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For years the unconscious journey into creativity was propelled in the external world through the authors incessant question of “Why - why this way and not another?” In many ways he was looking for a way that the Universe worked that matched what he intuitively knew and felt about Creation. A key breakthrough came in 1993 that ultimate lead to the Ultimate Accident.

For years the author read spiritual and religious writing looking for that tradition that seemed to best express what he intuitively knew. He was looking for something but he did not quite know for what he looked. There was a deep inner longing that came from the depth of his being that could only be expressed as the need to have a understanding about how the Universe worked that corresponded to his inner awareness. The best that can be said is that the tradition had to feel right. It had to make a feeling connection within his being. Otherwise he could not accept it.

The longing what was reflected in he had to know how the Universe worked could not be satisfied by his mental acceptance of any teaching. It didn’t matter who the teacher was or what their credentials may be. The understanding had to satisfy something within his being. This longing is reflected and described in the reason why he chose to major in Physics as an undergraduate and is also the basis of the internal compass. He did not know what he sought but he knew what it could or would do for him. In essence he was looking for some very fundamental principles about the nature of Creation. Physics, quantum mechanics in particular, came the closest to corresponding how he felt about the nature of the Creation and how the Universe worked.

For over twenty- four years after he set the intention to find that which lasts, he looked to see if I could find a set of spiritual principles that were clear, concise and not cluttered with the baggage of tradition which addressed the fundament he felt within his being. He had to have his question incessant questioning, “Why this and not that?” answered. The baggage of tradition, being the dogma, rituals, and other predetermined forms of expression, did nothing to help answer these questions. They only added more questions - why this ritual, why this dogma, why this order of things? He seemed to be unable to find anything that addressed the root of “Why this and not that.”

Then, in the 1993 time frame, several of the works of Max Freedom Long came into the author’s possession. Max was an individual who wanted to learn the Huna Tradition from the native Hawaiians. However, not being a native Hawaiian, none of the Huna priest were willing to teach him anything about Huna. Then, for reasons the author doesn’t recall, Max Freedom Long discovered he could reconstruct a set of spiritual understandings from the Hawaiian language. He saw there were two meaning to many Hawaiian words. One used every day but then there was also an older or deeper meaning that has spiritual overtones. He studied the overtones of words in the Hawaiian language and their implications. Out of it came an understanding of the essence behind the Huna tradition as Max Freedom Long perceived it. In some ways you could say that Max created his finding out of a desire of his own mind and what he found was not necessarily correct.

On reflection, the understanding Max found matched extremely well with the information about how the author understood the universe appeared to operate. Whether Max Freedom Long was correct in his interpretation didn’t matter. The author found something that corresponded to his understanding. The author began to use the spiritual concepts compiled by Max and his own understanding until something better could be found. They became the skeleton of his spiritual practice and he developed a daily practice based on those understanding. The author actively began to set intentionality through a form of what he called Huna manifest constructed from these understandings. Over the years he refined his process until he out grew this particular approach. Yet the approach used is still very good to begin a practice for using clear intention to recreate an aspect of one’s life.

It is to be noted that to use the world Huna to described the author’s practice may in fact be incorrect. The author never practiced Huna as described in any of the books about Huna and never apprenticed or was a discipline of a Huna practician. The author did not follow the Huna Tradition. He did what he thought was Huna based upon Max Freedom Long’s’ writing. The author found that Huna as practice as a tradition had much of the dogma, rituals and forms of other traditions. So he uses what was effective for his life and combined whatever principles were useful.

Subsequent to Max Freedom Long, the work of Serge Kahili King, Mastering Your Hidden Self, surfaced in1996. The author found that Serge Kahili King was a Huna practician. In his book, King provided the best summary found to date of seven of the understandings and principles that corresponded to the findings of Max Freedom Long and what the author then understood about the nature of the Universe.

The daily practice the author created based on the work of Max Freedom Long and his own understand slowly fell into disuse as the author’s understanding grew. It is much like a child who outgrows their cloths. Quite simply the daily practice he created no longer fit the understanding the author had gained. If he continued to use the daily practice as it was originally created, he simply would have limited his own growth. If one expects to grow in understanding and expand their use of the unseen, they will have to drop how and what they currently think they need to do for that will limited them to what they know. They will have to experiment and see what allows them to grow and expand both their understanding and what they are capable of creating with that understanding.

What did come out of the author’s reading on the Huna tradition was a more direct way to work with the what Huna called the Lower Self. The Huna tradition describes the human being as having a triune nature or three parts. In the Huna tradition there is the Higher Self (Aumakua), Middle Self (Uhane) and Lower Self (Unihipili). The literature is usually quick to point out that using the concept of higher and lower does not imply one more important than the other or there existed a hierarchy. That emphasis was probably the key point for the author.

The other traditions which use the triune concept seem to provide a hierarchy to the triune aspect such that one is somehow preferred or better than the others. That in turn leads to a separation within the psyche of the individual and a judgement preference of one over the other. Often there is a focus on the Higher Self of “higher” aspects at the expense of Middle and Lower Self and/or “middle” and “lower” aspects of one’s being. The author’s understanding of Huna was that they are all equivalent and you had to work with all three as equivalent partners. From the author’s perspective, that in turn, leads to wholeness and integration within one’s being. A feeling of whole and integration has always been more appealing to the author than separation so he was quite naturally drawn to explore how Huna proposed to work with the Lower Self.

Here again, what the author did to work with the lower self as discussed in “Working the Triune Self” at this time was eventually dropped as his awareness grew in understanding. The key realization that remained and continued to be used by the author was the perspective of the true equivalency of the Higher, Middle and Lower Selves and that one had to work with all three part equally.

Although the author was unaware at the time, the breakthrough came when the author consciously started to work with the triune equivalent of the Son, Lower Self, subconscious self, Automaton, the body or the animal nature whatever name you wish to give it. Working with it directly was the doorway which open and lead to the Ultimate Accident and subsequently the understanding of the depth and breadth of the unlimited creativity that is inherent within our being. What the author did in working with this aspect of being at that time is discussed in the topic “Working the Triune Self.” As stated above, he has since moved on to a different way of working with this aspect of being.

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