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A living meditation is about making our life and each moment in our life a meditation.

Meditation is the conscious focusing and direction of one’s mental attention and awareness in a particular way to achieve a particular end. To become a conscious creator, we need to make our life a living meditation. Our life should have a single point focus. That is, to hold with clear intention what you do wish to be, or to become, and/or what you wish to create, and then make every decision in your life towards that endpoint.

In seeking to make our life a living meditation what we will find is that all our actions lead one of three ways. There are actions that take us toward our focus or rather keeping us in our focus. There are actions that take us away from our focus or keeping us out of focus. Then there are actions that are essentially neutral. Neutral actions neither take us away or move us towards your focus. However, neutral actions to consume and utilize our time and our creative life energy and that energy and time is then not available to what we desire to create.

When we makes our life a single point focus, we begin to consciously make as many choices and decisions as possible towards the object of our single point focus and as few as possible away from that focus. Similarly we needs to shift as many of the neutral decisions into decisions that help to achieve or maintain our focus. We need to shift as many of the actions that take you away from our focus to at least neutral decisions.

The recommendation made here is to seek to make the focus of our attention and awareness for the life that we create come from what is symbolized in the heart and your creative passion. In this way our source of our focus will always be internal to us and we can never lost sight of it. We will always know where we are heading and why.

If we can make our life a single point living meditation, we will come to understand there is nothing we cannot create. The only question is, “How long does it take to make the impossible a certainty give the environment and starting conditions in which we find ourselves?”

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