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 Strength of will and focus 


Turning concepts into perceptions

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In developing a single point focus and the strength of will with an unwavering faith to never lose focus we can create whatever we desire. In this regard we can create a clear intention and choose to become the phoenix and we can readily resurrect ourselves out of he ashes to become whatever we need to become for that new creation. In doing so we will find we will find we have all the strength of will and ability to focus to turn our concepts into perception that we need to create whatever we chose and then, in turn, focus to recreate our external world.

The essence of creation is how mind can hold focus on anything that it chooses and how mindís ability to hold focus can turn any concept into an actual perception. The key to creating the reality of our choice is our strength of will to focus and hold that focus no matter what happens to us and no matter how long that it takes. Our ability to develop as strength of will, our ability to focus our attention and awareness and our ability to choose where we place our focus is our choice. We have a free will and are free to choose what we wish to choose with no repercussion of how we choose. We only have to be willing to life with the consequences of our choice.

The easiest way to develop a sufficient strength of will that will allow us to create the reality of our choice is to develop the understandings as what give our passion for life and for living. When we discover that passion, then hold that passion with all our will and determination, and follow our internal guidance and remain focused on it never letting go, no matter what the external world tells us and how it responses to our choices and actions, we will get what we desire. It just may take longer than our mind expects. Such a passion is already programmed within our being and it is in full alignment with the intention for our current incarnation. In fact, what we will find, is that finding and holding to our passion is the simplest and gentlest way to come to the realization of exactly who and what we think we are. Our passion will allow us to both burn off our enculturated ego and see how we have always been free to create the reality of our choice. Our passion will turn us into the phoenix and be the source of energy that ignites our nest into the funeral fire that consumes our current being so that we can be reborn into a new creation.

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