Transforming the heart of the organization 


Transforming the Heart of the Organization is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create


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What is it?

Transforming the Heart of the Organization is one of two applications and approaches to organizational design, organizational dynamics and organizational transformation based on the applications of concepts, principles, understanding and lessons learned resulting from an exploration of creativity in the workplace and a subsequent exploration of our inherent creativity captured in the topic "Organizational Creativity." Transforming the Heart of the Organization addresses what needs to be done for the heart of the individual and the heart of the organization to address organizational performance and transformation.

Transforming the Heart of the Organization is a complement to any existing organizational approach. Its focus is to provide programs and services to the organization: (1) to help understanding the nature and needs of the creative spirit found within each individual; (2) how the creative spirit impacts organizational and workplace performance; (3) how to transform oneself and subsequently the organization to live true to one’s heart, and (3) identifying what type and kind of changes the organization may wish to make.

As requested, assistance can be provided to help implement the changes. However, the Transforming the Heart of the Organization approach is to align with the old proverb, "Give an individual a fish they eat for a day, teach them how to fish, they eat for a lifetime. The approach is to train the trainer such that the organization becomes creatively empowered and self sufficient in its creative needs.

Two underlying essential issue in organizational transformation to address

Any organizational transformation faces to essential issues. One is the ability of the organization to creatively respond to the situation which presents itself. The second issue is how that ability to respond arises from the "health" of the creative spirit found within each individual.

As discussed in the topic, "The issue of an organization being able to creatively respond," the issue in organizational change and the deeper organizational transformation relative to the ability to creatively response is a dance between mind and what we think and what is symbolized in the heart and what we feel. However most organizations are unaware of this dance and the need for it to occur.

The two web sites, "Transforming the Organization" and "Transforming the Heart of the Organization" reflect the two aspects of this dance between the mind and the heart. The salient differences in these two approaches are discussed in the topic, "The spectrum in organizational thinking."

The second issue in an organizational transformation is how the ability to respond to life and changes in life arises from the "health" of the existence of what is best described as our creative spirit . It is often unrecognized nor understood. When this creative spirit is nourished and it is free to unfold true to itself there is a tremendous enthusiasm and passion for life and for living that carries over in everything we do. There is a tremendous energy to "make things happen." When this creative spirit is not nourished there is little motivation and desire to other than what is necessary to survive and there is often discomfort if not outright pain.

Transforming the Organization is about being aware of the impact of the creative spirit on the workplace but doing what mind wants to do or thinks needs to be done rather than creating a way of doing business where the creative sprit is nurtured by the workplace. Transforming the Heart of the Organization is about creating a organization where both the needs of the workplace are met and the creative spirit is nurtured in, or through, the work preformed.

What is provided

What is provided depends on the needs of the organization and what it desires to create. As such, any services provided starts with some type and kind of discussion and subsequent assessment as to what the organization needs relative to what the organization creatively faces.

In ways appropriate to the needs of the organization, the following are typical services:

Information and awareness training: Information and awareness training is about seminars, workshops and other programs which provided information about the creative spirit and how it impacts individual and organization performance, how to recreate one’s life to live more in alignment with the creative spirit, and how to transform the organization to create a way of doing business which nurtures both the creative spirit within the individual and yet meet organizational goals and objectives.

Organizational review: Organizational reviews are performed to understand what the organization does and how it is does what it does. Identification is then made as to how and where the creative spirit may be having, or can have, it greatest impact on organizational performance and where the creative spirit is or is not currently being nourished. No recommendation is made as to how the organization may want to change or adapt to the information provided.

Organizational "upgrades": Organization upgrades are about using the results of the organizational review to recommend and, as requested, help implement organizational change to incorporate the available lessons learned about the creative spirit to improve organizational performance.

Individual consultations: Many individual within any organization have never thought about, let alone structure their lives to, nourish their creative spirit. Accompanying any attempt to transform the heart of the organization it is usually appropriate and necessary to work individually with individuals within the organization to help restructure and refocus their lives to live more in alignment with their heart. As requested, such services can be provided.


Contact for obtaining Transforming the Heart of the Organization programs and services can be made through the following email address: 

Additional information of Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity related programs and services can be obtained at Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Programs and Gentle Phoenix Services.

Additional information on related programs and services addressing the education of, or on, the heart can be obtained at the Foundation for the Education of the Heart

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