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The start of my journey to look for finding an alternative way to live life was to explore the premise that our body was an energy detector. The idea arose from the fact that, as a nuclear energy physicist, working on a electron linear accelerator shooting electrons at gold nuclei, I never saw that with which I worked. I never saw an electron. I never saw the nucleus of a gold atom. I never saw the radiation which was emitted from the electrons or the gold nucleus. Yet, with properly calibrated instruments and tools, I could manipulate the electrons and create repeatable effects with gold and other nuclei and/or manipulate the energy released from accelerating electrons.

As a child I heard of individuals who could pick up radio signals with their teeth. Whether the stories were true or not, I donít know. But as a teenage I became more aware of individuals possessing psychic powers and individuals having mystical experiences. As a physicist, I knew how electromagnetic waves and nuclear particles interacted with matter. I also knew the human body is constructed of atoms and there are safety precautions which need to be taken around strong electric and magnetic fields because of the effects these fields have on the body. With these understandings, I began to wonder if the human body could not be uses as an energy detector if properly calibrated. I began to wonder if psychics, mystics and the like who had experiences with the unseen energy and unseen realms of Creation simply has better calibration than others. If so, how do we calibrate the body.

To explore the concept of our body being an energy detector, I went to visit the significant other of a college friend in Reading, Pennsylvania. They were psychic and I had previously talked briefly with them on the phone. In that phone conversation, they said to get a more accurate reading, I would need to be in their presences. My feeling were to go talk to them to see what they and how they see unseen energy and to better understand how proximately influenced what one could see.

To meet with this individual, rather than to travel to and from Reading in one day, I elected to stay overnight. In the morning, in the lobby of the motel, the room was full of business women. I believe I was the only male in the room at the time. But while in the lobby, I was provided an insight about my understanding being associate what was described as "warrior women." At the time I did not understand as to what exactly the warrior women referred. Nor did I understand what understanding I possess or would access which applied to the warrior women.

In time, as I began to see how much the feminine aspect of our being is needed to nurture a creation. The feminine aspect is the key to creation and all depends on the feminine aspect and its ability to nourish the creation. I began to see how much we need a very strong inner feminine coupled with a strong inner masculine. But it was the feminine aspect which needed to lead the creative effort. In fact, it was the feminine aspect which allows for the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix. I come to see for a variety of reasons, the stronger our feminine aspect the faster, easier, gentler and more playful a transformation we can have. Part of this understanding is what gave rise to the discussion on feminine creative power and the "Feminine Creative Power" web site.

What I come to understand was the "warrior women" consisted of those males and females who sufficient developed the ability to create a safe and secure space for the free unfoldment of an individuals creative spirit and provide the nurturing feminine creative energy necessary to meet the creative spirits true needs. They were individuals who were free to enter the most creative state of being and enter a spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discover and exploration of the true needs of the creation. They could step out of mind and adopt a beginnerís mind about what needed to be done. They could readily become a creative shape shifter to shift their shape to play what ever role was required to meet the true needs of the creation. Yet, they were warriors in the masculine sense of the word. They had a balanced inner masculine and inner feminine and could fight to protect that safe and secure space with the skill and wisdom of the powerful warrior.

These women warrior are not women who response to the world with the current masculine view and approach to creation. They are called women warrior only because more of these individuals are woman because of the womenís natural inclination to nourish and nurse her offspring. That is, women tend to be more open to that feminine nurturing role required to meet the true needs of a creation that most men. Nevertheless, men can be just as effective as any woman in becoming that warrior women who will both fight as a warrior to give to true needs to a creation yet provide all the nurturing necessary for those true needs to be met.

What became clear over time is that both men and women have what is needed inside themselves to become a warrior woman to nurture the true needs of a creation. However, most have their inner masculine castrated early in life. It is then not able to create the space within the individual to allow the inner feminine to mature. Without a mature inner feminine knowing how to nurture our true needs we cannot nurture the needs of any other. We cannot give what we do not have. If we do not know how or we cannot nurture our true needs, we will not know how and cannot nurture the true needs of any other. Women warriors are individuals that have both the inner masculine and inner feminine being free to mature and then allowing the feminine aspect of their being to lead. Allowing the feminine aspect to lead can alternatively be said to learn to dance between the heart and mind and to navigate from the heart. That is allow the heart to lead and the mind making it safe to follow the heart and where it desires to go.

One the point of the castrated inner masculine, although the inner masculine may have been castrated early in life, it can be resurrected and made potent. It can be restored to health and create that space for the inner feminine to mature. Resurrecting the castrated inner masculine is about learning and becoming our own truth. It is about dying before we die. It is to choose to become the phoenix and die to our past and to call back our creative power to be reborn again with an identity which is true to who and what we are.

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