Reconstitution process


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Reconstitution process
The nature of creation/Creation
The “problem”
The problem in how we create our experiences
The problem in how we hold onto the experiences we have - attachments
The “solution”

No matter what approach we may use to explore the depth and breadth of our creativity, access our truth, or stumble into an experience of the Source of Creation, we will be faced with the issue of reconstituting our creative ability and creative power to a sufficient degree to use what we access to recreate our world to live the truth we access.

Reconstitution is the dynamic process where we piece together our fragmented unlimited creative ability and creative power in order to regain sufficient creative ability and creative power to create something new. It is to call back from our nonconscious mind all the variety of ways we have given away our creative power and creative ability.

The nature of creation/Creation (Top)

As a result of relationship between energy and consciousness,  the nature of Creation is that our intentions are what we use to create the reality we experience. Reality will mold itself to whatever we intend. It will do so by how we focus our attention and awareness, and how readily and passionately we reinforce that focused attention and awareness by how we act in the direction of our focus.

The “problem” (Top)

There are a myriad of ways in which we shatter and fragment our energy. However, the problem we face is ultimately all our fragmentation is a result of two processes. One of the processes is the way we create our experiences. This part of the problem is inescapable. It is that we need to forgot how we created our experience and become lost in our creation to have the experience of our creation. The second process is way we hold onto the experiences we have. Our attachments and how we hold onto our experiences, people, object , expectations and beliefs rather than allow them and ourselves to evolve, grow and freely unfold.

The problem in how we create our experiences
(Top): We are a infinitely creative being of unlimited creativity and we are capable of creating any experience we choose in any reality of our choice by how we focus our attention and awareness. We have simply shattered and fragmented the flow of our creative life energy in order to create the physical experiences we have. As the creator, to have the experience we desire it is necessary to fragment and scatter our creative life energy so that we can have the experience of choice. That is, we need to become the observer and participate in our creation. We literally and figuratively have to become the experience in every way. We the creator, must become the creation in order to experience the creation we desire. For example, to know and experience being lost, the only way we can have that experience is to become lost. This is true for any desire we have. To experience the desire, we have to become the desire in someway. In becoming the desire we must forget that we hold the desire and how we hold the desire so we can become lost in the experience of our creation.

Becoming lost in our creation is that in becoming the experience, we come to believe the experience we created is the only reality. We forget we are the creator. We simply become stuck within the limits and boundaries of the reality we create. To experience being lost, we have to become lost. Since reality molds itself to create whatever we believe, to believe we are lost, we will be lost for as long as we believe we are.

It is much like an actor in a play. The actor can play the role but never believe he/she is the character they play, yet they can play the role quite effectively. Or, the actor can become the character in every way and believe they are the character and play the role as if the role was life itself. However, in believing they are the character they can become stuck as that character. The problem then becomes if the actor believes he/she are the character he/she played, how does the character find his/her true identity? Essentially that is what each of us has done. There is the story of the “Club of Princes” that tells how this works quite well. As long as each prince remembers they are a prince and don’t believe they are the role they are playing, everything will run fine.

We have created a role to play to have certain kinds and types of experiences in Physical Creation. We play a role for ourselves and a role for others in our lives. Why we chose the particular experience we had or have, and the roles we play, is another question and the reason why doesn’t really matter. What matters is that when we complete the experiences we desired, rather than shedding the character we assumed in the role, we identify with the character. Because we are so identified with the body and of the intensity of the physical experience, we believe we are the character and become stuck in the world of the character rather than claiming our true identity.

Forgetting is a two fold process utilized by consciousness. One part of the forgetting process is that consciousness allows itself by “going to sleep” and forgetting. The second part is that consciousness becomes distracted by both the mundane and intensity of the physical experience.

Sleep is only part of the natural forgetting process. Consciousness will go to sleep where there is no contrast or change to experience. If nothing ever changes, we will never know if we have been awake, or fallen asleep and awaken again, since we have nothing in which to compare the two moments. Change and comparison of the changes is the only way consciousness knows if it is awake. Alternatively said, consciousness get bored when there is no contrast and goes to sleep and the sleep process is a forgetting process. We can go to sleep at any or all levels of our being. But it needs to be realized that forgetting is intentional. We intend to forget that we are the creator of our experiences so that we can experience the creation.

