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 Issue of our unlimited creativity 


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Although we have an unlimited creativity, and we can access and live this unlimited creativity, there is an issue which is often not recognized. The issue centers on the fact that there is a flow to Physical Creation and a flow to whatever society of which we are a part. However our unlimited creativity may carry us in a way that is not necessarily in alignment with either of these flow. In essence, there is a right hand path of convention which is the path most individuals. Then there is the left hand path which is a path different from the conventional path. It may not be necessarily be opposed to the conventional path but rather just different and not in direct alignment with it.

The path of our unlimited creativity may be best describe in an analogy. If we have a normal passenger car as opposed to an all terrain vehicle, we are limited to travel on a road. Now there are public roads, seldom use public road and private road. On a private road, we are legally free to drive as fast as we wish. Since it is a private road, the road is not regulated or patrolled by traffic authorities. On a seldom use public road, we can often drive as fast as we want if the road is sufficient maintained and no authorities are present to stop us. However, if we are going to use a public road, we must follow the speed limit or, we are forced to follow the speed limit relatively closely because of the density of the traffic on the road.

If our objective and desire is only to travel fast, obviously, a private road offer more that a public road. However if we desire to go to a specific location, we are then no longer free to travel as fast as we would like. Our problem is private road usually do not lead anywhere. To get somewhere, we often must compromise our desire to go fast and pick a public road that will get us to where we want to go.

Similarly with our creativity. If we wan to do things our own way, we do have the freedom and capable of doing so. There is nothing we cannot create. However, if we wish to move with society, desire recognition by society, or desire compensation by society in some way for our creativity, we must limit what we do and create something society wants. We can always pick total freedom. However, what gives us total freedom may cause us to create things not necessary wanted or even desired by society. The question we have to ask ourselves is, "Where do we wish experience and is what we desire to experience in alignment with, or different from, what society wants?"

For all practical purposes, society can be seen as a game. To play the game we must play according to the rules of the game. But we donít have to play the game. However, if we are not going to play by the rule, either we have to abandon the desire to play in society or incite the displeasure if not annoyance of society. On this point, it does not matter what others are doing. Other my not be respecting the rules of the game. However, their misbehavior cannot be used as a justification for our actions. We cannot point to the action of others for protection or mitigation when we are faced with the consequences of our actions. There are always other options and there are always other games. We have the creative ability and creative power to join and play whatever game we wish and to find a game that is more suitable to our desires and which better serves us. We just need to be willing to play by the rule of whatever game we choose. Otherwise, we will suffer the consequences.

However, when it comes to engaging society and staying with the flow of society and the right hand path, we have many options. Although we may not be able to apply the depth and breadth of our creativity in all areas and we limit what we do within society, we have many options. In many ways it is like cooking. With the same or very similar ingredients, a chef can many different dishes. Sometime it is a question of technique - baking, boiling, grilling, broiling, frying and the like. Or, sometimes it is a matter of quantity - a bit more of this and a little less than that. Whatever we are in Creation, we are provided the ingredients for a variety of recipes. We donít always have to choose the obvious. We can explore other options and more subtle possibilities what at first my seem possible. Also, if there is something else we need, we cannot assume we will never be able to find it or get it. We always have to remain open to new possibilities and new options.

The key is to know what we want and if what we want truly serves us and allows us to hold our creativity sacred. If we hold our creativity sacred and call back our creative power from where we may have given it away and whenever we see ourselves giving it away, we will have what we need when we need to create a variety of options. We need to remember is there is always an alternative way.

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