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There was an event which occurred while the author was consciously switching from the professional path to the mystical path as the primary focus of his life. It was about two years after the Ultimate Accident. It metaphorically foretold what the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach would look like. The event involved the dream of an individual with whom the author was drawn to work through a series of synchronicity. The full significance of the dream, nor its importance, were not realized until seven years after the experience about the time the workshop on the nurturing creative feminine power was being created which subsequently gave rise to the Feminine Power and Creativity web site.

The author has had several experiences of appearing or being in people’s dreams before the individuals had met him. Appearance in people’s dreams had happened frequently enough to not surprise the author. On one occasion he appeared in the dream of a lady with whom he was to work to help her in her creative efforts. The dream foretold in its own way the essence of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach and the understanding as to how you properly use the feminine nurturing energy to nurture a creative endeavor. The dream went as follows, told from her perspective.

“I was in the living room of my house and I was expecting guests. There was this big fat lady sitting in the room. She said that I had to clean the house up before I could receive the guests and she began to supervise my efforts. When I went into the bathroom I discovered it was all covered and spattered with feces. The big fat lady made me clean it all up before my guest could arrive. I literally and figuratively had to “clean up my shit.” I knew in the dream that the big fat lady was Ken and he was holding me accountable to what I needed to clean up in my life.”

There are probably a variety of ways you can interpret this dream. Yet, this dream became the essence of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding in several ways. It is to become a shape shifter. There needs to be a nurturing feminine creative energy to supply both the safe and secure space and the nurturing creative energy to fuel the creation for the desired creation to grow and unfold. In particular, to become more creatively feminine than the individual whose creative spirit is to be called forth.

From a creativity perspective, and part of the creative process, the feminine can, and will, pull out of the masculine things the masculine does not know it is capable of doing. In many ways the masculine does not know what is inside of itself. It takes the feminine to pull out its essence. The work the author did for this client was to become more feminine than her inner feminine to call forth the masculine aspect of her creative spirit to thrust out into the world. That is, she needed to learn to speak and live her truth in the world. Her truth and the energy and power to live that truth were long suppressed by the world in which she grew up. Although she was very successful in life, she was not living her truth and true to the essence of her being. She was living what she was programmed to life.

The author simply created a safe and secure space to awaken and call forth the truth that was within her being. He became the rainmaker to awaken her truth and allow it to grow within her being. Then he became the dream midwife given her the space and means for her truth to birth and come into the world. Then he reminded in her life much like a dream midwife until her truth was strong enough to stand on its own two feet in the world. Strong enough to defend itself and not retreat what it was thwarted in its express as it did as a child.

To become this rainmaker, dream midwife and dream midwife a part of oneself must die to be able to give to the creation what is necessary and not what mind thinks or wants to give. It is to create a safe nurturing space such that the individual’s creative spirit is free to unfold true to itself. Without a nurturing feminine creative energy, the creative spirit will essentially die as discussed in “Isolation - the experience of a three year old.” It will either destroy itself much as the three year old child tried to do or, it will slow starve for lack of nourishment. Or it can become so wounded it will withdraw and seek to protect itself - reluctant, if not refusing, to come out. Yet for that creative spirit to come out, someone must call it forth. But they must call it forth and give it the safe and secure space to be true to itself. Otherwise, the creative spirit will feel betrayed. It is to do what needs to be done to nurture the creative spirit.

What was done for this particular individual was the space was created for her to thrust out in her truth. To “clean up her shit” this individual, as we all ultimately need to do, needed to drop and clear up all the conscious and nonconscious reasons why she was unable to step into and live from her truth in her life. She had to drop the programming of what it meant to be female and how she was taught to please those in her life at the expense of her own truth. It can be said she had to learn to live true to what was symbolized in the heart - that is true to the flow of energy within her being , her creative spirit - and to go where it wants to lead. She had to learn to allow her heart to intend her life and allow mind to attend to the details to make it happen

For this to happen, someone had to become more creatively feminine than she. That is, more feminine is the sense of nurturing her creative spirit better then her mind could nurture it. In doing so, her masculine creative energy was called forth to thrust out into the world and defend what she needed to do in accordance with her truth. The masculine aspect of her being, reflected in her truth, needed time to grow and find itself. When her masculine creative energy became strong enough to thrust out without compromising her truth, it was able to clear the way for her feminine creative energy to properly nurture her creative spirit in the way it needed to be nourished.

What became clear over time was the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding is about the nurturing feminine creative energy and the ability inherent in the author to create a space of nurturing creative feminine energy but available to each of us. At age three the author’s creative spirit knew that it could not become what it needed to become without that nurturing feminine creative energy. Although the author always had that inherent ability to create that safe and secure space and could unconsciously tap into it as reflected in his experience as a healer, it took the Ultimate Accident and what he experience to catalyze the masculine aspect of his being to thrust out in it truth. In the light of the awareness of the source/Source, he saw how much of his truth was denied by the world in which he live and created.

So too each of us. The understanding about the creative spirit and the nurturing feminine creative energy lied dormant or subconscious within our being much like the author. It lied dormant or subconscious until a space is created where we are given the choice to act on awakening it or allowing it to remain asleep. In returning to a conscious experience of the source of our creative power and the understanding about the creative spirit and the nurturing feminine creative energy will be awakened. They will slowly be revealed overtime to evolve into a charisma unique to our being. In the author's case, it was the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding that is now available.

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