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All creative activities arise from a feeling. How we characterize that feeling is another question. But the essence of that feeling is such that it causes us to desires something other than what is. As humans, we translate that feeling into a thought, in particular, a desire. Often the thought or desire seems to arise from a nothingness  . But in reality it arises from the unseen  energy we sense and is characterized by our mind based on our past experiences into a thought.

Once we capture that thought, we have a choice. The choice is to act or not act to manifest that though as an experience. If we chose to manifest that thought when then have the choice as to how we will do so. We can choose to manifest it in a  masculine way or a feminine way.

The feminine way to create

The feminine way to create is not about thrusting and actively making something happen as done in the masculine way. Rather, it is about surrendering to a process and allowing it to happen. The feminine way to create is to rely on feelings. It is not doing what we think needs to be done. It is to rely on our intuitive guidance and to look to see if what we do feels correct based on alignment of our feelings with the original feeling we had.

To use the feminine way to create requires us to return to the original feeling we felt and hold onto that feeling. In this case we holds a clear intention for what we wish to manifest with unwavering faith and to hold the feeling it causes to arise within us. We then hold that feeling and allow that feeling to pull from the unseen  world what it needs to manifest our intention or to direct us how to act. We may translate what we feel into a thought but we must remain focused on the feeling and not what we think the thought means. Nor should we try and act to create based on the thought. Although we will need to act on the thought, we must remain focused on the feeling to guide us.

It needs to be remembered, all experiences arises out of a flow of energy. If we stay focused on the feeling of the flow we will not become distracted by mind attempting to recreate the past and what it knows and has experienced. We will still be required to act but we will not choose to act but rather we will be lead by our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. The feminine way to create requires surrendering to what we feel but also to remained locked on to the feeling we desire to create.

The feminine way to create is much like walking across a stream of water on stepping stones in a fog. We can only see directly in front of ourselves to see the next step. We must fully trust the stepping stone after the one we see will appear out of the fog after we step onto the stone that we see. In this regard, the manifestation of our thought grows out of the unseen  world much the away a seed pull the nutrients from the soil unseen below ground to manifest a tree above ground.

Exactly how our intention manifests and what exactly it looks like when it does is decided by the universe. However, the manifestation of our thought does not have to proceed step by logical step.
Our intention could thrust fully made into our world or take years. It all depends on the nature of the environment in which we find ourselves and what is the easiest way, or rather the path of least resistance the universe can use to manifest what we desire.

For many the feminine way to create can be frightening if not terrifying. It requires one to be in the unknown and does not allow mind to be in control. Rather it requires one to be “out of mind.” It also requires one to face the past and not think the future is more of the same. It is here the internal compass is most useful in our creative endeavors.

The feminine way to create is actually rather difficult for one is continually being distracted by the mind. Mind continually interjects its judgment and what it thinks should be done. The key is to remain focused on the feeling and to create the unfoldment of that feeling. This method of creating allows for the “quantum” leaps for it keeps us in the unknown as much as possible without the imposition of the past.

The imposition of the past is unavoidable. It is not something we are going to escape. Mind will always interject itself and attempt to pull us out of the unknown. It may be simply for mind to tell us to go get something to eat because we are hungry. But once mind gets us to act based on what it wants, the greater the possibility for it to continually cause us to lose focus on the feelings. Hence we will need a strong personal disciple or the coaching of another such as a rainmaker who holds our creativity sacred to remind us to continually pulls ourselves back to the feeling we desire to create.

An important note needs to be made here. There is a significant different to act on a thought as opposed to acting on a feeling. All our experiences arise from a flow of energy. Any feeling we have that is characterized by mind as a thought is significantly influenced by the past. That is, mind only knows the past and will characterized whatever it experiences based on that past. In essence, by definition to have a thought is to recreate the past. To have the awareness of a thought is to have the past imposed on what we experience and leads to recreating the past.

To act on a feeling is to not impose the past. To act on a feeling without a particular thought about the feeling as to what we are perceiving or a thought as to what that feeling represents is to remain in the unknown. Such an action leads to manifesting a creative endeavor and is much more challenging for mind to embrace. Acting on a feeling opens the door to many more possibilities than acting on the thought we have about the feeling we have.

If one observes a human life lived “out of mind” to become the vehicle for the creation that lies within our being that life actually become much like the bee that makes honey. The bee knows intuitively, or instinctively if you prefer, what to do without question and/or judgment. If you were to ask a bee what it does, it would probably say, “To make honey.” However it has a great role in pollinating flowers of which the bee is unaware. If we told the bee its job was to pollinate the flowers, its mind would most probably begin to get involve and actually interfere with the pollinating process because it thinks it knows better, it becomes afraid in some way with this responsibility, or it entertains some other idea of mind that distracts the bee from what it needs to be doing.

So too with our actions that originate from surrendering to the flow of energy that we have created within as opposed to what mind intends with our actions. There are things we are lead to do by feel and things we think we should do and each comes from a different place of origin within our being. The problem of mind is that it interjects what it thinks and believes rather than being a tool for the external unfoldment of the creation that lies within. It wants to control the process rather than surrendering to the process and ensuring its safe unfoldment.

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