One problem we face is forgetting, remembering and awakening can become habits just like any other habit. Just as we can train our mind to do any task out of habit, we can train our mind not to go to sleep and remain awake and aware through all cycles of creation that we as an individuated consciousness chooses to experience. However, if we remain aware through the cycle of creation, we never experience the creation as being the creation for we always remain outside the creation in our awareness.

Alternatively said, for many of us, if we know something is a pure play with no end goal, there is little fun in what we do. However if we make what we do some type of competition such that we perceive a goal of winning, then the competition adds the excitement to what is done. So too with the experience of Creation. If we really know and understand that what we are experiencing is an illusion created by mind and it is only a way of playing that we created, we probably will not find it very enjoyable. However, if you can believe it is real, it is quite a fantastic experience. But to believe it is real, we have to forget that we created it. Hence we choose to forget for the sake of the experience but then fall into the habit of forgetting. We begin to think forgetting is the only way to exists. We begin to believe that we are powerless over the experience we ourselves have created in some way.

There is no need to become awake and aware at every level of our being as many try do. Any technique that encourages the pursuit of cosmic consciousness or any technique used to transcend the physical plane utilizes the belief we need to become aware at every level. To transcend physical reality is really no more than remaining awake during the physical cycles of creation of birth and death in which we choose to participate. But then if we stay awake and aware during the entire cycle, we don’t have the experience of believing and experiencing the physical experience as real. We only have the experience of seeing how the physical experience is only one of an infinite experiences that we can choose to have. In being aware and awake can cause us miss that for which we created the experience in the first place.

There is no need to become awake and aware at every level of our being. We can go to any level that we chose in complete awareness by how we focus our attention and awareness. The issue is, do we, or do we not, become attached to that creation that we experience.

The problem in how we hold onto the experiences we have - attachments
(Top): Within the energy consciousness model, consciousness must be able to compare itself to something with some standard of comparison in order to know itself. Consciousness will continue to create experiences that it needs until it fully understands who and what it actual is. Consciousness does not, however, have to give its power way and/or remain fragmented and scattered in order to know itself.

In the creation process, consciousness forgets what it has become attached then puzzles at why it does not have the freedom to create what it desires. It forgets and does not realize all of it creative life energy is bound up in its memories and attachments to those memories. The key to wholeness and living without fractionating and fragmenting the flow of our creative life energy is to become like the wind. We must allow each experience and each individual that enters our life to come like the wind and leave like the wind completely free and unattached. Anything that the experience or an individual brings into our life is unmasked and unexpected or without expectations fully savored and experienced in the moment.

The whole process of reconstitution and reclaiming our creative powers and creative ability is only a remembering and letting go process and training ourselves not to become attached. The more we don’t know ourselves or have forgotten who we are, the more we scatter and fragment our creative power and creative ability. The more we remember and know who and what we really are, the more we reconstitute and consolidate our creative energy and creative power.

In reconstituting our creative ability and creative power, pain at any level of our being ultimately stems from our attachments. We leave a part of ourselves and our creative life energy attached to that which we hold in memory and we think the experience has passed out of our awareness. Rather than explore the deepest origins of the pain we feel, we somehow relieve the pain and/or numb the pain never removing the attachment that lies at its base. Pain is only a warning that the essence of our being is being harmed in some way and more often than not created by that onto which we hold. Whether we experience them as positive or negative, painful or pleasurable, our attachments to the experience keeps our creative life energy bound in our previous creations. In holding an attachment, energy is required to sustain the creation as a memory of that creation in the way we remember it and are attached to it. Since energy can either be created or destroyed only transformed, unless the existing pattern of energy is release, the new cannot form. In holding these attachments, consciousness remains bound in a cage of its own making.

The “solution” (Top)

The solution of these problems seems simple enough. Since reality will mold itself to whatever we intend, it is through the clear intentional focus of our attention and awareness that we will reconstitute our creative ability and creative power. It seems a simple enough task to set and hold the clear intention to discover our true identity. In doing so, it will reveal itself. Similarly, if we set the intention to reconstitute our creative life energy and regain our creative power and creative ability to create the reality of our choice, we will do so.

