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The one thought that catalyzed the author to explore the unseen realms of creation to look for an alternative way to life first arose in graduate school. It occurred about twenty three years before the author consciously choose to explore the concept within the thought. The though was whether or not the body could be perceived as an energy detector.

As discussed in the topic, “The Experience as the Healer,” the author was actively involved in mystical and spiritual practices while at graduate school. Mysticism and spiritualism by their very nature deal with the unseen realms and aspects of Creation. Although the author had worked with nuclear radiation for over a year, one day in graduate school it profoundly suddenly struck him that all the energy of Physics with which he was working was unseen. To work with unseen energy one simply needed a properly calibrated detector for the energy in which you wish to study. One day he wondered, “ I wonder if the human body is an energy detector such that, if it is properly calibrated, it can be tuned to work with the unseen energies of Creation?” He knew as a child there were individual could receive and discerns radio signals apparently through their teeth and jaw structure. Was it possible to use the body to detect the unseen realms of energy characteristic of mystical and spiritual traditions.

At various times throughout his life he wondered whether or not if the thoughts humans had were not their thoughts. That is, they simply picked up energy signals form somewhere else that took on the appearance of a thought in their mind. He remember an author he first read in 1977 by the name of Alan Watts. One of the statements made by Alan Watts was that the mind grows thoughts the way a field grows grass. Watts went on to say that thoughts are natural to the mind of humans. Although Watts did not say it, he implied that the whole nature and construction of the human mind is to have thoughts.

One aspect of the body is an energy detector is that our minds does not necessarily create the thoughts we have as many of us think we do. Rather, mind gives rise to thoughts in the way a fertile field gives rise to the plants depending on the seeds that take root. The same field can grow grass, bushes or tress entirely depending on the seeds which fall on it. The energy that is sensed by the body is like the seed that falls on the fertile ground. The thought is what germinates and grows in the field as a result of the seed. Sufficiently change the environment, different seeds will grow. Also if the conditions are not correct, a seed my grow but never bear fruit.

The other aspect is that if the body and mind are tuned correctly, much like the way one tunes a radio receives, we can determine the types and kinds of thoughts we have. With electronic communications, one builds a receiver - an energy sensing device - and tunes it to the particular frequency they desire to detect. When tuned to the proper frequency which corresponds to a the frequency of a particular radio station, we hear the station broadcast. The physical receiver that we can hold in our hands picks up an “invisible” energy wave and converts the energy into a from that can be transmitted to a speaker. The speaker then transforms the energy into a sound which we recognize and can discern at talk or music as opposed to noise. Or, in a similar way, the invisible energy wave is turned into a visual and audio signal on our television.

The author’s decision to look to see if there was an alternative way to view Creation and in which to live one’s life began with decision to see what psychics perceived. The author figured if his assumption was true that the body is an energy detector, then psychics, who seem to see beyond the material world, may be the best individuals with whom to talk to being to see how to calibrate the body. However, what the author found was that he already know how to calibrate the body. It was an understanding which he uses from his earliest memories of life. It is the understanding which gave rise to the concept of the internal compass.

What the psychics provided was unexpected. There were two key things they provided. First they provided a perspective about the author’s life that caused him to serious reevaluate what his life was all about. What started him was how consistent different psychics were about what they saw in, or about, him. What they saw coupled with what he experienced in the Ultimate Accident, caused him to completely reevaluate his life and what it means to be human.

The second thing is they give him a way to see how the mind affects, interprets, or characterizes the unseen energy it perceives. What the Unfolding Flower taught him about the heart, the psychics collectively taught him about how the mind perceives the unseen energy of Creation. The unfolding flower was watching a heart unfold much the way one could what a tree grow from a seed and bear fruit. You don’t have to look at each and every seed to know roughly how it will grow.

With the psychics, he and his own life and heart became the reference point. Although he was unaware of it at the time, his own energy revealed how the physic’s mind was interpreting what it saw. He became a reference point for calibration. He became a reference in two ways. He was able to begin to see what they were seeing and how they were characterizing what they saw. He began to discern the filters they were using and how it biased what was reported.

Prior to visiting and working with the psychics, he had set a very clear intention for his life and what he desired to create as listed in the “contract” discussed in “A Foolish Things.” Although there was one change to that intention immediately after the Ultimate Accident, he held that intention consistent through the whole second half of the journey to explore creativity. The time exploring the psychics was more than covered by this time period. Hence, his own deeply held passionate desire became an unchanging point of observation from which to compare what each of the different psychics perceived. He was also able to get some information as to why the psychics perceived what they did.

In considering the concept that the body is an energy detector and the body receiving and transmitting energy you may want to consider some of the following thoughts.

It is known people have picked up radio stations with their teeth and our bodies emit different wavelengths of unseen energy. This is the whole basis of things like night vision goggle, infrared photography and the like. X-rays and other medical imaging devices are based on what is or is not absorbed by the body and/or passed through the body.

We know different chemicals in the blood cause different environment in the brain. That in turn, causes the brain to perceives differently in these different environments. The results in different thoughts, different perceptions and different states of awareness.

Yet all of these changes are simply the result of electrostatic changes in the environment experienced by the electrons and the atoms which make up our body. As these changes occur the body and brain become more or less sensitive to different electromagnetic waves passing through our brain and body.

We know energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. We also know there are many different types and kinds of energy which permeate us and our world that we never consciously perceive unless we have the correct instruments. Some individuals like to think about parallel universes or alternative realities. One consideration is that all that will exist currently does exist. It is just that how we are focused to perceive what exists is determined by our bodies. So our physical form acts as a filter such that the rest of Creation exists here an now, it is just we do not have the way of perceiving to see and experience it. Or do we? Just something to consider.

It is interesting to note, one of the follow on questions to the body being an energy detector never arose. It is addressed in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology. The question is, “What if an energy detector became aware of itself and took on a life of it own. Suppose it started to both generate its own thoughts and broadcast those thought reversing the process of receiving them - what would happen?” One answer is that if it is biological, it could very possibly be human being. That is, when you look at the creativity and realize that from a creativity perspective, energy and consciousness are equivalent, one can see that the consciousness within the human being in many ways is just a flow of energy that has awaken to itself.

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