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Feminine creative power is perceived in a variety of ways. It is seen as becoming aware of the power within oneself to create what lies in one heart. It is seen as what gives a true source of happiness and fulfillment it that we truly "feel" and can manifest what is within our heart. It is seen as what nurtures and sustains. It is perceived by many to be more characteristic and inherent to women than men as a result of the way a woman can give and nurture her child even when her mind says she does not want to do so. In many way we have been conditioned to believe the masculine role is about thrusting and controlling where as the feminine is nurturing, supporting, gentle and life giving.

Feminine creative power is seen as intuitive and the ability to know things unavailable and incomprehensible to mind. Being a power that is nurturing, it is seen as that which can heal the wounds of the past and free one from the burdens of the past. It is seen as what is capable of giving in the way that needs to be given and not what mind thinks about and believes.

Although what is said in these previous two paragraphs is all true to one degree or another, what is said does not adequately and effectively really address the true depth and breadth of the feminine or the feminine creative power. These limited concepts only approximate the truth for they do not address the full depth and breadth of either the masculine or feminine aspects as one moves though the entire creative process. To create what truly lies in our heart, we have to follow through the entire cycle of the creative process. We must follow the process from conception, gestation, birth, life, death, dissolution and reformation into a new creation. Through this entire process both the masculine and feminine will look different and take on different attributes and we must be willing to face them all if we desire satisfaction in life and with in our creative endeavors. We cannot pick and choose what we wish to embrace otherwise we stifle our own creative efforts. Rather we must learn to surrender and flow with the process.

True feminine power is more like Pele - the volcano goddess - and is frightening to most. Most do not become aware of the true feminine power until they become desperate and are willing to face the sacrifice and the chaos that creation entails. True feminine power, destroys and consumes that which needs to be destroyed and consumed that stands in the way of her new creation. Only the feminine will know what needs to be sacrificed in any creative effort for what one desires to create. The reason for this is the feminine will nurture the new creation and knows what is needed. Hence to access true feminine creative power we need to surrender to the creative process. True feminine creative power is available only outside of mind and outside of what one thinks and believes

To surrender to the creative process one needs to be open to what they feel and discern the feelings and sensations that they have. It means going back and addressing the reason why we shut down the free flow of our creative spirit. It means facing the pain of the past that stands in the way what we desire to create. Exactly what we will have to face will be unique to who and what we are, the experiences we have had and what we desire to create. Although our journey will be unique, there are generic ways that are usefully for regaining our ability to feel so that we can access the true feminine power we need.

Feminine power is key to the source of creation. It is key because it is the feminine aspect of the creative process which nourishes any creative endeavor. If the feminine is not free to fulfill its function, we will never be happy or satisfied in what we create. We will always feel "short changed" or less than what is possible.

However, creation cannot occur unless there is an appropriate connection between the masculine and feminine aspects for the energy to flow. It is much like making the proper connection that must be made between the positive and negative poles of a battery before you get the necessary energy flow. We cannot discuss feminine power without understanding the role of it counter part masculine power. In this regard, the feminine cannot fully fulfill its function unless the masculine fulfills its function and vice versa. So there is a dance that needs to be understood and properly engaged if you are going to be successful in creating what we desire.

Although the masculine aspects initiates the creative process, it is the feminine that brings the creation into existence, nurtures it and sustains the creation. Yet, this feminine aspect is poorly understood. Because this feminine aspect is so poorly understood, many, both males and females, feel used, abused, drained, unwanted, unloved, and very unfilled in their creative endeavors whether those creative endeavors are in a personal relationship, with oneís children or within their work environment.

Probably the single greatest factor that has not allowed for a clear understanding of feminine power is our belief in what it means to be male or female. The feminine aspects and role in the creation process has been confused by our ideas of what it means to be male or female and he pain and suffering of both males and females.

It needs to be realized feminine creative power, as masculine creative power, are about creating. They are not about what a male thinks they need to be for a female and be relative to other males, nor what a female thinks they need to be for a male and be relative to other females. Both the male and female have biological functions to create an offspring that relate to the masculine and feminine roles in the creation process. However, what we think about being male or female is more related to our social conditioning that the functions of the masculine and feminine in the creation process.

