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In looking back over the events which created the space for the Ultimate Accident, there is one thing the author did that he would say was really foolish. Yet, it is that foolish thing that probably really set the stage for the Ultimate Accident. In hindsight, what he originally thought was the most foolish thing he did wasn’t. Rather it was only a result of something more profound.

What was happening since the author set the intention to do an experiment to see if he could create a critical mass of enlightenment was that the Universe was providing the doorways or opportunities. But he had to choose to walk through them. Each opportunity provide another piece of the puzzle. A few existed in parallel but most were in sequence. Certain things could not happen until certain doorways were entered.

In working with a physician to create a mind body foundation about this time, all the talk about contracts made the author think back to a contract with the Universe he made about twenty one years earlier. It was about the time when the author had an experience as a healer. At that time he made a contract with the Universe. In essence the contract was to resign as the manager of the Universe. He saw how he was being enticed to “control” circumstances and he didn’t want any part of that. In remembering his contract, the author decided to revisit his contract, incorporate what he had learned about creativity, and create a new one.

The essence of the new contract was as follows:

  • To understand and act on the understanding that is obtained.

  • To be a channel for unconditional love.

  • To be aware and non-judgmental.

  • To help set the internal compass and navigation systems within the individual.

  • To bind no one, and to remove the binds of the bound - to let the birds fly and to help the flowers to grow.

  • To be a rainmaker, at one with the universe.

  • To act because it is right to act, and leave the results to destiny.

  • To do what is necessary to achieve the above to the best of my abilities.

A few weeks later he realized that unconditional love was routinely stated as the essential quality we need for our lives. It seemed all the teachers and masters said it is essential. His understanding of unconditional love at this time was that if one was unconditional in their love, for example, loving their enemy, they could accept and tolerate people they did not like. In his understanding of unconditional love he could give to people and be compassionate for people whom he would otherwise not want to be around. For him, unconditional love was more about accepting people he didn’t like rather than trying to change them. But, unconditional love did not mean he had to work with people he didn’t like. He was free to chose them out of his life and still be unconditional in his love.

The author figured that, since there were a lot of conditions in life of which he was not very accepting, he should develop unconditional love and learn to be accepting and tolerant of those things. So he did a foolish thing. It is probably the most foolish thing he ever did. Yet it probably ended up being the most profound catalyst for understanding and it had two relatively immediate repercussions. He set the intention to become unconditional love and then sought to reprogram himself to become it.

In setting the intention to become unconditional love, he was not satisfied to just write out a clear intention. He felt a deeper effort was needed. Knowing that inserting a thought before going to sleep is a good way to access information, the author figured that inserting the thought about becoming unconditional love before going to sleep would better help create that state within himself.

He wrote out a clear intention and recorded it on a tape. The transcript of that intention is provided as sample if you wish to do something similar. He then mixed his voice recording continually repeating the transcript with music of his choice. It wasn’t a subliminal tape for you could clearly hear the voice with the music. He then played that tape every night as he went to sleep. His intention was to insert that message into that into that twilight space between being awake and being asleep. He wanted to bridge both the conscious and unconscious mind and bridge both the awake and sleep state. In essence he was attempting to reprogram himself at each and every level. He use the tape for a period of about seven or eight months and took the tape and a tape player with him even when he traveled.

Two things were almost immediately apparent from using this tape. One was that his understanding of unconditional love shifted radically. Although it would take several years to explain this truth with, and through, the physics of the creative process, he realized that the reason why it was necessary to love your enemy was because only your enemy loves you enough to give you the experience you need to have even if it means their death. This was a very profound realization for the author. It radically changed his whole concept of how we identify ourselves in life and how we need others to give us the experiences we desire to have.

For an individual to be a soldier or a warrior, one needs someone to fight. If a warrior, or anyone for that reason, wants to be able to hate someone, or experience hate, to the degree they would want to kill someone, only someone who loves you deeply would be willing to give you that experience.

Think carefully about it. If you say, “I want the experience to be able kill or destroy my adversary,” then why would anyone who does not like you put themselves at risk of being destroyed? Try it and see. Go up and asked the people in your life the following question. Say to them, “For my own development, I need to have the experience of powerful emotions - I need to hate someone so much that I could and would kill them if I have the opportunity - will you make me so angry and hateful such that I could have that experience?” If they didn’t think you were crazy they may ask, “You mean you want to kill me?” You, of course, being diplomatic would reply, “Not necessarily - I just want to feel so angry at you that I would kill you if I had the opportunity - would you give me the experience? But this is what we do in life but we do it at a level of which we are not consciously aware.

The physics of the creation process is what causes this to occur and discussed on the web site Creativity Physics. So, it is essential to learn to love our enemy. They, as all before us, are only there giving us the experience we ourselves have choose to have and/or in which we agreed to participate at some level of our being. Becoming a conscious creator is about making these subconscious aspects conscious. It is making it conscious such that we raise the subconscious conditions that gives rise to our experiences. We do so that we can change those conditions to create something which better serves who and what we are. Of course, if you like the life you have and it is a life worth living, you have no need to change it.

In regard to this understanding, it is this understanding that convinced the author he had no desire to ever be seen as a healer even thought many told him what he did was good at healing. From the creativity perspective and how we create the experiences we desire, claiming the identity of a healer means you need to create sick people to have your identity. Since the author has no desire to create illness, suffering or pain, he realized that he needed another way to view illness, accidents and diseases. In exploring the creative process he came to realize that the identity of a creator would not create sick people. Rather he would only experience individuals who desire to create a different experience in their life than the one they currently have. Being ill is only one of a multitude of experiences you can have choose to change. If the works with an individual who has an illness he does not work to cure or heal the individual. Rather he works with the individual to create a conditions that better serves what the individual desire to experience in life. Something the individual heals themselves. Other times the individual simply adopts a new perspective about the illness they have.

