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Dying before we die is about facing the sacrifice of creation. Any creative endeavor requires a sacrifice and death in one way or another. To recreate our life in any way will cause a death of our currently life in one way or another.

The idea of facing a death or dying in any way is troubling to most individuals. It is often troubling because we think death and dying as physical death and/or the loss of everything. Most think to live the truth of our being and/or access the Source of Creation we will end up like many of the spiritual teachers and prophets in history. That is, we will experience some type and kind of early death for living our truth and what we have experienced in the world.

Yet to access and live our truth in the world, few if any will need to under go a physical death. To do so undermines the whole reason for incarnating to have a physical experience. To physically die would destroy the very vehicle we chose to use to manifest the intention for our life. We may experience some type and kind of life transforming accident, illness and disease but not physical death. But here too, we do not need to create pain. There is the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix to recreate our life.

However, in terms of what we may lose in life, we do have to be prepared to lose everything. That terrifies most of us when we face that possibility. But, it is something we just have to accept and go through it. If we donít our fear will keep us from what we need to do. But we can also come to realize that although we have to be prepared to lose everything, much of our world only becomes transformed. We live with what is in our world in a different way. We become more like the scarab and recycling the life we had discarding what no longer serves us to create our new life and keeping what does.

In light of all this, the prospect of facing death is some way is somewhat troubling to us. We all know there is a part of us that needs to die. Most are pleasantly surprised to find out it isnít really that big a thing for us for the work we do after transforming ourselves to live our truth will do more than make up for what dies that provided the personal satisfaction we seek. Nevertheless, the prospect of facing death in any part of our world can be frightening.

However, the death and transformation is essential. It cannot be avoided and is part of the creative process within the required sacrifice of creation. We will have things like financial, professional or personal set backs But this is only necessary to get us out of our programmed and enculturated mind which created the world we not experience and to get us out of the way we think and believe things need to happen to begin. We get out of our programming and enculturated mind, we can being to accept who and what we really are and what we are here to do. In our own way, we each need to think about and contemplate how much our troubles force us to see life differently.

We need to realize much of what we go through and death and dying we experience is to obtain the understanding to guide us out of the cage of our own making and past our past programming and enculturation to freedom. In having been through it, we will be able to guide others if necessary. Although their path will be unique and they must choose how they are going to do it, we will know what they can expect to face and where they need to go. It is the same for all of us. We all are ultimately made of the same material of Creation - we only experience it differently.

No one can guide us as to how to die before we die: To experience the death required for any creative endeavor and facing the death in any part of ourselves, no one can tell us what to do or how to do it. If we believe another can give us the answer we will only create more pain or put ourselves in a deeper trap. We have to learn to follow our own path.

It has been found the easiest, fastest, and gentlest way is to ask our intuitive guidance the equivalent of the following: "What can I do or how do I go about creating my transformation in the easiest, fastest and gentlest way?" Then honor the intuitive guidance received. Follow it no matter how bizarre it looks. If it is bizarre create a ritual or metatheater to act it out in safety. We need to know that the images we get are probably wrong but the direction of travel is correct. That is why our intuitive guidance must be honored. It will give us the fastest, easiest and gentlest way to transform ourselves. That does not necessarily mean without pain. But, by how we focus our attention and awareness, we can make the transformation have less pain than we would normally have to face. The amount of pain we face is determined by how hard we hold onto our thinking, beliefs and past programming and enculturation. We are in the driverís seat as to what we will experience. But we must learn to use the tools we have been given and our greatest tools are our intuitive guidance an body wisdom.

It needs to be realized much of our creativity is done nonconsciously. We create in ways we do not understand through what we think, believe and desire. What we read now has been called into our life by us to help us make our journey easier. Similarly, we can be called into the lives of others to help make their journey easier after we have been through it. We only need to look into our heart and see if what is said here is true. We need to allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. If what is said here is true for us and we feel we can see and feel the expansion of our being into the fulness of our being, then use what is provided for it is true for us. If not, then need to ask our intuitive guidance "What is my truth - what do I need to do to live it?" and then follow the guidance which is provided..

The possibility of a gentle phoenix: This may or may not be comforting but any transformation and death that needs to occur for a new creative endeavor for any level of creation will come through the feminine aspect of creation. The reason for this is quite simply. That is, the feminine is what nurtures a creation and the feminine is the embodiment of the energy aspect of energy consciousness. It is the existing form of the energy which must be sacrificed and reformed to create the new creation. But the energy itself is neither created or destroyed, only transformed. Consciousness, the masculine aspect, will consciously or nonconsciously hold the form and determine the form a creation will take. But, it is the feminine which nurtures and sustains the creation. Hence, the death that needs to be experienced will come through the feminine aspect of being.

This, however, should be greatly comforting. Since the feminine aspect of being is nurturing aspect of creation/Creation there exists the possibility of a gentle transformation, a gentle phoenix, through the feminine for any creative endeavor. This does not mean painless, for pain has it purpose and there is a gift in pain if it is understood. But it will less painful.

Any transformation can be made as painless as possible. But such a transformation can only be done in understanding the creative process and with a willingness to let go of our attachments and whatever needs to offered in the sacrifice of creation. This is not something that can be done with our mind. We need to be willing to step out of mind. We need to set the intention to create as gentle a transformation as possible and then surrender to the flow of energy created by that intention.

How long will such a transformation take? There is a finite amount of time much like carrying a child. That is, there is a certain time for certain things to happen. But any transformation does not have to take as long as people have made it. If we can step into our intuitive guidance and follow it, we can create a relatively faster, easier and gentler way and do it in the minimum time.

To create that gentle phoenix, the recommendation made here is to seek go beyond the limits of our mind and our ego. For whatever we desire to create, that will require us to step out of mind and outside of our ego. We can do that by setting the following intention to create something which mind considers impossible for the benefit of another or others. By considering the impossible we step well out of mind. By setting the intention in this way, we step out of ego.

The recommendation is to go to our intuitive guidance and ask, "How to I die and transform - show me the way to die and transform in the fastest, easiest and gentlest way - not so much for myself but as to what I can learn and share and give to people to help their transformation?" Such a request will take us past our ego. That is the key. It is not about transcending Physical Creation or the body. It is about transcending the limits and barriers of the mind and ego as to how we define ourselves and to surrender to what the universe desire us to do with our life. In acting to do something for the greater common good that is not determined by our mind but Creation Itself, that takes us past the ego, we transcend the ego and open the door for that relatively faster, easier and gentler way for ourselves and others.

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