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The Wellness Addict (thewellnessaddict.com) Ideas For Success, Happiness And Personal Transformation. "The Wellness Addict - A regular injection of things to make you feel good, with a focus on creativity, happiness, motivation, personal development, success, self-discovery, self-esteem, and self-help.

Addressing the unfinished business of life (businessoflife.info ) This application considers at acting on the following premise: If medical intuitives are correct, and cancer is a result of the unfinished business of life that eats away at us and most illnesses and diseases are ultimately caused by anger and the like, then it makes sense to address the unfinished business of life to create a better life before we get sick.

An Alternative View (analternativeview.info): Doorway to an alternative way to view Creation and what it means to be a human being

An Alternative Way (analternativeway.info): Doorway to an alternative way to live life and finding greater satisfaction and internal happiness in life

Calling back our creative power (ourcreativepower.info) This application is about understanding how we fragment, shatter and/or scatter our creative power as a result of the experiences of life and how we may go about calling back and consolidating that power to create what we desire.

Creating Inner Satisfaction (innersatisfaction.info): Discuses as to why inner satisfaction can be sol elusive to many and what to do about it.

Creating the Ultimate Mystical Experience (ultimatemysticalexperience.info) Creating the ultimate mystical experience is about using the lessons learned in the exploration of our inherent creativity and the lessons learned of others to increase the probably that we can have a conscious experience of the Source of Creation, the infinity of our being, or experiencing the Creator face to face.

Creative Spirituality (creativespirituality.info): Creativity spirituality - understanding the relationship between the creative imagination, spirituality and the physical. Building a bridge into the unseen world.

Feminine Creative Power (femininecreativepower.info): Bridging the seen and unseen worlds to birth the nurturing feminine creative energy at each and every level of our being.

Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines (fifteencreativeguidelines.info): Stand alone guidelines based on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and understanding found within the traditional twelve step approach 

Finding Heaven (findingheaven.info) This application addresses the fact that many dream of an "ever after" that is always happy. Yet the concept of heaven and what we think it is, is a creation of our mind and what we think and believe. However, it has been observed in the exploration of our inherent creativity that if we access the infinity of our being we can find that desired heaven here and now.

Finding Nirvana (findingnirvana.info) Nirvana is a Sanskrit word which means "to cease blowing." It is traditionally used to referred to a state of being where "our mind ceases to blow" and ceases to interject itself into all that we do. In the exploration of our inherent creativity, it has been observed that there is a faster, easier and even gentler more fun way for mind to cease blowing. Finding Nirvana is about learning to use our inherent creativity in a way few have done as way to access both the infinity of our being and this state of nirvana in a faster, easier and more fun and playful way than has been available in the past.

Foundation for the Education of the Heart (drmokhtari.com or educationoftheheart.com)  Foundation for the Education of the Heart offers programs and seminars for the development of the heart. "The Heart" refers to the natural fountain of life energy that sustains our being and has essentially been ignored in our education and enculturization process. 

Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines (gentelphoenix.info): Concepts, thoughts and an approach as to how to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor

Medical Assistant Jobs (bestmedicalassistantjobs.com): Medical Assistant Jobs offers complete information on Medical Assistant jobs, duties, Careers, Education, Training, Salaries, Schools, Job Openings to the entire web.

Ohlers, Hans Henrik (www.ohlers.com) Self-taught artist, sculptor, designer, inventor, carpenter, sound-designer, musician, puppeteer. Builds unique pieces of custom designed furniture and sculpture, at reasonable prices, arising from working with the organic form in a sculptural sense, inspired by nature and the flow of life.

Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity (ryuc.info) [releasing-your-unlimited-creativity.info]: Introduction to a powerful interdisciplinary technology of creativity to create health, inner satisfaction or whatever you desire to experience.

Soul of Education (soulofeducation.info) Discussion as to what lies with each of us that allows us to comprehend and understand our world and about nurturing the growth and unfoldment of this creative spirit. It is about the space that is created that allows this creative spirit to discover itself and explore its world.

Transforming the Heart of the Organization (heartoftheorganization.com) Application of lessons learned in Organizational Creativity addressing what needs to be done for the heart of the individual and the organization to address organizational performance and transformation. Description of programs and services available from the Foundation for the Education of the Heart and/or Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity to transform the heart of an organization.

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