How your life can change and truth in labeling issues

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From the “Our Creative Spirit” Home Page: Accessing and establishing a conscious relationship with our creative spirit will change your life. How much your life will change depends on what type of relationship you choose to create with your creative spirit. (More on .... How your life can change and truth in labeling)

There is an old saying. An individual learns from their mistakes. A wise individual learns from the mistakes of others. A fool never learns. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach looks to help you to become wise in your creative endeavors no matter what they may be and learn from the experience and, sometimes, the mistakes of others. In this regard, there are things we can learn about how the lives of others have changed. We can begin to understand and have some idea as to what to expect when we step into the unknown to consciously embrace our creative spirit.

Modern society encourages truth in all labeling and/or “up front”full disclosure on all products. It is encouraged so that the user can be aware of any hazards or side effects to any products that are used and/or prevent false advertising. It is to help ensure the user is not deceived or advantage taken of their lack of understanding or lack of appropriate information. In this regard, there are things which will occur that one may find unacceptable or at least undesirable. Here again, having some idea as to what can be expected, one can implement compensatory measure to reduce the discomfort.

Relative to accessing and becoming intimate with our creative endeavors there are several topics that fall under truth in labeling and/or up front, full disclosure considerations. In these considerations, we can learn from the experiences and/or mistakes of others who have gone before us into exploring the world of creativity.

How your life will change (Top)

As discussed within the topic “How the Creative Spirit Functions,” it tends to operate behind the scenes. Only when it is called forth, given permission to come out and given the space to unfold true to its nature do we face significant life changes. The reason for this is quite simply. A part of you has lied unseen, unacknowledged and essentially dormant behind the life that you have created. When this creative spirit is awaken, there is another person in your life. When this creative spirit appears, you have a choice. One is to deny it and suppress it. One is to surrender to it. The third is to learn to dance with it. But to dance with it, you must allow the lead to alternate between what your mind wants and what your creative spirit wants. This dance will cause you to live life in alternative way.

Our problem is that once we become aware of the creative spirit, we cannot go back and live in unawareness of is existence. If we try and suppress it or even suppress the awareness of it, we will cause ourselves to experience pain and separation in our life at some level of our being. Exactly how the pain and separation is experienced depends on the individual. It may be just a deep dissatisfaction with life. It may be a deep inner longing for a beloved or The Beloved. It may be a feeling of separate or alienation from others. Or, it may be a feeling there is something more but you don’t know what that more is. Pushing it aside can even create accident, illness, and/or other things that we experience life that seem to make life and living a less than satisfactory experience.

It needs to be realized is that our creative spirit has the ability to create an inner satisfaction with life that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world. The ability to create this inner state is lost when the creative spirit is denied and/or suppressed.

To surrender to the creative spirit, our life is no longer our own. It is as though our life is controlled by forces outside ourselves. This can be very frightening to mind. Mind is afraid that its worst fears from the past or what it has seen happen to other will surface in their life. Yet this creative spirit possesses a life giving wisdom. The creative spirit incarnated to have certain types and kinds of experiences. There is an intention, the intention for our life, that governs its unfoldment. Usually this unfoldment is a deep undercurrent carrying us through life and it seeks to create the life it incarnated to have. However, when we become consciously aware of its existence it become frightening. We become frighten because the life that it seeks is most often not what our mind wants. Yet it is only in seeking the life we incarnated to have do we find that inner satisfaction that never runs dry. In reality, consciously embracing the creative spirit is nothing different that what already exists in our life. It is just that we are experiencing consciously what we are currently doing subconsciously.

Dancing with our creative spirit also causes our life to become different. In dancing with our creative spirit we can retain much control over our life but we nourish our creative spirit in the way it need to be nourished. There is much we can leave the same in our life but we will need to look to see what we do in life which allows us to hold our creativity sacred. In the same way we do not normally place our selves in a situation where we can harm or injury ourselves or where we can be harmed or injured by another, we will being to look to do the same for our creative spirit. That will then cause us to live our life differently.

How different depends on three things. One is how much we have been harming and injuring our creative spirit by the life we have been lead to live based on what we think and believe. A second thing is how much others have or are harming or injuring our creative spirit. Many of us live life to please others rather at the expense of our creative spirit. The third thing is how much we change our life as we begin to address the response patterns we have been using in life to keep our creative spirit safe based on the past. That is changing the response patters of the past that we use that created in response to where our creative spirit has been harmed and injured or where its creative thrust were somehow thwarted in its efforts. As we being to address these three things, we will find our life become different. They will not necessarily be radical changes but you will see an evolution to a different way of being in the world and responding to the world.

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