The second thing which occurred almost immediately was an opportunity was provided to act on unconditional love. The opportunity was provided to create the space to free and protect one of the “children” to which the calling the author received referred. Although, at this time, he had yet to exactly understand who or what the children were. In essence, the author was asked to do whatever needed to be done. What needed to be done was to give unconditionally in whatever way necessary. He needed to create the space for the individual’s creative spirit to be free to create what they desired.

The author was asked to help an individual create something that seemed to be irrationally motivated. In was irrationally motivated not in what the individual desire to create but rather it was irrational given the circumstances that currently existed in the individual’s life. If asked, they could not really explain why they wanted to create it. They were just drawn to do so and needed to do it.
The individual desired to a retreat center. It would be a place were individuals or a community of individuals, who shared a common outlook and desire for a life, could come together in a way which was mutually supportive and allowed for the journey in life at all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to be made with someone rather than alone. It was to be a safe and secure space where an individual could have the freedom to explore and act to manifest their heart’s desire. Its essential difference from existing places was that the retreat center would give the individual the freedom to explore, discover and act on the truth of their own being rather than following some external tradition, social, religious, spiritual or otherwise.

The author looked at why the individual was having difficulty to manifest what they desired. He looked to see what needed to be done and did whatever was required. One thing that needed to be done was to obtain clarity about what was desired and why. What became clear to the author was that the individual was not providing the type of clarity he desired as to why they wanted to create what they said they desired to create. It appeared to him the “root” desire was not being addressed or fully expressed. So he did what he always thought was the most foolish thing he ever did. That is until he realized that the only reason why he did it was because of the intention he set to embody unconditional love - which was even more foolish.

In helping this individual, for some reason or another, the author felt obligated to not lead the individual away from what they wanted to create. What they were asking to create would have required a significant investment financially and a tremendous commitment of their life. But they really did not appear to be in a position to make such an investment of money or their life. He saw clarity was lacking. But he did not know how to move the individual to clarity at to what was really motivating them.

So, in order to focus himself, he took a piece of string and put one end on his heart and the other on their heart and said, “I am connect my heart to yours so that I can read what is in it - there is a check valve such that I can read yours but you will get nothing from me - you are protected.” In many ways he did that as a ritual for himself so as to not clutter his actions with his desires but to focus this attention and awareness on their desires.

Form a conscious awareness viewpoint, nothing seemed different in what he knew about the individual’s desire. But, subconsciously, there was an awareness and he intuitively followed that awareness. When he did so, he came face to face with what could only be described as the individual's creative spirit. It is called a spirit for the author had other experiences in life years earlier as a healer that allowed him to recognize what seemed to be entities that existed apart from, separate from, or different than, one’s normal self. The spirit which was released was like an entirely different person. Yet it was not a separate entity. It was only a part of this individual that was so unexpressed that it appeared foreign and separate from them. It had the potential to completely and radically transform their life if they were willing to allow it to lead. In essence it contained their charisma that he experienced years earlier in a spiritual and religious context.

What the author came to understand over time was that creative spirit within the individual that would manifest with their charisma was desperate to come out. It was propelling them to become creative. It instilled them with a vision that went well beyond what their mind and life could provide at the time. In essence, our creative spirit screams to our mind “You will never succeed beyond the size of your vision” and pushes us toward a vision or a dream, a heart’s desire, that goes was well beyond what our mind understands.

In placing the string on their heart, the author was only responding to the third thing that resulted from intention to embody unconditional love. Without his conscious awareness, he stepped into an alternative way to live life. In fact he stepped into the alternative way to live life that his conscious mind had started a journey to discovered. However his mind was too preoccupied with its own thinking to see what he had found. It would take the author years to finally get past the mind and consciously return to this awareness.

When the author looked deeply at what was motivating the individual he come to see what this individual’s creative spirit wanted to create was so different than what the individual’s life was giving them that you could say he was faced with a completely different entity. As the author contemplated this realization over time, he then began to realize from where many of the problems he was encountering in the work place came.

This creative desire within each individual can only be called a spirit for it has a life of its own and it will create life if given the opportunity. This creative spirit has a passion to express itself and we can feel its passion. If it is not allowed to create consciously it will do so subconsciously. It will find a way to challenge its own creativity to create. In essences it looks for a way to challenge itself and if not done consciously it will do so subconsciously. When we are not in alignment with this creative spirit or unaware of what it desires, we will feel a separation in life. We will feel in some way we are separated from the source of life.

The third thing that resulted form this intention to become unconditional love was the author was drawn to look for an alternative way to live life. As already alluded to above, the author has simultaneously started a conscious journey to look for an alternative way. At the time, the journey to look for an alternative way to live life appeared totally independent from the intention he set to become or embody unconditional love. But in hindsight, it is clear they were integrally linked in more ways than one . The first connection between the intention to embody unconditional love and the alternative way was that piece of string which connected two hearts. But unfortunately the author was consciously unaware of that fact.

In the end, what the author come to understand about the creative process is what is symbolized in the heart and what we each carry in our heart interconnected with every other heart. There was more symbolism in connecting that piece of string to another’s heart than the author could ever understand at the time. In reaching to touch that heart, the author was reaching out to touch one of the children to which the voice of the calling which asked, “Who will protect my children?” was referring. The children are the creative spirit which lies in each heart and the offspring those creative spirits are capable of producing. How the interconnection with others works and why, and how to use it, is the whole basis of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and technology.

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