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The following is material developed by the author to assist himself and/or others to step into their own creative power. You may find the following useful in your own creative endeavors. They are provided here only as a sample. Although you may like with you see and use it as it is, it is recommended you develop an equivalent in your own words and in the way that works to empower you. Use creating the equivalent of the following as an opportunity to step into your own creative powers. To do so, it is recommended you eat and digest what you think you want to use, then allow the insights to arise from your own being as to how you should use what is here, rewrite it or create your own equivalent.

The intent of this pool of creation/Creation calming exercise is to assist in quieting and calming the energy within our being. It is based on the particle - wave nature of energy, the equivalence of energy and consciousness, and the pool of creation/Creation analogy for creation/Creation

Background and suggested use

The following is a sample meditation developed for use in a Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity workshop. It is provide for you use as a reference and/or a starting point to develop your own exercise or use in your journey. You can use it if you wish but it is recommended you develop an equivalent based on your understanding. You are encouraged to use what is provided here or any techniques you find personally satisfying.

It is recommended you eat and digest what you find here and then experiment and develop you own technique and not use that of another. A technique personally chosen by you, especially one modified with some unique personal preferences, allows the emotional ownership of the technique to be utilized in the process to assist in what you desire to create The emotional expression behind any creative endeavor is essential in manifesting the desire. Action without emotion contains very little energy. The more emotional “charge” you can put into your request, the more likely it will work.

The following meditation exercise is based on the concept of the Pool of Creation and that any create manifests analogous to the way music is made. A discussion of the pool is found in the topic “Pool of creation/Creation

To do this exercise, it is recommended you have someone read you the exercise or record a tape of the exercise then play it back as you listen to your own voice. The exercise uses a visualization of pool of water that is large enough that ripples on the pond do not bounce back but can fully dissipate in the pond

Pool calming exercise

  • Close your eyes and visualize a pool of water.

  • Imagine this pool of water is full of ripples emanating outward from a single point as if someone is dropping stones into the center of the pool

  • While visualizing this pool of water, focus on your breathing.

  • Allow yourself to feel your chest rising and falling.

  • As you feel your chest rising and falling, go back to the pond and realize the very fact that you breath you are causing ripples on the pond.

  • Synchronize your breathing with the ripples.

  • Each time you breath in, see a rock fall into the pond to case a ripple.

  • Each time you breath out, see the ripple expand outward and quietly dissipate to nothingness such that at the end of your breathing out, there is only a calm pond.

  • Become aware that between the time of completely exhaling and inhaling as the next stone begins to fall to cause another ripple, the pond is perfectly still like a sheet of glass.

  • In this time of stillness as you breath in and the stone is falling to cause the next ripple, see the pond like still like a sheet of glass before you.

  • Allow this process to continue - a ripple outward, a calmness, a ripple outward, a calmness, on and on and on.

  • Allow your breathing to slow down taking longer and longer to breath on each successive breath.

  • Allow the calmness to permeate your being.

  • See the calmness filter out from your heart and your chest into all of your body

  • See it travel up your neck and through your heart relaxing all as it goes

  • See it travel out your arms toward your hands and down your legs toward your feet calming and relaxing all as it goes.

  • When you feel the calmness within your being, just sit and allow and allow yourself to be in the calmness.

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