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As a result of how our creative power is in intertwined and linked to both our spirituality as related to our concept of God and our sexuality, a common introduction and a discussion of the link between Creative Spirituality and Creative Sexuality is provided as to their origins and occasion for being created. These two topics are discussed in the following files:

A common introduction to origins and occasion for creating
Creative Spirituality and Creative Sexuality

Overview of the primary issue and integral linking of God and sex

The above discussion are not essential to the origins of Creative Spirituality but they do provides additional information on the subject.

The occasion for creating Creative Spirituality

The occasion to create Creative Spirituality was when the author realized that to access and release our unlimited creativity, we needed to create the conditions to embrace the external Creative Powers face to face in a way that empowers us. The way we will need to do this is unique to our own being. We need to be able to explore the external Creative Powers and see what they look like to us. However often our concept of God does not allows us to embrace the external Creative Powers in the way we need to do. Many will have to transcend their concept of God to see what really inspires them and catalyzes their creative passion.

What occurred to bring the author to this realization was when he was talking to a particular client with whom he had worked over a period of about two years. The client had commented as how, as a child, they told their parents they did not want to go to their parents church. So the author asked the client, ‘Take me to your church, take me to that place that inspires you.” The client was baffled by such a request.

However, a few week later, the author was invited to visit a piece of property along the Chesapeake Bay the client was considered buying. Having known the client for some time, the author was thrilled to see the transformation in the client when they arrived at the property. But is was not the house or the property that was exciting the client. It was the water and the Bay.

In talking to the client about what he observed it become obvious that the client had a connection with the water in a way the client had never realized. They client knew they were drawn to water but never understood the connection as a place where they drew power. It was a deep connection that went to the soul of their being. It was clear their “church” was the Bay. The energy that the client drew from being around the Bay was simply transformative. The author had no doubt he had visited the client’s “church” where the client could meet the external Creative Powers in a way that inspired them.

In this realization the author finally understood the issue with breaking out of the top and bottom of the cage or box as discussed in the topic, “In a Box” in which we place our creative spirit. In this realization the author knew he would have to create something to help people face the issue of breaking out of the top of the box which held their creative spirit captive. Creative Spirituality is that response.

Origins of Creative Spirituality

The author never gave any consideration to exploring spirituality as part of his journey into creativity. However, the experience of the Ultimate Accident changed all of that.

The deepest origins of Creative Spirituality probably lie in the fact the author never experienced a separation between the spiritual and the physical. The more he understood the physical the more he seemed to understand the creative powers/Creative Powers of Creation what people attribute to God. Hence the more he felt he understood God. However, he was taught the physical world and spiritual world are separate and that God stands apart from Creation. As a child he believed what he was taught and believed it until he had a personal experience of the oneness of Creation in the Ultimate Accident.

The most significant event in the Ultimate Accident was to experience the release of the creative spirit. In the past, the author saw what spiritual traditions called our spirit released within a given spiritual tradition. One aspect of the Ultimate Accident was to see the released of a creative spirit in even more power, playful and profound way in a context that had nothing to do with spirituality. In that moment the author saw the true oneness of Creation. In that moment he came to understanding what is in each of us is a creative spirit and it desires to create. Along with that experience came an experience of the Source of Creation. That experience completely shatter any ideas he had about: Creation, his own ego and his identity; what he was here in physical Creation to do and the separate of the spiritual and the physical. He knew in that moment that what he was taught was inaccurate. The question was, “What was a more accurate view of Creation?” The answer to this question eluded the author for several years.

In the Ultimate Accident he found there was no separation as he was lead to believe. Yet, at the time of the Ultimate Accident he held onto the belief there was a God separate from Creation and that stood apart from Creation. He long since resolved the issue of the triune self within his own being. Although the Ultimate Accident destroyed any issue that saw the spiritual and physical as separate, he still believed in spiritual entities and beings that existed apart from himself. He saw spiritual entities as separate being no different that we he experienced as a human. That is, each human is a separate being with a free will. Hence, it made perfect sense for there to be non physical beings. Seeing God standing apart and separate was seen as being no different.

In fact, the Opening Prayer was created specifically to address this issue of non physical beings. What prompt the author to write it was he felt he needed all the unseen help he could get for what he was going to try and do. He reflected on what he really understood about the unseen realms and God and created a prayer that came from the essence of his being and his understanding of Creation. He wrote it as he would talk to any person to solicit their help. He felt he should talk to them talk to them as honestly and as truthful as he could be. He felt it would be appropriate to attempt to talk directly to their heart. He wanted to make them passionate about what he was trying to do so they would help. Or, if not help, at least not interfere. The Opening Prayer reflected that communication with the Creative Powers of Creation. It was the author full meeting his own understanding of the Creative Powers of Creation at that point in his life.

