safe space for our inner feminine aspect to birth and nurture the life that we wish to have and/or experience manifested externally.

We each need to see and learn to intuitively understand how the inner masculine and inner feminine creative powers operate within our own being to create what we desire. Then as we create within, we will bring that creative power outward. More important, conscious creation cannot occur unless the inner feminine is understood and honored in the way she needs to be honored. Society tends to castrate the inner masculine, such that we never learn our individual truth and properly nourish our inner feminine. We cannot get externally what must come from within. Most seek to be nurtured externally when the nurturing must come from within. Unless the inner masculine is strong enough to speak and defend it truth internally against the programming received by the mind, it cannot adequately create the space for the inner feminine such that the necessary inner nurturing occurs.

Our problem is that we each have an inner masculine and an inner feminine that is reflected externally. In this regard, we seen our need existing outside ourselves rather than something found within. We each must learn to effectively do the inner dance and bring our inner masculine and inner feminine to maturity. This inner maturation should occur before we become physically mature. However, because most of us lose our ability to spontaneous and freely creatively play, we lose the ability to effectively move between the inner masculine and inner feminine in the way they need to be nourished. As a result, we end up look externally for what we lack within. But another cannot give what we must give ourselves.

For example, whatever, we seek externally reflects the masculine aspect of our being and in some way represents what mind seeks. Our mind looks for and desires beauty, gentleness, pleasure and the like. Whatever it is that we see externally is what we think we want. It is what we desire that will cause our masculine to be aroused to desire and to thrust out to create a new life. Although it appears we seek nurturing externally which can be interpreted as the feminine because the masculine aspect of our being is aroused to thrust out, what ever we perceive externally to us reflects the lack of our inner masculine aspect of our being.

What we seek externally is some form of nurturing, to one degree or another, from another. That which nurtures, in whatever form it takes, is the feminine. It is the feminine who will create the space to bring forth the life within our being and that our mind desires. Yet, what we seek externally is rarely safe to nourish in the way we need to be nourished. Unless she is in a safe and protected by some masculine presence of the feminine cannot give what we need. If, however, we can learn the masculine and feminine dance within and bring both our inner masculine and inner feminine to maturity, we can, on our own, create the space for ourselves. In knowing how to create the space for ourselves we can create it for another. We can become a rainmaker. However it is much easier to create such a space for another with a perfectly matched masculine and feminine pair. The presence of another is always valuable to address the unexpected.

There are two ways to perceive realty. One is a very masculine and thrusting way characteristic of mind which the preferred way for most and socially encouraged. The other way is a very feminine, nurturing and support characteristic of what is traditionally ascribed to the heart. It is the feminine power that comes from within our own being which gives a true source of happiness and fulfillment for it is what nurtures our being. It is that we truly "feel" and which allows us to manifest what is within our hearts. It is an intuitive ability to know beyond what mind knows and believes and transcends time and space. We develop it by nurturing our inner masculine and learning to speak and live our truth

The feminine aspect is what nurtures and sustains and which is within each of us. Feminine power seems to be more characteristic and inherent to women than men. The reason for this is the way most women can seemingly give and nurture her child even when her mind says she does not want to do so. However, each of us have within our being a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect independent of whether we are male or female. The function and roles of the masculine aspect and feminine aspect are related to the biological functions of the male and female but they are actually independent and separate from our male and females roles society.

It needs to be noted, to choose to surrender to the flow of energy and allow our feelings to lead is still part of the masculine thrust for in its surrender it is still thrusting to create what it desires but it does so in the way the creation requires. If the masculine does not surrender the creation is not nourished or is not properly nourished. In this case the creation will never meet its full potential. When the masculine surrender is does not adequately occur the experience of consciousness is as though the consciousness is unable to create what it desires. In this case someone or something keeps robbing it of it creative power. In reality, consciousness is only robbing itself for it continually interferes with its own creation.

Ultimately the dance requires that the masculine must transforms itself into the feminine. It must learn to relinquish control and surrender and hold the space and provide the nourishment for the feminine aspect of its being, or the energy aspect of one’s being, to manifest the freedom to flow into the form it desires. Similarly, the feminine must transform into the masculine to seek her truth and effectively nurture the inner masculine and what it is creating in line with her truth.

This dance is independent of the sex of the individual. It depends on what aspect of the individuals’s being that needs to be transformed and not whether that masculine aspect is in a male physical body or a female physical body. Yet this dance does not end. It will continue to occur and be required for as long as Creation exists.

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