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There is a profound “spin off” on the understanding that we are part of deeper undercurrents that is seldom recognized but has great impact on our life. It is especially when it comes to working with others and in an organization or a group. It is that success in life is not always our success. That is, what we think we are responsible for accomplishing in our life may not be as much our accomplishment as much as it is the unfolding of a flow of energy into which we accessed. This is not do downplay what an individual or a group of individuals may need to do to capitalize on the energy that is accessed. Rather it is more about understanding success is not so much in what we do and the result of what we do but where the unfolding deeper undercurrent carries us.

What needs to be understood, there are things we do in life that we think we are doing them when in reality the currents which give rise to our life and/or the experiences we have are causing them to happen. A simply example is a farmer. A farmer can plant his seeds exactly the same way year to year but get vastly different yields depending on the weather for the particular growing season. If we look only at the good year, we may say the farmer is an excellent farmer. If we look at the bad year, we may say the framer is a poor farmer. Yet the yields have little to do with what the farmer did. The yield is dependent on the weather not what the farmer does.

This is one tremendous problem in looking to the success of another for any endeavor. When we see successful individuals, many think the individuals created the success by what the individual does. We never look at the circumstances around the individual to see if it was no so much as to what the particular individual did as much as it the circumstances of which the individual was a part. When the currents of Creation are causing something to happen what the individual does becomes much less important than the currents. When the individual causes something to happen, what the individual does becomes very important. It is analogous to the same way a sailor learns to harness the wind the wind. When there is no wind, there is nothing the sailor can do. When there is a great wind, what the sailor does becomes less important. When there is a gentle wind, then the expertise of the sail become very important.

The same is true in managing the events in our creative life. Often circumstances are playing a greater role than what we do. Nevertheless, this does not negate the need for us to respond appropriately for the situation at hand. Whether or not we can respond appropriate depends upon how awake and aware we are of what is occurring and how well we prepare ourselves, or have prepared ourselves, for what we need to do.

This understanding is rather clear when we talk about events like the weather and events which we need the weather to assist us in our efforts. But it is not as clear when we get into things like managing organizations and/or doing tasks that seem to rely only on our efforts such a playing a musical instrument, throwing a ball and the like or relying on the effort of others as in a game.

Many artist, writers and composers create wonderful works that never find success in their lifetime. Yet, other find tremendous success much like a shooting star only to find the success evaporates never to be seen again. Similarly many managers of organizations perform well when they have a trained staff and structured organization in a steady state operation. However, as soon as there is a perturbation in the operation or some type and kind of unexpected change, their management ability seems to be lost.

The problem we face is that we make assumptions about where the success lies and never look at the assumptions we make. We assume the individual is responsible for the success or a particular way of doing something is bringing the success. Often this is true but, at other times, it is the energy of the situation that is unfold that brings the success. We talk about luck, good fortune, synchronicity and the like when often it is only the energy of the situation unfolding.

Where this phenomenon that success is not always our success seemed has been observed to be routinely found in two areas. One is in organizations and the other is in personal success. Individuals routinely look to see why one organization is more successful than another or why one individual can achieve something much better than another. Now there are principles that can be learned in the performance of any task which can make the task be performed in a faster, easier, more efficient and more productive way. However, even when one does all the thing that should have resulted in better performance, the performance is not always there.

What we fail to realize is that the conditions we face do not always allow for the success we desire. This does not negated what we need to do to create success. It just means the exceptional performance we desire may not be in the energy of the situation.

Humans tend to continually look to see what will allow them to be more effective in their life to create what they desire. We create pseudo sciences like astrology and sciences like astronomy and try and compare the two. Yet we forget each was created for much different purposes. They may have grow out of the same roots such that we need to observe the heavens and the stars to know when we need to plant the corn, but they each ultimately have a much different purpose although their endpoint seems to be the same - to control the outcome we desire.

Success, however you look at it, is about gaining control to get what we desire. However, often success is more about surrendering to the flow as it exist and allow it to carry us to what we desire. As we become aware of the deeper undercurrents in both our individual lives and in the world we experience, we will being to look at success much differently.

The recommendation made here, in whatever we do in life, is to look to see what ultimately allows us to feel an expansion within our own being. That is, an expansion into the infinity of our own being. The markers for such a feeling have been “to be in the flow,” a fullness of being, an inner satisfaction, wonderment and “ah,” a passion for life, a passion for living and a variety of others. Whatever we feel, look to live a life that allows us to do those things that allow us to be those feeling. In time we will learn where mind is seeking to control our life and we will see mind cannot, and will not, provide the satisfaction we seek. As we “burn off” the conditioning of mind, we will know what gives us success in life that creates a life worth living.

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