In reading the Eastern mystical literature, the author contemplated several concepts that his Ultimate Accident seemed to challenge. One concept was the concept of “no-thing-ness.” Many of the mystics talked about it. Another was the creative process reflected in the Gods which were described as the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer which were all products of a “greater” God that lied behind them and gave rise to each of them. Another concept was how the mystics could calm the statement, “I am God.”

As the author read more and more about what the variety of mystics were saying he reflected on what they said. He then started to reflect on the concepts of energy and consciousness. In time he made the connection between the two as described in the “Interdisciplinary Aspects of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology.” He also found a way using a concept analogous to the phenomenon of pair production were each of us can be the creators of both our experiences and the reality of those experience. The author felt that analogy could explain the mystics could say our inner world is reflected in outer world or the “as above, so below” principle. It seemed to explain things like psychics abilities, synchronicity, Native Amerian familiars, and the like. Yet the author was not drawn to discuss spiritual. He felt his work was about creativity and he still viewed creativity and spiritual as different fields of study.

However, the author was becoming more and more aware of the power of our creative imagination. Although he was familiar with rituals and ceremonies, he began to become aware of such things a meta-theater and the power of creative play. Although he explored accelerated learning techniques, he started to move more and more into play and using theater as a way to create playful metatheater where a different level of our being was accessed. He being to better understand the role of our creative imagination both in our learning process and our creativity.

In seeing the release of the creative spirit in a non spiritual context, the author began to look deeper at what was really being giving to people about this creative spirit in spiritual and religious traditions. He looked more and more into different mystical traditions to see what he could glean about the creative spirit. Most seemed to talk about their concept of God but few talked directly to the creative creative powers/Creative Powers themselves whether they resided in God or in the individual. None seemed to be able to relate to the creative power being access in the modern sciences that were transforming the way humans were living. In particular he explored what was taught about the Beloved/beloved this powerful desire and drive that seemed to emanate from our heart. Yet, although he was developing an understanding about the relationship of God and the external Creative Powers and he seen how little was provided on the topic of our creative spirit and the inner and outer creative powers, he had no interest in writing about spirituality.

He then stumbled unexpectedly upon something. In reading about the life of the founder of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous the author realized he would have to write about spirituality. Three things impacted the author about the founders life. One was the author found it intriguing that breakthrough in sobriety for the founder of the Twelve Steps came in embracing God. But what was intriguing was not embracing God, but he could not accept God as the people around he were trying to communicate to him. Rather, his breakthrough came when he surrendered to God as he understood God to be. He opened the door to gaining control over his addiction when he embraced God as he understood God and there was at least one person who stood by him to hold him accountable for what he desired to create, in this case sobriety.

What the author saw was the importance of embracing God as we understood God to be. It is what the author had to do to be set up for the Ultimate Accident and what it had to offer. It is not to embrace anyone else’s perception of God but the way we perceive God. Additionally, to create what he desires, name sobriety from alcohol the founder needed another who support him in that adventure. This experience of the founder of the Twelve Steps, in essence laid out an important aspect of the creative process. That is, we need to embrace both the internal and external creative powers/Creative Powers as we understand them and have at least one person support our efforts and hold us accountable to what we desire to create.

The second thing the author saw was that the founder of the Twelve Steps had experiences similar to his own. In reflecting on why the author pursued those experiences, he could see the founder of the Twelve Steps was probably pursing them for similar reasons. The founder of the Twelve Step was pursing a spiritual journey to get a better understanding of what people called God but he was rejecting the commonly accepted concepts. He was looking for something the normally accepted concepts of God, spirituality and religion do not address. So he had to look at the alternative he could find. Yet the founder was still looking at what others saw as God and they saw as spiritual. He did not appear to be allowed to explore his own unique truth and understanding about God.

The third thing was that the author saw the founder of the Twelve Steps was not free to live his truth. He kept trying to fit in to a world he did not really fit. It was not that he could not fit, but no one gave him the space to do what he needed to do in the way he needed to do it. That understanding the author gleaned, in part, the way the story of the founder was told. The story was told within the standards of society and there were judgment made on what the founder did. They were not condemnations of the founder but rather they reflected the perception of society and the failure to see a creative spirit seeking to freely express itself according to its truth. Society does not currently encourage such adventures.

In seeing what the found of the Twelve Steps program faced, the author felt a deep compassion this individual and his struggle. The author knew there was another way and that others did not have to have such experiences. So the author created the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines and realized he would have to write about creativity and spirituality.

The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines provide a way to explore our creative power with an individual of our choice. Creating the Creative Spirituality home page, is the way the author can provide his support and stand by you and encourage you to explore not so much God, but the creative powers/Creative Powers of Creation as you know them to be. You free to use any concept of God you wish. There is no judgement made on any concept of God. It is only recommended you use what is effective in your life to create what you desire. The material on the Creative Spirituality provides you some thoughts to begin to explore the inner and outer creative powers/Creative Powers.

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