The truth of reality is that reality will response to our intention for as long as we hold that intention. The problem is what we currently believe about ourselves and the reality we experience and the habits those beliefs have created. Reconstitution is about removing conscious and nonconscious intentions which no longer serve us. Obviously, the clearer the intention, the easier the task. However, even with a very clear intention, the process of reconstitution can be long and arduous. With an understanding of the process, we can make journey much shorter and easier.

We need to remember what we are is the product and sum total of all that we have been. All that we have been has gone into creating exactly who we are and the role we have choose to play. To return to the state were we can be in our full creative potential and live in full alignment with our creative life energy, we must do one of two things. One is to return to a state where we have no beliefs and no habits. We must return to that true beginner’s mind. This of course is something very hard to do. The other is to return to a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play that has not be contaminated by the experience of creation/Creation. To do this we must release our attachments and expectations.

The reason we need to return to one of these two states is that any belief we hold will channel our creative life energy to manifest a reality based on that belief. Any habits that remain within our being will do the same thing for they are only the result of long held beliefs.

We can look at ourselves as a vast continent. The beliefs we hold molds the ground into hills, valleys and plains. Our creative life energy is like the rain. The rains fall down upon this land and flows into the sea. As in the Rain River Analogy, we where the water for the rain arises from the source of the ocean, our energy from the source/Source. The rain falls upon the ground and flows back to the sea to restart the process. The physical experience we have is the energy flowing back into the sea of the source/Source only to be evaporated and start the process all over again.

We need a completed flow path for the creative process to work. Otherwise the energy that is needed to sustain our being will not flow. The water that flows to the sea forms rivers and streams based on the path of least resistance around the obstacles. The obstacles are only the landscape the water faces in returning to the sea. The obstacles are the internal landscape that gets reflected externally which we created by what we think and believe. That internal landscape determines how free our creative life energy flows or doesn’t flow in returning to the Source of Creation as it dissipates in the experience we have.

These rivers and streams eventually cut into the ground forming channels allowing the water to reach to the sea faster. Over time, more and more of the rain that falls simply flows into these river and streams rather than finding some new way to get to the sea. Unless we recreate our inner landscape, our creative life energy follows the channels created by our past. To reconstitutes our total creative power and creative ability to remold our entire inner continent into some new shape and form. As with the geological process we experience on the earth, it can take quite some time and seems like is a daunting task when first encountered.

We may ask, “Why is it so seemingly difficult to create the reality of our choice, where we find a peace and contentment that never runs dry such that we can be happy with what is, as it is, no matter what is happening in one’s external world?” There are two primary reasons for this. One is that what we need to uniquely do to reform and recast our landscape, to reconstitute and consolidate our creative power, is not what another needs to do. All traditions are based on what has been successful for others. Hence they may or may not work for us. We need to do our own experiments to see what works for us. Only our intuitive guidance on can lead us. A guide may help us to remain true to our intuitive guidance but it is our intuitive guidance that will guide us.

The other reason it is has been so difficult to create the reality of our choice is that an important piece of the puzzle necessary for reconstituting ourselves is often missing. Frequently it is not even put on the table for consideration. In fact, from a creation view point it is the most important piece for it is the fuel of Creation, any creation. That piece is that intention that brought us into the world.

The intention that brought us into the world is in full alignment and actually the channel for our optimum creative power and creative ability, namely the flow of our creative life energy/creative spirit. To recreate our internal landscape, we will have to spend some time exploring the intention for our life. The intention for our life is what established the initial conditions for what we now experience. In many ways, it is the default setting for our life.

Some of the landscape of our life is not meant to be recast while we are in this life. If we spend our energy trying to recast the portion that is to remain fixed, all we do is waste our time and energy. The question then becomes, “What portion or what aspects of our life are meant to be fixed and what portion do we have complete control over changing?” The answer lies in the intention that brought us into this life and the creative passion we feel when we are in alignment with this intention. To get started it is best to begin to use internal compass and use what give us a passion for life and for living to calibrate the compass.

The next step
Journey of reconstitution

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