Each of us have within our being a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect independent of whether we are male or female. The function and roles of the masculine aspect and feminine aspect are actually independent and separate from our male and females roles in biology and/or society. There is an alignment that occurs in the creation of a biological offspring but we will find the male role and female role can be completely reversed when we create a energetic offspring with another individual.

What many think of the feminine, especially in contrast to the masculine, we think of softness and gentleness. We think of love support and the nurturing qualities the feminine provides. When we think of the feminine, it is not uncommon to think of a mother breast feeding her child or a child who is hurt in some way needed to be held by mommy as they cry. Whether we realize it or not, we each seek such a "warm, fuzzy nurturing space" to be held and to be allowed to process our pain. When children being to grow up and can longer be held by mommy some initially use cuddly animals or blankets. As we grow older in life we seek people, jobs, organizations, whatever, that can hold us and nurture us not realizing we become trapped.

In this regard, many seek a spouse not to create with that spouse but to be held and nurtured by them because they do not feel it is safe to go into the world by themselves. Or, they simply donít want to go into the world by themselves whether it is safe or not. That is, they feel lonely.

Yet, it is the feminine which heals and nurtures. We each need to learn to access that feminine power within to nurture and heal our wounds. We will always need another in some way for Creation is not done alone but with another. However we cannot get from another what we ourselves cannot give ourselves. There is an inner feminine and outer feminine. We cannot get externally from any feminine presence what must be given to us from our inner feminine. Similarly, there are things externally that cannot be giving to us from our internal feminine.

Although the inner is reflected in the outer, the experience of Creation is such that there are things that can only be obtained and accomplished internally and there are things that only can be obtained and established externally. Nevertheless, there are inner conditions which must be properly established to obtain any particular external experience and there are things that must be done externally to obtain any particular internal experience. If the internal conditions are not established we cannot have the desired external experience. Similarly, if the external conditions are not established, we cannot create the desired internal condition.

On this point, relative to an inner satisfaction which never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world, is how we attach ourselves to what we experience. We must attach ourselves to our desires in order to binds our creative life energy create any particular experience of Creation. However, we must be able to let go and be totally free to flow through and savor the experience we have much like the wind - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing.

The key is to learn to dance between the masculine and feminine aspects of our being and realize that it is the feminine aspect which nurtures and sustains the creation. The masculine holds focus and creates the safe and secure space for the feminine to nurture her creation. But it is the feminine which nurtures and sustains the creation. If she is not properly protected, the creation will be thwarted in some way. This is true for creation which occurs at any level of our being or of Creation. There is a feminine presence equal to the masculine and if the masculine and feminine are not properly balanced the creation will be thwarted.

On this point of the feminine nurturing and sustaining a creation and need for a balanced dance between the masculine and feminine, the dance is not equal. That is, the feminine always gives more to any creative endeavor than the masculine. The feminine must be willing to give of herself much that a female must give of herself to grow the fetus in her womb to create life. This cycle of conception, fetal growth, birthing, and nurturing the creation until it can stand on it own two feet is true for any creation. It is the feminine which gives of herself through most of this process and this is true for every level of being.

Feminine creative power is not what most of us think it is. Most have confused what it means to be female with the feminine. The female is about birthing and nurturing children. The female is considered physically weaker than the male and in many ways must depend on the male for her survival in raising her children. Some even think the female cannot be whole or complete without having a male. There are of course, many additional social stereotypes that goes with what it means to be male and female.

The feminine creative power is about birthing and nurturing creation/Creation at each and every level of its being. It is not weak but extremely powerful to the point that it does and will frighten the masculine. Most of us will back away from true feminine creative power and what it can do. It is like Pele, the Volcano Goddess of the Polynesians. When she becomes active and gets moving, all you can do is stand out of the way or you will be consumed by her energy and power. In this regard, she is like Kali, the Hindu four armed black goddess of generation and destruction who bring death. But it is she who is the giver if life and resurrects life out of that death.

The masculine may cause life/creation to happen for a seed must be inserted into a fertile space. However it is the feminine which nurtures and gives life and brings forth life from the unseen  depths. The feminine is what creates the fertile space for creation to be conceived, birthed, grow and unfold. The feminine at each and every level of being can, and will, call out of the masculine at each and every level of being things the masculine does not know resides within itself.

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