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The occasion
Two levels to the origins
The mental level
The deeper undercurrent

The occasion to create Creativity Physics was straight forward. It was simply to fulfill an observed need. However the true origins of Creativity Physics lies much deeper than even the author initially realized. In hindsight it was a direct result of his choice to explore how we can access and manipulate the unseen energy flows that give rise to Creation.

The occasion (Top)

The occasion to create Creativity Physics came in writing the equivalent of a book entitled, Fundamentals for Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity. The material followed a workshop directed toward assisting individuals to get in touch with their unique form of creativity. The book captured many of the principles and concept discussed in the workshop about how we create our experiences.

It was found individuals did not have the concepts to bridge the seen unseen realms of creation as they related to one’s creativity. Nor did they have a good understanding of the inner and outer creative power/Creative Power available to them. The physics provided examples from nature and a way to help understand the creative process and how our own creativity works. The book captured the essentials ideas to address many of these issues. The material on the Creativity Physics on the web is essentially the material found in this book. Of course, improvement have been made, and are made, as they are found.

When the book Fundamentals for Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity was compiled in 1999, the author thought he was done with the journey to explore which he started years earlier. His thinking was relatively simplistic. Once you have the physics of creativity and know how to use it, what else did you need? Little did he suspect an entirely new phase was to open to exploration. In particular, there was the need to understand the deeper inner longing that many of us feel as a motivation in our creative endeavors.

Prior to this point, most of the exploration of creativity focused on creativity as we project it externally outward and into something like an organization. Exploration and understanding the deeper inner longing that gives rise to our creative desires was something the physics needed for understanding the phenomenon of how we create could not explain. It did not explain why we desire to create, why we create what we do, what was experienced when we do create or why we experience what we do. As noted in the origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity topic, “In the Box” the author still needed to explore other aspects of the top and bottom of the box or cage in which we hold our creative spirit captive.

What the author experienced was only a “short vacation” from the journey. However the content of the Creativity Physics aspect has remained essentially unchanged throughout the remainder of the journey. Although each presentation of the concepts provided a refinement of the material the essential content has remain unchanged. What changed in the second half of the journey was the author’s understanding of the origins of this material.

Two levels to the origins (Top)

There are two levels to the origins of the Creativity Physics. One, the “mental” level, is the more mundane level based on our mind. It is reflective of how and what we think about the universe and how we think it operations. The mental level was what the author originally perceived was the origins of Creativity Physics.

The second level is actually too much for many to believe. Having been trained as physicist, the author knew there are flows of energy of which we are not always aware. There are cause effect relationships. He knew energy flows because of a cause that, in turn, produces the effect we experience. So the question the author choose to explore was can we access the flows of energy that are giving rise to the experiences we have both individually and collectively. The answer is we can.

This second level is based on a deeper level of understanding reflective of deep undercurrents within creation and our lives which give rise to Creation. These deep undercurrents are more reflective of the mystical journey experienced by the author. The deep undercurrents reflect a piece of essential understanding revealed in the journey to find an alternative way. In this journey, the author decided to actively pursue the concept of the body as an energy detector and explore how we sense and interpret the unseen energy of Creation.

The mental level (Top)

As one may suspect, the origins of Creativity Physics lies in the authors education as a physicist. It was quite natural for him to use examples from the world of physics, chemistry and nature to explain the creative process and what he experienced in the Ultimate Accident. It is only natural that he would do so.

However, looking to physics to understand how we create went deeper. The original goal of the exploration into creativity was to understand organizational creativity and find creative solutions to the problems that were faced. However, as he explore creativity it naturally evolved into understanding how we create our experiences in the physical world which in turn lead to how that includes the reality of the experiences. It then became necessary to find a way to explain how this was possible.

