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From “About the Author - Overview” it was stated: How and why it said he is inherently a mystic is provided in the discussion similarly entitled “Inherently a Mystic.” Why he is an energy physicist is similarly discussed in “Why Become a Physicist.” In actually, his decision to become an energy physicist arose out of the best acceptable expression he found early in life for his mystical nature and about what he understood needed to be learned.

To understand why it can be said the author is inherently a mystic, one needs to understand what is meant by mysticism and mystic. These topics are discussed in the topic of “Mysticism and the mystic.” Relative to this discussion all that needs to be understood is that mysticism affirms the idea that truths about the unknown and unseen elements of Creation may be directly apprehended by intuition and/or meditation and that through love a man or woman can achieve a direct and immediate consciousness of God, Divine Truth or whatever you may call it, without the use of reason or any of the ordinary senses.

When viewed from the perspective that mysticism is the belief and practice that truths about the unknown and unseen elements of Creation may be directly apprehended by intuition and/or meditation the author has always been a mystic. From the earliest age he was aware of knowing certain things. His first mystical experience was at age three. But, he never fully understood what he experienced until almost fifty years later several years after his experience of the Ultimate Accident. His second mystical experience which gave insights into his life was at age four. But, here again he never realize it for what is was. Quite simply, he never had a context to understand those experiences for what they really represented. It was only when he had the necessary minimum set of requisite experience did he see them for what they were and gleaned from the information they carried.

Relative to directly apprehending truths about the unknown through intuition, it was something he was always able to do. There were things he always knew. There was an awareness about Creation and the seen and unseen that was always present in him although is did not routinely access it. More often than not, he would usually deny what he knew because he never understood how to integrate what he knew with the life that he was expected to live. What he knew didn’t fit into what we was told directly or indirectly about Creation and how it works. As stated in the discussion about his mystical path, there were only a few occasions that he could fully integrate what he knew.

Then there were new awareness which would arise from within. When they would arise, he would note them and note how they came from a part of himself that was not within the understanding obtain in his current lifetime up to that point in time. These awareness were much like a light in which one is unaware. A light, you never knew existed, suddenly comes on and lights up the whole room In the light that is provided you see where the switch is to turn the light on or off. You now have the options of turning of the light but you now have the awareness that you can turn it on again if, and when, you need it. You now know how to access that light and turn it on or off. One such awareness of this type is noted in the topic, “A Vehicle to Communicate.”

However, often the author did not know how to use such awarenesses as they arose. Yet, once the awareness came, it did not leave. When the time came he knew how to act because of the awareness was present. As discussed in the mystical path, the way many of these awarenesses arose reflected that author’s life was much like a time capsule set to go off at a particular time and place. But the issue of the time capsule was not an issue of time nor of time and place. It was an issue about obtaining the necessary minimum set of requisite experience to act on what he incarnated to do to meet the intention for his life.

The other meaning of the mystic is to achieve a direct and immediate consciousness of God and Divine Truth through love. Although he acted more out of compassion than love, it was acting on a deeply felt compassion which helped to create the occasion for the Ultimate Accident. That event is reflected in the discussion entitled “A Foolish Thing.”

In any case, it was the internal knowing that would surface very particular and precise questions and/or intentions that he would ask of the Universe at certain times in his life. He wanted to fulfill each but he had no idea as to how to obtain the answers at the time he asked the question or set the intention. Yet, these questions/intentions directed and focused his attention and awareness to “be on the look out” for information related to their fulfillment as he experienced life. As discussed in his mystical path the mystical aspects as to why he was pursing such questions laid well within his subconscious. Yet, they created a subconscious journey into creativity.

One of the first questions was at age eight or nine. He consciously pondered, “Why don’t people live every day the way they say they want to live at church on Sunday?” He was puzzled by how out of alignment people’s every day lives were with what they professed to believe or how they professed they wanted to act. A second question was about age sixteen that become a dominate influence in his life. Being somewhat bored with what he was being asked to learn in school, he set the intention, “I only want to learn what I can carry with me from place to place. I don’t want to learn a whole bunch of specific stuff and then have to relearn it all over again because it was so application specific.” That deep desire profoundly influenced everything he did in his life. It was to become the guiding criteria for all that he did and learned in his life.

The third question was at age twenty-one and was prompted by world events. About to be commissioned an Ensign in the US Navy he was considering the fact that he could shortly be in a war. The US was fighting in Vietnam were the Chinese and Russia were supporting North Vietnam. The Israelis were fight the Arabs in the 1973 War. The US was supplying the Israelis and the Russians were supplying the Arabs. The Israelis were praying to the God of Abraham to defeat the Arabs. The Arabs were praying to the God of Abraham to defeat the Israelis. But the fundamentalist Christians were praying to the God of Abraham to throw both the Israelis and the Arabs out of Jerusalem so Christ could return and set up his Kingdom on Earth in Jerusalem. He wondered how the poor God of Abraham would figure out whom He should bless. This situation cause him to seriously contemplate what people understood by the concept of God and what that concept actually meant.

He knew individuals had an experience of what they believed about their God that solidified their beliefs in an experience about God as they understood God. Then there were all the different concepts of God and what God does or does not want. Sometimes those concepts and what was required was in agreement and often they were in opposition. Yet, each of these concepts of God had individuals who had an experience of God such that they fully believed their concept was correct. After all, they did experience God as they believed. This prompted the question, “Is there one way to view Creation such that we can manifest an experience of any belief we hold no matter what it is? An experience such that, because of the experience one has, one would be willing to go to war and kill another because of the experience they had?”

In time, he found answers to all three questions/Intentions. Yet the answer did not fully reveal themselves until he took the journey into exploring creative and stumbled into an experience of the Ultimate Accident.

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