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There are a number of issues and topics that address truth in labeling, full disclosure, lessons learned and/or the expectations of our mind which we may need to face. Many of these issues are addressed in the body of the discussions found on this and related web sites. The following files compiles some of the more important discussion on such topics.  It is recommended you start with "Why Truth in Labeling and Full Disclosure."

 Dealing with the truth
Too much to be believed

The story of the five men
The Impact of what you believe

Issue of our unlimited creativity
Why truth in labeling and full disclosure
Inner satisfaction and appeasing the mind

Our unlimited creativity and creating wealth
Perceived destruction of one’s creative passion
A recommendation to look at one’s concept of God
There is magic and power but not what you think it is
Truth in labeling - health and healing related disclaimer
Accessing the source/Source of your creative power and ability
Nothing really different except making the subconscious conscious
The overall intention for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology

Medical disclaimer for Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity and related topics
The true hazard of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material - if there is one

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