The feminine sacrifice in the creative process


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The creative process of creation can be seen as a dance between energy and consciousness, a dance between mind and heart or a dance between the masculine and feminine. The creative process can also be seen as a cause effect relationship where the creation which is manifested is the result of some cause.

Within the creative process, the role of consciousness is to be the cause. This role of being the cause is reflected in the masculine thrust and in mind choosing to act based on how mind has focused itself through what it thinks and believes. Similarly, the role of energy is to flow in response to how consciousness focuses its attention and awareness to create an experience of that on which consciousness focused. Consciousness focuses its awareness as a result of what mind thinks and believes as a result of the experiences it has had. As such, energy flows to create an experience of that focus in the environment in which consciousness has awakened. This flow of energy is what sustains our being which we experience as feelings arising from what is symbolized in the heart. It is this flow of energy which is the feminine aspect of creation nourishing and sustaining the creation. Within the creative process, the feminine fulfills the role of energy flowing to manifest the effect of the cause.

Feminine creative power is about understanding the role of the masculine and feminine and learning to dance in favor of the feminine to become what is needed to nurture the desired Creation.

What needs to be understood is that energy, reflective of the feminine aspect of Creation, can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed. Give the equivalency of energy and consciousness, consciousness too can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. For any new creation to occur some of the existing energy and consciousness must be destroyed, dissolved or transformed to manifest the new creation. When consciousness is unaware and/or not awake, the flow of energy continues to flow in an uninterrupted pattern. When consciousness becomes aware and/or awake, it can change the flow of energy creating a new flow and a new creation. Given the sleep wake cycle of consciousness, some aspect of consciousness is always going to sleep and some aspect is always awakening ensuring a continually changing Creation in some way. How any aspect of consciousness experiences Creation or any aspect of Creation depends if the consciousness is free or attached and choosing to awaken or to go to sleep.

Although our mind and our consciousness must also transform in some way, within Physical Creation because it is a shared reality and we have given away control of part of our energy,  we are acutely aware of the world we experience as energy. That is, we are more acutely aware of the external changes in the world rather than the changes within ourselves and our within our mind and our consciousness. We see the external world routinely change but rarely see and experience the accompanying inner changes that accompany the external changes. Rather, we see the external world of energy change and then response willing with the necessary internal changes. Or, we become stubborn and refuse to change creating pain and anguish that could otherwise be avoided. We often look to control the external world and keep it the same rather than learning to flow with the world.

What needs to be understood is the existing form we experience as energy whether as the external world, our body or the energy within our being is the feminine aspect of Creation nurturing the desired creation in response to the masculine thrust of the creator/Creator. To create the energy for the new creation the existing form must be dissolved, destroyed or transformed. This means it is the feminine aspect which must be dissolved, destroyed or transformed. This means it is the feminine aspect which need to be sacrificed and it is the feminine which must give herself to nourish the new creation.

The feminine will always give more in any creative endeavor than the masculine for the feminine is the experience of creation/Creation. The feminine is the creation/Creation unfolding. The role of the masculine is the role of consciousness and role of mind to be the cause, to become the creator/Creator. The role of the feminine is the creator/Creator becoming the creation/Creator an is can be seen as the creator/Creator becoming the experience of its creation/Creator.

The masculine is seen as choosing and having its needs and desires fulfilled in its choice. However, the feminine experience the effect of the masculine and is seen a having to be sacrificed to meet the needs and desires of the masculine. Although this sacrifice of the feminine is an inherent part of the creative process, if masculine is unaware of its need to transform to create the space for the new creation to be protected and unfold, the feminine as a minimum will feel unappreciated. But, more often than not, she will feel used and abused. Additionally if the masculine does not surrender and transform to meet the needs of the new creation the feminine will become vulnerable to having its energy diverted such that the new creation will be undernourished if not destroyed.

What is poorly understood is that feminine aspect will always be seen as giving and sacrificing much, much more in a creative endeavor than the masculine. Nature, itself, has even found ways to deal with this fact. Additionally, she will give of herself to the creation much the way a mother and the fetus are one till that child is born. Then, after it is born, she may still be focused on that child nourishing the child with her milk and her attention till it can stand on its own two feet and enter the world. If she, in any way, withdraws her support too early, the creation is aborted and/or severely thwarted in its development and ultimate growth. But this process is true for any creation including within our own being reflected in our inner masculine and inner feminine. We just do always see the manifestation of our creations internally and externally in the same analogous way.

Often we donít see the creative process for what it is because we do not realize the feminine aspect is in both males and females and there is a part of ourselves that must be giving to any creative endeavor we undertake. There is a sacrifice we must make for anything we desire to create. There is a sacrifice of both our internal world and our external world and it is the feminine aspect of our being that needs to make the initial sacrifice.

Because our mind becomes reluctant to change what it thinks and believes, it becomes attached to the existing form of the world and/or has preferences and judgment about what is occurring. In mind becoming attached, it is the feminine aspect of our being and the feminine aspect of the creative process that suffers. When mind is attached, the feminine is continually being stretched between the existing from and the new form much like the row boat in the discussion on the ultimate root of pain. The feminine aspect internally and externally suffers and continues to suffers the most pain and damage and has been misused, if not abused by the our mind.

What is interesting is one of the most often asked questions we have is why we are unable to create what we desire. The answer is quite simple. We have not understood and properly used and protect the feminine aspect of our being for it is the feminine which brings a creation into manifestations. It is the feminine aspect that will need to nurture our desired creation. If she is not protect and cared for in the way in which she needs to be cared, she will be unable to nurture the desired creation. Yet, rather than mind surrendering and protecting the feminine, it keeps inserting itself and its desires causing us to thwart our own creativity and rob ourselves of our creative power.

If we wish to create our creation in the fastest, easiest and gentlest way, our mind will need to learn to surrender and transform itself to create a safe and secure space to protect the feminine and give to the creation in the way it needs, not the way our mind wants to give. Otherwise the feminine within our being will feel unappreciated if not used and abused. Using and abusing the feminine aspect of our being is reflected both in thwarting our own creative endeavors and in our inability to find an inner satisfaction in, and with, our life and what we create. Rather, we will experience an internal discomfort and/or pain that cannot seem to go away no matter what we do.

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