An approach to freeing the energy necessary for a creation and a creative pathway


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An approach to freeing the energy necessary for a creation and a creative pathway
Creating the conditions of freedom
Clarity of intent
Explore what we believe
Creatively play

Following our intuitive guidance

Based on the understanding that we, in one way or another, are the creators of the experiences we have and the reality we experience, the following is an approach that can be used to free the energy for anything we desire to create. It is to create a conditions of freedom and then allow the intention we hold to direct the energy released in the freedom to move us toward the experience we desire to have. The basis of how and why this works is found in, and the essence of, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material.

Creating the conditions of freedom (Top)

As discussed in the topic ďcreative ability and creative powerĒ and briefly summarized here, our creativity is composed of two parts. They are our creative ability and creative power. Creative ability is different than creative power. The two are integrally linked and often seem inseparable but they are different. Creative power is about using the energy aspect of energy consciousness. Creative ability is about using the consciousness aspect of energy consciousness

Energy is the ability to makes something happen or to cause an effect. Creative energy, or energy directed into a creative endeavor, is about causing something new, previously unseen or significantly different from the past to come into existence. Power is energy expended over time. Without a flow of energy, there is nothing to cause the movement to animate a creation. Without a flow of energy there is no creation/Creation.

Our creative power lies in feelings. Creative power is about how and what we feel and why we feel, and donít feel, what we do. It lies in what we feel and allow ourselves to feel and what we give permission to ourselves to feel. Without some feeling, nothing happens. We need to have some feeling for what we do. Otherwise we will not act. What we feel does not just happen. Feelings arise from sensing a flow of energy. When we feel we are sensing a flow of energy. In learning to discern what we feel, we can access the flow of energy and direct it into our creative needs.

Creative ability includes many seemingly different things. Primarily creative ability is about our perspective. It is about our belief structure and how and what we think and believe. In particular, it is about how and what we think and believe allows us to understand our feelings, discern the different feelings we have, and how to direct what we feeling based on our understanding. Our creative ability centers on our mind and how effectively we are able to consciously and nonconsciously focus our awareness and attention to create what we desire. Mind is what allows us to become the cause in the creative process to be a conscious creator.

Freeing the energy necessary for a creation and a creative pathway is about exploring our beliefs structure to: (1) change the focus of our attention and awareness to free and/or redirect our creative life energy into our desires creation and (2) provide us with the feel of the flow of energy that can be used as the pathway which will manifest our desires creation.

Clarity of intent
(Top): The first and most important step is to establish clarity of intent - what do we desire to experience in and with our life?

pull the string on why do we desire to experience what we do to as deep as possible. Look to see if what we desire is what we truly desire that arises from the truth of our being and the intention for our life or does it arise based on the programming we have been given in life. Look to see if we are attempting to create a life worth living. A life worth living allows us to move through life in a freedom that is unavailable if we are creating a life trying to escape from something or someone or looking to find something or someone whether it be Heaven, Nirvana, God, the beloved/Beloved or a soul mate. Living a life worth living also causes us to perceive reality in a way quite different than otherwise possible.

In setting any intention, we also need to become aware of the feeling we desire to experience in the desire and intention we set. Often the feeling is more important that how our mind sees what it desires. Remember, mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. Often what we think we want based on the experience we had is really an experience of a particular type and kind of feeling that mind thinks it knows how to create when it doesnít.

Many times we have an experience of life with beginner's mind which has little or no bias as to what we experience and we have an experience quite powerful and exciting. Mind thinks that if we repeat what we did, we will have a similar feeling and experience. However, in repeating what we did we no longer have a beginnerís mind and we bias what we experience because of the experience we had. We are puzzle for the experience is just not as powerful as it was. Often it is the experience of beginnerís mind which is thrilling, not the experience itself. So, it is essential we become aware of the feeling we desire to have that lies behind what we desire.

Explore what we believe
(Top): In exploring what we believe four things should be done in parallel.

One is to do something mentally like the "Beliefs and thinking inventory" in those areas related to holding our creativity sacred. We need to look to see what we think and believe and how it does or doesnít impede us moving into the infinity of our own being. For beliefs and/or thinking that appears to hold our creativity captive in one way or another we need to pull the string to explore why we hold the belief that we do. Is what we believe something we have personally experienced or is it something we have been taught to believe and never really verified by us. As appropriate we need to do our own experiments.

The second action is to do some type and kind of life review. It can be drawing a life map or becoming aware of the story we tell about our life. The purpose is to recall were we have or have not been free to pursue our creativity and where we have created some type and kind of victim consciousness where we have given away our creative power for whatever reason.