The real driving force and origins to talk about Creativity Physics and use it in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material came from a combination of two things. The first was a result of understanding and overlaying the physical and mystical aspects of Creation and the oneness inherent in Creation as a result in his realization and experience of oneness in the Ultimate Accident. In this awareness he came to understand how to view energy and consciousness as being equivalent. The challenge was to show how this energy conscious relationship allows us, and actually causes us, to create our experiences such that for all practical purposes a human being is a creativity machine that cannot not create.

The author looked to physics and nature for explanations of how this can be seen to work as a result of something he learned from the experiences of Neils Bohr when Bohr struggled with understanding the atomic structure and first postulated a model for the atom. Bohr’s comments essentially said that if we wish to find a way to understand nature, then to look to nature for guidance.

If all existed in oneness, all arises out of the same “stuff” of Creation. Both energy and consciousness arises out of the same material of Creation. Hence to understand how consciousness created its experiences, it was only a short leap to look to the physics of energy and the phenomena of nature for ways and examples to understand how consciousness was creating the experience it had. It made sense to look at nature to see what nature revealed about how the creative process works. It only made sense to look at the creative processes that occur in nature to see what information they may provided about how we, as individuals and as consciousness, create our reality and the reality of those experiences. The creative processes of nature can also provide some understanding as to what creative powers lies internally and what lies externally to each of us.

Additionally, there are some assumptions the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Understanding makes about the nature of reality based on what has been experienced in the journey to explore creativity. These assumptions are address best if we understand a few physics concepts. These assumption were needed to explain certain phenomenon the author saw relative to our internal creative power and ability and the connection with the external creative power/Creative Power of Creation. In many ways they parallel several assumptions made by Einstein early in Einstein’s work about the quantization of light. The author found the approach by both Bohr and Einstein has a significant influence on Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding.

In many ways the mind set we have about our creative power and ability is not unlike the mind set the physic community faced at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Physicist had their ideas and models about how Nature worked. Many of those ideas continued to be pushed even when they were obviously failing to predict the way Nature worked. Both Bohr and Einstein found ways to step out and break that mind set.

In a similar way, the author has found there are many creative powers and abilities we inherently possess. However, we never access them simply because our models and/or ways of thinking about ourselves limits the creative power available to us. Our thinking and our beliefs put our creativity in a cage of our own making. In essence we have a creative mind set that keeps our creativity captive rather than freeing it to create. The creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred provides a way to break out of this mind set. Creativity Physics is designed to provide the mind a way to understand how it is possible that we do create the experiences we have and help make it safe for our mind to let our creative spirit out of the cage it has constructed.

The deeper undercurrent  (Top)

For the longest time, the author was comfortable with the above explanation to the origins of Creativity Physics. However, in time, he came to realize something else was at work. It was something at first glance is too much to be believed.

The origins of Creativity Physics can also be said to arise from a deeper undercurrent of Creation which was intuitively accessed. This deeper undercurrent was accessed much the way physicist and chemist have always intuitively accessed information about the nature of Creation. If you look at the History of Physics and Chemistry making breakthroughs through intuitive understanding readily occurred. What is different about the material here is just that this author did not use the mathematics typically used by physicist today to explain what they intuit.

It can be said, there are two kinds of physicists. Each lies on opposite ends of a spectrum. Each physicist contains a mixture of each. One kind uses the mathematics of physics to both explain and predict what should be experienced. The other kind intuits an understanding and then look for a mathematical way to prove it or support it.

Although the author had an experience early in his journey to find an alternative way which alluded to this fact, he did not understand it at the time. As discussed in the journey to find an alternative way, the author began to investigate if the body could be considered an energy detector of the unseen realms of Creation. He began that exploration with working with several psychics.

Frustrate with something he was encountering on the journey, the author asked one of the psychics, “What if I quit this journey?” The psychic’s replay was, “The lead will just be given to another.” At the time, the author did not understand exactly to what the psychic was referring. The author did not have sufficient personal experience with the deep undercurrents of Creation to make sense of what he was being told to his logical mind. He had not yet obtained that minimum set of requisite experience to understand the deep undercurrents of Creation or what he will find when he accesses them.

