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All creative activities arise from a feeling. How we characterize that feeling is another question. But the essence of that feeling is such that it causes us to desires something other than what is. As humans, we translate that feeling into a thought, in particular, a desire. Often the thought or desire seems to arise from a nothingness  . But in reality it arises from the unseen energy we sense and is characterized by our mind based on our past experiences into a thought.

Once we capture that thought, we have a choice. The choice is to act or not act to manifest that though as an experience. If we chose to manifest that thought when then have the choice as to how we will do so. We can choose to manifest it in a masculine way or a feminine way.

The masculine way to create

The masculine way to create is to rely on mind. The masculine way is the most common way to create something and it is the way that is taught to most of us. It is to choose what we desire and to set and hold a clear intention. Then act on what our mind thinks and believes it needs to do to get and manifest what it desires. It is to thrust our desires into manifesting. However, because it is a thrusting, it is the potentially the damaging and destructive way to create. It is much like a two edge sword and can cut both ways. Unless one understands the ego and learns how to temper the ego, one may get what they want but the collateral damage to one’s environment and the individuals in that environment will be devastating.

The masculine way to create is to direct our brain to send a signal to our body to move in the direction to manifesting that thought. It is to act based on how our mind thinks we need to act. It is to literally act on that thought and make it happen. Acting on thoughts is a very mental activity. We literally look at the thought, see all the pieces that we think need to come together to manifest that thought and then go out into the external world getting each and every piece that we think we need..

Although the thought may be creative in that it is original and something not previously experiences or significantly different from the past, using the mind will over lay and recreate the past more than what is offered by the creative thought. This method of creation is based on what we or others know and have previously experienced. Since mind only knows the past and we rely on mind, we risk creating the past in a new way rather than being truly creative.

In essence, the masculine way to create is simply to rearrange existing materials in the way we think they need to be arranged to manifest the creative thought. Often this is all that is necessary for our thoughts never really stretch our mind as to what is possible. Most do not move past the limits and barriers imposed by mind so that we never take those “quantum” leaps that are truly transform for us or our world.

The masculine way of creation tend to be characterized by trial and error. Because this approach is based on what we or others have experienced, it tends to be accompanied by "making mistakes" and/or "getting it wrong" for there is the comparison to what was done in the past. When this approach is taken, there is a right way and a wrong way to do what we desire. Because the masculine way to create is characterized by acting on what mind thinks needs to be done, we seen ourselves creating mistakes. Rather than understanding the creative process for what it really is, we see our efforts mistake ridden for not meeting the expectations of our mind.

We need to realize there are no mistakes in any true creative endeavor. Mistakes are made only in comparison to something known or some standard. Since, by definition, a creation is not something preciously experienced or significantly different from the past, we don’t really know how to precede based on what our mind knows. We will have to choose to try things and see if they work. Hence our effort will be characterized by trial end error, but we cannot make mistakes but only have learning experiences as to what does and doesn’t work.

It also needs to be understood, that when this approach is viewed from a creativity perspective, the initial perception about this method is that we are creating based on what mind thinks and believes about reality. However, this approach is not based so much on what one thinks and believes but rather it is based on what one has experienced, whether or not one believes and/or understands what they have experienced, and/or remembers what they experience. As one can come to see, mind exists because of what we have experienced and it is our experiences that has created our mind as we currently know it. Relaying on mind to create more often than not keeps us bound in the past.

If one understands the creative/creation process and the limitations of mind  in a creative endeavor, the masculine way can be an very effective way to explore the unknown. In fact, the power of the masculine way to create is demonstrated by many of the scientific advances made over the past two hundred years.

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