The third is, as part of the exploration of what we think and believe and life review and simultaneously with them or in close proximity, engage in some type and kind of activities that open us to feeling and sensing with the body. In particular, what we do should allows to access our body memories. We need to become aware of what we feel and donít feel and why. Become aware of memories of the past that surface where our creative play and/or freedom of movement was somehow thwarted for whatever reason. We need to process any pain, regrets, disappointments and the like that surface. Processing a memory is about allowing the energy bound in the memory to be released and dissipated in some way for the energy to freed to be used in a new creation.

The fourth is to have a trusted individual look closely at our life and how we live life and make our decisions about life. They look to see where we compromise our truth, are reluctant to step into life, living with a victim consciousness, allow fears to control our life, and any other ways in which we do not allow ourselves to move into the infinity of our own being. Without the use of a trusted friend to observer our life, we can consult with several individual in our life and have them give us their opinion of how we are responding to these types and kinds of issues. However, it needs to be noted, they are not, and have not observed our life specific for the purpose state here. In this regard, what they provide may be of questionable value. But in any case, it can be quite useful. We just need to remember their observations are not based on observing our creativity.

One of two things can be done based on what the observations made. One is to simply provide us with the information and we can then pursue what is given to us in our own way. The other ways is to have the trusted construct an initiation type ritual, ceremony and/or metatheater that will give us the opportunity and memory of stepping past whatever has been observed as to how we are limiting ourselves.

Creatively play
(Top): We need to become creative and we need to allows ourselves to become playful. We need to move into a state of creative play and a playfulness to create a ritual, ceremony, meta-theater to become other than who and what we think we are. The goal is to move into the infinity of our own being. It is to create scenarios that allow us to feel the expansion of our own being. It is to cause us to experience an increase in the fulness of being, an increased passion for life and living and/or an increased passion to engage life. What we do should allow us to step past the limiting thinking and beliefs we hold.

Mind will always try and maintain control. To move into the infinity of our being we need to be able to move pass mind. Doing anything that mind suggests will not allows us to move past mind. In this regard, an "initiation" type ritual, ceremony and/or metatheater can be quite useful. Have a trusted individual initiates us to move past our own mind. Mind always tries to remain in control in one way or another. An initiation performed by another can create the conditions that allow us to step past mind in a safe way. The initiation should be based on the trusted friends observations of where we do not allow ourselves to be free in our life and in our thinking. It can including anything discovered in exploration of what we believe.

In doing these creative activities, we need to become aware in creating we are being a creator. It is when we are engaged in these activities we can talk creator to creator/Creator with the creator/Creator of our life however we see that creator/Creator. Any trained specialized individual will talk to another similarly trained specialized individual differently than they talk to a lay person. A physician talks about medicine differently to a lay person than they do to a physician. An engineer talks about engineering to another engineer differently than a lay person. So too creators. We can have a much different and more powerful and revealing conversation with the creator/Creator of our life and the reality and world we experience when we are actually engaged in creative activities than at any other time. It is here is these playful activities we create that we can obtain extremely powerful insights and answers about ourselves and the world we experience.

Following our intuitive guidance (Top)

In performing the above actions while holding clarity of intent, we will free necessary bound creative life energy to create the experience of what we desire. That freed energy will flow to create an experience of the intention we hold for the environment in which we find ourselves. We will get insights, feelings and the like that arise from within to guide us to the experience we desire to have. However, we will need to honor the intuitive guidance we get. Often is like crossing a stream stepping on stones in a very thick fog such that we cannot see the next step to take until we take the step in front of us. How long it takes totally depends on what we desire to create and the environment in which we find ourselves. Some environments are more supportive than others.

Relative to the intention we set, sometimes we are disappointed in that the experience we get that fulfills the intention we set for it is not as wonderful as we had imagined. It needs to be understood, the intention we hold will be fulfill the best it can for the environment in which we find ourselves. Here again, some environments are more supportive than others and some cannot give the full depth and breadth of the experience we desire. Unless our intention also includes the willingness to change our environment, the best we can do is what the environment as it exists can provide. Here again it is very important we become very clear as to what exactly we desire to experience and we may need to be willing to change our environment.

In any case, the energy of Creation will mold itself to give consciousness an experience of that on which it focuses its attention and awareness. The only questions are, ďAre we aware of that on which we are focusing our attention and awareness to create the experience we have and do we allow our creative spirit the freedom to free sufficient energy to create what we desire?Ē If we desire to recreate our life, we will have free a sufficient amount of energy from our past - otherwise, we simply recreate the past in a new way.

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