In the discussion, “A reflection on our creation -the creator, the creation and the creative process” the author talks about our creativity, whether it be to create an experience or some object or expression such as art or music, is a byproduct of our way of being. Any profession trains it members in a way of being and/or perceiving the world. That way of being allows for insights about Creation that they could otherwise not have. An engineer’s way of being is different than a psychologist’s way of being which is different than a dancer’s way of being. Being multidimensional beings, we can overlap our perception but in general, different professions provided a different way of being and seeing the world. That does not make one view more or less valuable or important, just different. These different ways of being allow for different insights about the nature of Creation and the human experience of Creation.

However, there is a deeper issue that arises from our way of being. It is obvious our ways of being allow us to have different perceptions of about the world we experience. But our ways of being also cause us to intuitively access different undercurrents of Creation. This has profound impact that goes well beyond what most comprehend. It also gives rise to many arguments between people because they both argue from the truth of their own experiences about the truth of reality. Both argue from different perspectives.

The traditional story used to demonstrate this about human perception is that six blind men go and explore a different part of an elephant. The first man, who gets the tail, says the elephant is like a snake. The second one who grabs a leg says the elephant is like a cylinder or a tree. The third holds the trunk and says the elephant is like a fire hose. The fourth grabs the ear and says the elephant is flat and thin. The fifth tried to grab the elephant around it stomach and says it is so large he cannot get his arms around it. The sixth uses a step ladder to climb on top and say the elephant is taller than a man standing on the shoulders of another.

The question in this example is, “Who is right?” Which of the men have correctly described the elephant. What can give the correct description? The answer is they are all correct but they are all also wrong. The answer lies in all of the pieces and more. So to any perception humans use to describe Creation. All that we can say, including the composite of all that everyone has observed, is still incorrect no matter how correct it may be. There is more to Creation than our conscious mind can understand. The question is, “What perspective provides the most effective view of Creation for what we wish to create for that perspective is also what gives rise to how our intuitive insights are interpreted and perceived.

What most of us are not aware is that many of us find it difficult to separate out our intuitive insights from what we think is a normal logical thinking pattern of our mind. To do so, one must be very mindful and aware to discern the origin of the thoughts which is actually not as hard as it sounds. Because different ways of being produce different insights, members of a given profession will tend to have more intuitive insight that are similar because they are accessing the same deep undercurrents of Creation. Yet the members of that profession will consider many of the insights part of the straight forward thinking logic of their training when, in fact, it is not.

This becomes most obvious when the member of a profession talks to a lay person or another member of their profession. A chemist will talk to a chemist differently than they do to a lay person about their area of expertise. Part of communicate is language based. That is, the lay person does not have the language of the chemist. But it is actually deeper than language. There are insights that are more intuitive that arise because of the way the chemist views creation. The intuitive insights are shared quite naturally with a member of the profession such that it appears language based when they are not.

The author’s greatest experience with this phenomenon occurred when he just graduated from graduate school. He was asked to teach men with only a High School degree and little to no science background the principles and concepts of a nuclear reactors for the purpose of operating such a reactor. It was the most profound education of physics that author ever received. In college and graduate school, the author relied on the mathematics to understand the physics. Now all of a sudden the mathematics was taken from him. He had to explain all the physics concepts and principle with nothing more that High School Algebra. No calculus, no differential equations, no polar coordinates, no group theory, and none of all the other mathematical tools in the author’s mathematical arsenal.

To the author, it was a huge challenge. He had to essentially relearn all the physics he knew. It is as thought he had to learn it in a different language. What he knew through the language of mathematics, he now had to learn through his every day intuition and find a way to communicate through the intuition of every day language. One of the more comic examples that worked was to explain gravity. When asked by a student, “How does gravity work,” the author replied, “The earth sucks.” Of course, the class laughed and the student said, “No really, how does gravity work.” Again the author replied, “The earth sucks.” The author then said, “ Seriously, the earth sucks. The earth doesn’t blow, it sucks. It is an observed phenomenon that is just the way it is.” The student replied, “Oh, I get it.” For the student to understand the earth inherently sucks made more sense to his mind than the equation governing gravitation attraction and saying there was an invisible force of attraction between particles with mass that physic has yet to explain why it exists. At an intuitive level, the student understood. How that intuitive understanding arose was not as important as the understanding itself. Simplistic as it sound, this conversation is reflective of what gave rise to the origins of Creativity Physics.

It was years before the author realized that what he thought were logical conclusions about the nature of Creation and how we create were not necessarily all logical. Many of them were intuitive understanding because of the author’s perspective. This issue became more acute as the author studied creativity and to find a way to communicate what he saw and experienced. The fundamental awareness the author gained in the Ultimate Accident about the nature of the Source of Creation and the source/Source of our creative power has never changed. The struggle has been to find a way to communicate it. Frankly, the author could not understand why is was do difficult to communicate what he knew. It seemed so obvious.

Nevertheless, the author struggled to capture the understanding in whatever way he could. He found the physical analogies, metaphors and processes within physics quite useful. But it was as though he was struggling to communicate something that was beyond what most could really understand and he couldn’t understand why. It seemed so obvious. Then, in time he realized something. In watching the TV shows that tried to communicate advances in String Theory the author took notice of the analogies the String Theorists used to explain the phenomenon they were trying to communicate. He noticed that many were identical to what he was using and, more importantly, they were trying to communicate the same understanding. The only difference was, the String Theorist were doing what he did early in his career. That is, trying to explain a phenomenon relatively easily understood with mathematics without the mathematics.

The String Theorists were trying to bridge the gap between what the mathematics provides and what the mathematics is really communicating about the nature of the Universe. It was the same problem the author faced years earlier. The difference now was that the author did not have the mathematics that went with the insights he was accessing. The String Theorist on the other hand used the mathematics to gain the insights and now were troubled with trying to explain the insights without the mathematics.

In the end, the author came to realize he was accessing the same deep undercurrent as the String Theorist. It is why the psychic said years earlier that if the author gave up the journey it would be given to another. What the author had been doing and what he has access is not personal. It is something we all do but do not necessary understand. He understood simply as a result of the physics perspective he gained in his life. Others would similarly access those currents and present them to people. The only difference is that their perspective would be different than the author’s and what they present would appear different. Yet it is essentially the same - much like the six blind men exploring the elephant. .

In essence, humanity has reached a level of awareness that it can now tap into a deeper understanding that what has every been possible with the human view of Creation. The viewpoint of the physicist creates the mind set to see this deep undercurrent in a way that humanity can begin to tap into it and use it on a more massive scale. However, accessing this deep undercurrent has always been available to humanity. Many mystics have tapped into the same current but did not have the metaphors, analogies and means to effectively capture what they experienced and communicated it. They communicated the best they could. Many talked about the God or the Creator within. Yet those expression were only a metaphors for the inherent ability of the human being to tap into the Source of Creation and the deepest levels of the creative power/Creative Power available to each of us. It was the author’s mystical path that allowed him to work with the insights his rational mind trained in physics was providing.

The essence of what this means is that humanity is only now collectively obtaining the minimum set of requisite experience to truly understand the depth and breadth of creative power/Creative Power that is available to each of us. The true origins of Creative Physics lie in a very deep undercurrent of Creation. One goal of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is to help you the reader access and experience this deep undercurrent for your self in your own way. It is an experience open to you if you desire to create it. Only to do so will require you to become different. It does not require you to become a physicist. It only requires you to create a way of being in your life that allows you to access the information and understanding it provides. How you do that is unique to yourself and it is your intuitive guidance that will take you there. You only need to ask for directions. A creativity perspective and holding your creativity sacred will help you in your journey as will the ideas in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials

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